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Colm Campbell Transitional Justice Institute (UU).

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1 Colm Campbell Transitional Justice Institute (UU)

2 Transitional Justice: Gaps Armed Opposition movements… Subjects rather than merely objects Agency & entrepreneurship …as social movements Mobilising structures Political opportunity structure Framing processes Victims and perpetrators Dichotomous: victim or perpetrator Dyadic: victim and perpetrator

3 Mobilising Structures Bi-furcated (typically) Party Armed entity ANC & MK, Fatah (PLO) &Tanzim, ETA &Batasuna Demobilisation of armed entity (DDR) Party mobilisation Relationship of one to the other? Splits and flanking threats

4 Peace Process: Political Opportunity Structure Route to political power New alliances Damage enemies and opponents Entrepreneurship Flanking threats

5 Framing Processes Frame resonance: targets of mobilization Frame bridging: making new alliances Framing and entrepreneurship Compromise: diagnostic & prognostic Framing battles: The state Opponents Potential flankers

6 ‘The Past’ as opportunity and risk Truth processes as battlegrounds (SATRC) Framing battle: whose version resonates? Political opportunities: damage enemies and opponents victim-perpetrator dyads Self-investigation Apology (  ) Space for flankers?

7 NI’s past as framing battle Is there a ‘past’? Whose story resonates? How to get there? (inquiries, truth etc.) In the past, nobody won; can battle over past be won now?

8 Bloody Sunday Tribunal Resonance of findings Cameron’s apology-apologia Without a truth commission, what’s the NI story? Depriving flankers (diagnostic-prognostic framing)

9 Entrepreneurship: ‘no return to Stormont’ 1 1 UK-imposed obstacle to Irish reunification (‘occupation’ frame). 1 2 symbol of discrimination (‘injustice’ frame) 1 3 geographical site

10 Apology-apologia (2002) IRA: ‘It is therefore appropriate… that we address all of the deaths… of non-combatants caused by us. We offer our sincere apologies and condolences to their families Apology-aplogia (‘combatant’ language)

11 Kicking to touch? - Truth/legacy commission? Bradley-Eames process Demanding UN involvement? Amnesty for truth?

12 Conclusions Political opportunities effectively exploited Demobilisation and party mobilisation well handled Framing battles – variable Victim-perpetrator dyadic

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