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Lion By: Cameron.

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1 Lion By: Cameron

2 How do they look? The lion looks almost like a cat.
Lions have a tawny yellowish brown fur. They have tufts on the end of their tail.

3 Tell about the size of your animal.
Males are 5 to 8 feet long. females are 4’/2 to 5’/2feet long. They can weigh about 500 pounds.

4 Habitat They live in savannas with thick brush.
They are found in Africa and some parts of India.

5 Food They eat antelopes, zebra, and other hoofed animals.
They hunt for their food.

6 Facts A male lion roar can be heard up to five miles away.
Females do most of the hunting. The largest lion weighed almost 900 pounds.

7 Resources National geographic for kids: hTTP: // kids. National geographic. com

8 All about the author Hi my name is Cameron. I have an Xbox. It is fun. I have a bowling game. I love life.

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