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Battle of Dieppe.

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1 Battle of Dieppe

2 The battle of Dieppe was a test for the full-scale raid of Western Europe. The plan was to make a frontal assault on the town of Dieppe, across the English Channel on the coast of France. The raid on Dieppe would give the allies a chance to test techniques and equipment for landing troops from the sea.... ...August 19, 1942, the raid began.

3 The Battle of Dieppe was a disaster for Canadians.....







10 There was about 6100 troops involved. 5000 of which were Canadian.

11 The Canadians participated at the Battle of Dieppe, originated from: -The Royal Regiment of Canada -Black Watch(Royal Highland Regiment) -South Saskatchewan Regiment -Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada -Essex Scottish Regiment -Les Fusiliers Mont Royal -Royal Hamilton Light Infantry -Calgary Regiment

12 Involved was Canada and Britain against Germany, on the coast of France.







19 The RCAF lost 13 Aircrafts and 10 Pilots
The RCAF lost 13 Aircrafts and 10 Pilots. The RAF lost 106 Aircrafts and 81 Pilots. The RAF had the highest single day total of WWII.

20 There was a total of 3,376 casualties
There was a total of 3,376 casualties. 1,946 of them were taken prisoners. 1,907 of them were Canadians .....killed.







27 Four flank attacks were planned for just before dawn, with the main frontal assault on the town of Dieppe a half hour later. Surprise was the key to the plan.


29 Landing Ships and escorts on the east met a small German convoy
Landing Ships and escorts on the east met a small German convoy. The resulting battle alerted the Germans, eliminating the element of surprise.


31 The Royal Regiment of Canada landed late on Puys beach on the east, and the Germans were ready.
Over 500 men were killed or taken prisoner and the Canadians were forced to surrender.


33 On the West, on Pourville, the South Saskatchewan Regiment and Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders initially met only light resistance, but heavy fighting developed as they pushed toward the town of Dieppe. The Canadians could not reach their target. Most of the South Saskatchewans and Cameron Highlanders were successfully evacuated, but the rearguard did not make it out.

34 South Saskatchewan Regiment Evacuees

35 The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry and Essex Scottish Regiment landed on the main Dieppe beach and were met with German machine-gun fire. Shingles on the beach broke tank treads. All entrances to Dieppe were blocked by concrete barriers, trapping any tanks that made it that far.


37 An inaccurate message led the headquarters ship to assume the Essex Scottish Regiment was making headway, and the reserve battalion Les Fusiliers Mont Royal was sent in. They too were pinned on the beach.

38 The Les Fusiliers Mont Royal

39 A general withdrawal order was given at 11am.


41 This cartoon explains how civilians at home were making "trivial sacrifices", while overseas Canadian soldiers were making more significant sacrifices. The background of this political cartoon are a list of the names of soldiers killed or wounded at Dieppe, while in the foreground a group of men (who are clearly not soldiers) complain about minor issues at home.

42 One of the many results of the Battle of Dieppe
One of the many results of the Battle of Dieppe. Hitler had released the French prisoners of war for the recognition of the French citizens of Dieppe for not siding with the allies.


44 From this raid Canada and it’s allies learned that they needed longer range aviation and a better Naval Support. We learned from the mistakes made in the Battle of Dieppe, which led to saving many lives on Juno Beach in Normandy 2 years later.


46 Dieppe It was the eighteenth day of August, in nineteen-forty-two We sailed away from England, and no one knew where to We had received no orders, no friends to see us leave The Second Canadian Division, with the blue patch on their sleeve Early the next morning, when everything was still We saw those tracer bullets, come at us from the hill Though we kept right on sailing, and no one will forget The morning that we landed, on the coast there at Dieppe The enemy was waiting, and had taken up their post We met a hail of bullets as we landed on the coast Every man there landed, or at least he tried Many men were wounded there, and many more men died It was early in the morning, when we started in to fight The mortar bombs came at us, from in front, and left and right The shells came at us from the cliffs, they bombed us from the air But the Second Canadian Division, did not so easily scare We fought there for eight hours, from 6 a.m. till two Our losses were terrific, but there was nothing we could do The navy came to help us, but their boats they could not land So we had to surrender, at Dieppe there on the sand What is left of us are now prisoners, beneath a foreign flag Here in the heart of Germany, in this VIII B stalag Though many of our comrades fell, we never will forget They gave their lives there fighting, in the battle of Dieppe When this war is over, and once again we're free To our homeland we'll be sailing, to a land of liberty Many have a battle scar, there's no one will forget The morning that he landed, on the French coast at Dieppe Gordon Barnes, 1942

47 By: Serina, Alex and Kevin

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