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Kathryn bigelow: Contemporary American auteur

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1 Kathryn bigelow: Contemporary American auteur
Brandon Rife COM 329: Contemporary Film Dr. Neuendorf

2 Background Studied art at San Francisco Art Institute
Studied film at Columbia University (on scholarship) Taught at California Institute of the Arts Directed music videos for New Order and Martini Ranch Formerly married to film director James Cameron ( ) Served on AMPAS Board of Governors ( )

3 Themes, Motifs & Trademarks
Casting unknown to little-known actors Psychologically-driven characters Exploring and pushing the film medium Tackling social tensions in a chaotic, volatile way Influenced by real-life events, both the over- and under-publicized

4 First Female Director To Earn...
Strange Days (1995) Saturn Award The Hurt Locker (2008) Oscar BAFTA DGA Critics Choice Zero Dark Thirty (2012) Critics Choice Award First woman to win Critics Choice twice

5 Film: The Loveless (1982) Drama
A motorcycle gang stirs trouble in a small Southern town Willem Dafoe’s first starring role Co-directed and co-written with producer Monty Montgomery Trailer:

6 Film: Near Dark (1987) Horror/Western
A young man is pulled into an evil, nomadic vampire family The word “vampire” is never used in the film Saturn Award noms: Picture, Director, and Supporting Actor (3 others) Trailer:

7 Film: Blue Steel (1989) Thriller
A rookie police officer becomes the target of a psychopath MystFest: Best Film nom Film debut of Tom Sizemore Trailer:

8 Film: Point Break (1991) Action/Thriller
An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a gang of bank robbers Bigelow’s first box-office success Trailer:

9 Film: Strange Days (1995) Action/Thriller
A former cop turned street hustler uncovers a police conspiracy Written by ex-husband James Cameron Saturn Award wins: Best Director and Actress Box-office failure Trailer:

10 Film: The Weight of Water (2000)
Mystery A reporter examines a 127-year-old murder with modern parallels San Sebastian Int’t Film Festival: Golden Seashell nom Box-office and critical failure Trailer:

11 Film: K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)
Thriller A nuclear submarine’s crew must prevent a nuclear cataclysm Inspired by true events Survivors of the actual event were displeased with the film’s portrayal Tom Stoppard did an un-credited script re-write Box-office failure Trailer:

12 Film: The Hurt Locker (2008)
Drama/War An Army bomb-disposer puts his team in peril Oscar wins: Picture, Director, and Screenplay (3 others) Shot by rolling four hand-held 16-mm cameras simultaneously Bigelow had “final cut” Trailer:

13 Film: Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
Drama/War A CIA agent spends 10 years tracking Osama bin Laden Oscar win: Sound Editing Oscar noms: Picture, Director, Actress (2 others) Former CIA Director Morell says the torture scenes are factually inaccurate Trailer:

14 Interviews with Bigelow
Good Morning America Charlie Rose Conan O’Brien CNN Esquire Making Of

15 Additional Sources of Information
Newsweek Village Voice Harvard Film Archive The Tech (MIT) IMDB Yahoo! Movies

16 end

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