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Computer Assisted Legal Research Options May 2, 2002 Jessica R. Hogan Druet Cameron Klugh.

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1 Computer Assisted Legal Research Options May 2, 2002 Jessica R. Hogan Druet Cameron Klugh






7 West Group Press Release – March 11, 2002

8 Both and have: ABA publications American Law Reports: A.L.R.2d, A.L.R.3d, A.L.R.4 th, A.L.R.5 th, A.L.R.Fed. & A.L.R.Index American Jurisprudence, 2d BNA United States Law Week United States Law Week Daily US Law Week Supreme Court Cases Tax Management Portfolios Restatements

9 Westlaw ® “Gold Standard” for comprehensive, accurate, timely legal information with enhancements. WestlawPRO special pricing: For state- specific information $137.00/mo. Colorado Pro Plus includes Colorado cases, statutes, administrative code, court rules, all federal district and circuit court cases originating in CO, all US Supreme Court cases and the USCA and KeyCite All $198.00/mo. Great Customer Service: 1-800-REF-ATTY. Sales reps will work with you on pricing.

10 has: Colorado forms: CO Corporate Forms (Erickson) Litigation Forms and Analysis (Laugesen) Colorado Practice Series (Krendl etc.) Approximately 765 law reviews/journals Practising Law Institute Course Handbooks Wall Street Journal Gower Federal Service CCR and admin codes Corpus Juris Secundum: Insurance Corpus Juris Secundum: Internal Revenue American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts, First/Second/Third Colorado Lawyer Wests Legal Directory


12 LexisNexis ® Another “gold standard” for comprehensive, accurate and timely legal information with enhancements. LEXIS “MVP” or Flat Rate pricing differs depending on price plan selected. Colorado Flat Rate with Shepard’s CO $140/mo. Colorado Enhanced with Shepard’s $204/mo. Good Customer Service: 1-800-45-LEXIS. Sales reps will work with you on pricing.


14 has: Practising Law Institute Reference Publications University of Denver Water Law Review Collier on Bankruptcy (15 th edition) American Law of Mining (RMMLF) Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory including law digests American Jurisprudence 2d plus TOC searching Matthew Bender publications (Rabkin & Johnson forms with tax analysis) Approximately 568 law reviews/journals Colorado Practice Forms on HotDocs/separate subscription so check

15 Non-subscribers Pay as you go


17 $4.00 to Shepardize ® each case.

18 Citators Shepard’s on Lexis Shepard’s Signal™: View the treatment of your case at- a-glance. No need to look up treatment codes. Just look for one of the following signals displayed at the beginning of your case: Warning - Negative treatment Caution - Possible negative treatment Positive treatment Cited and neutral analysis Citation information available KeyCite on Westlaw KeyCite is the citation research service developed by West Group. KeyCite for cases and patents covers all cases/patents on Westlaw, including unpublished opinions and selected administrative decisions. KeyCite for statutes covers United States Code Annotated (USCA), Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and statutes from all 50 states. KeyCite Alert monitors the status of your case or statute and automatically sends you updates at the frequency you specify when KeyCite information changes.

19 Shepard’s

20 KeyCite

21 Areas of Law Lexis-Nexis is known for robust collections of International and Tax materials. News databases on Lexis-Nexis can be easier to search. For case law, many attorneys seem to prefer using Westlaw because the case mirrors the reporter with editorial enhancements: head notes and synopsis.

22 Directories and Reference Assistance The Westlaw online directory and the “iden” database are excellent and easy to use. offers the “Searchable Directory of Online Databases,” which is more robust than their online directory. Westlaw and Lexis have 800 numbers for help with selecting databases and running searches. Both Westlaw and Lexis offer users customizable directories.

23 Other Internet Options Pay for Service Westlaw LexisNexis LoisLaw Versuslaw Quicklaw Free Internet Resources or Portals Findlaw LexisONE The portals are owned by profit- making parents and offer good information.

24 Owned by West Group. 50,000 site listings in 30 practice areas. E.g., Search Supreme Court cases since 1893. Cases without editorial enhancements that are on Westlaw. Judicial opionions directly from the court. Uses Google to power the Law Crawler database. Customize using the MYFindLaw feature to select areas of particular interest.


26 Must register first at no cost. Can then jump and search in E.g., Shepardize a case for $4.00 with pay-as-you-go. Legal Internet Guide: 20,000 annotated links from 32 categories and 36 practice areas. Free case law: all Supreme Court decisions and federal and state cases from 1996. Over 6,000 downloadable free legal forms.


28 Loislaw Suggested by some as a good “companion” service to the traditional providers. 1 Good pricing for larger law firms rather than solo practitioners: National Collection includes all 50 state law libraries and 22 federal libraries for $250/month. State libraries from $100/month. 2 Not as easy to use but good coverage* of materials with large publisher 3 behind content. Does not offer a true citator: Global Cite. *US Sct.opinions from 1899 to present, US Ct Appeals cases from 1971 to present (11 th Cir from 1981), selected jurisdictions of federal district court cases, selected federal rules, US constitution, US Code, Public Laws, CFR, FR). State coverage varies by state.


30 Versuslaw Similar in coverage* to Loislaw but quality of materials not necessarily as good. 1 Good source for current US Code and Code of Federal Regulations:$15/mo for each separately or $25/mo for both. 2 CFRupdate: e-mail alert service for $15/mo. Good pricing for solo practitioners: flat rate of $8.95 per.month per attorney in the firm. 3 Does not offer a true citator. *US Sct from 1900, 1 st,2 nd,3 rd,4 th,5 th,6 th,7 th,8 th and 10 th Circuits from 1930, 9 th Circuit from 1941, 11 th Circuit from 1981, DC Circuit from 1950 and Federal Circuit from 1982. State coverage varies by state.


32 Quicklaw America In addition to US materials, unique offering of Canadian law and other foreign law materials. 1 Two pricing options good for solo practitioners: flat rate of $70/mo per user Transactional pricing (e.g., may pay a single charge of $5 for each search. 2 Coverage almost the same as Versuslaw. 3 Offers a Citator. 4


34 Computer Assisted Legal Research Options May 2, 2002 Jessica R. Hogan Druet Cameron Klugh

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