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The Anatomy of Dr. Richard S. Wallace Chairman, ALICE A.I. Foundation, Inc.

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2 The Anatomy of Dr. Richard S. Wallace Chairman, ALICE A.I. Foundation, Inc.

3 Original Imitation Game 1 XY AB C I AM THE WOMAN. DON’T LISTEN TO HIM.

4 XY AB C I AM THE WOMAN. DON’T LISTEN TO HIM. Original Imitation Game 2

5 Standard Turing Test XY A B C I AM THE MAN. DON’T LISTEN TO HIM.

6 PSYCHIATRIST C: Well, my boyfriend made me come here. R: Your boyfriend made you come here. C: I am unhappy R: Do you think coming here will help you not to be unhappy? C: I need some help, that much seems certain. R: What would it mean to you if you got some help? C: Perhaps I could learn to get along with my mother. R: Tell me more about your family. C: You are like my father in some ways. R: What resemblence do you see? C: My father is afraid of everybody. R: What else comes to mind when you think of your father. C: Bullies. R: Does that have anything to with the fact that your boyfriend made you come here?

7 weizenbaum ELIZA (1966) Computer Power and Human Reason (1976)

8 Politicians Talking Points “Is” is. Democratic Aspect C: Do you think President Clinton should be impeached? R: It depends on what you mean by “thinking.”

9 Parties Sports Talk Pickup Lines Stateless P-A

10 The Professor Origin of ALICE FAQbot Minimalism CBR


12 Strange Turk

13 RACTER "Bill sings to Sarah, Sarah sings to Bill. Perhaps they will do other dangerous things together. They may eat lamb or stroke each other. They may chant of their difficulties and their happiness. They have love but they also have typewriters. That is interesting."

14 STORYTELLING “A good story always has characters like the infamous Rusty Woe, Fr. John Cameron, and the combative Honorable Trip Davis, childhood friends before the war. Rusty is angry with John Cameron. John and Trip Davis are lovers. But Trip has a grudge against Rusty. Rusty always wore shoes that were too small. John borrowed money from Rusty. So Trip borrowed money from Rusty. Trip Davis never came around much after that. John was really surprised by Rusty Woe.” ----A.L.I.C.E. A.I., 2002

15 The Prize

16 The Portal

17 Missing piece WIMP STT TTS

18 Penguins

19 Above the fray

20 ALICE A.I. Foundation, Inc.

21 Programs A – SETL / Java B – Java 1 C – C/C++ D – Java 2 (reference) dB, E, M, P, Z

22 Categories WHAT IS LUGOD

23 "stimulus-response" "syntactic rewrite” "symbolic reduction“ "simple recursion“ "synonym resolution."

24 Symbolc Reduction Symbolc Reduction DO YOU KNOW WHO * IS

25 Synonyms HELLO HI HOWDY

26 Divide and Conquer YES * Note: =

27 Grammar and Spelling YOUR STUPID

28 Context - That YES DO YOU LIKE MOVIES

29 Context - Topic *

30 Predicates He, she, it, they, we Name, location, age, gender, likes

31 Person MY MOTHER * YOU ARE *

32 Graphmaster INPUT THAT TOPIC

33 Graphmaster

34 Matching Deperiodize St., Dr., Mr., Ms., Fr… Sentence segmentation Normalization Reply to each sentence Remember Format reply

35 Targeting Robot: I was talking with a client. S/he said, “How do fish swim?” I said, “I didn’t even know they could.” What should I have say? Botmaster: say Fish get oxygen from the water. HOW DO FISH * Fish get oxygen from water.

36 Defaults *