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Mathematicans By: Cameron Wells. Pictures for Days.

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1 Mathematicans By: Cameron Wells

2 Pictures for Days.

3 Pythagoras Considered to be one of the 1 st great mathematicans. Lived in Modern day Greece. Lived from 570 to 495 B.C Founded Pythagorean cult.

4 Pythagoras Commonly credited with the Pythagorean theorem within Trigonometry. Founding father of mathematics.

5 Issac Newton Shares honor of being the 'inventor' of modern infinitesimal calculus. Made monolithic contributions to the field. Was the earliest form of a genius.

6 Maria Agnesi Lived from 1718-1799. She was Italian/Milan. She was the oldest of 21 children!!! Child prodigy from the beginning in Math & Language. She wrote a textbook on Math by herself to teach her brothers.

7 Maria Agnesi Her book went on to be a regulated Math book. She was the first woman appointed a university professor of math, though theres doubt she took up that seat.

8 Bibligraphy

9 Heres a couple Math meme's... ;)





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