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What is social pedagogy?

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1 What is social pedagogy?
Claire Cameron Thomas Coram Research Unit Institute of Education University of London

2 Research studies What is pedagogy?
Denmark, Flanders, France, Germany, the Netherlands Pedagogy and residential care England, Denmark and Germany Pedagogy and foster care Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden Care work in Europe Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, UK Introducing the Pedagogue into England’s Children’s Services Implementing the Social Pedagogic Approach

3 What is social pedagogy?
“The theory of all the personal, social and moral education in a given society, including the description of what has happened in practice” Karl Mager,1844 “Social pedagogy is everything that is education but not school or family” Bäumer, 1929

4 Education-in-the-broadest-sense of the word
Social pedagogy Where care and education meet … Upbringing… Child rearing… Nurturance… Socialisation… Supporting development… Education-in-the-broadest-sense of the word

5 Training and Education
Pedagogy as a system Training and Education Theory Policy and Practice

6 Social services Youth Pedagogues Education Health

7 Policy support (England)
Pedagogues are generalists. Their uniquely broad training with its theoretical, personal and practical content ideally fits them for outcome-focused work with children, including those with significant developmental need (DfES 2005) A new framework of skills and qualifications incorporating the principles of social pedagogy… Would offer a competency based approach available to all foster carers and staff and managers in residential homes (DfES 2006) Commitment to explore effectiveness of social pedagogy in residential care (DfES 2007)

8 Investing in the workforce to achieve a new children’s agenda:
Shared knowledge and understanding of issues More staff, qualified to a higher level Better staff retention Integrated and comprehensive forms of provision Children’s Trusts, Children’s Centres, Extended schools Increased emphasis on listening to children young people and families working together across agencies and disciplines Concern about looked after children

9 Principles of the pedagogic approach
The whole child A relational approach Children and staff inhabit the same life space Practical and creative skills – blowing noses and making kites Reflective practitioners ... constantly curious … debate and develop ideas and practices Children’s rights underpin practice Fostering group life Teamwork and co-operation with families and neighbourhood Pedagogues support democracy and citizenship in children’s everyday lives

10 Comparative evidence shows
Social pedagogues in residential care nearly all hold a degree, usually in pedagogy SP highly likely to say they value relationships with children and colleagues Much less difficulty recruiting and retaining staff Fewer children under 16 are out of school Fewer young people over 16 are out of employment or education Fewer residents have a criminal record or are pregnant as teenagers

11 Interpreting outcome data
Differences in… Country populations and welfare models Care populations Qualifications and approach to work in residential care BUT… ‘Country of origin’ and care entry characteristics did not account for statistically significant variation in outcome indicators; staff characteristics did so.

12 References Petrie, P. Boddy, J. Cameron, C. Wigfall, V. and Simon, A. (2006) Working with Children in Care: European Perspectives OUP Boddy, J. Cameron, C. Mooney, A. Moss, P. Petrie, P. & Statham, J. (2005) Introducing Pedagogy into the Children’s Workforce Cameron, C. (2007) New Ways of Educating: pedagogy and children’s services, Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education Cohen, B. Moss, P. Petrie, P. and Wallace, J. (2004) A New Deal for Children? Policy Press Cameron, C. and Moss, P. (2007) Care Work In Europe: current understandings and future directions Routledge

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