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This presentation is about the various charity projects in Musoma that I am involved with. Musoma reunion 2002 was the inspiration. The presentation is.

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Presentation on theme: "This presentation is about the various charity projects in Musoma that I am involved with. Musoma reunion 2002 was the inspiration. The presentation is."— Presentation transcript:

1 This presentation is about the various charity projects in Musoma that I am involved with. Musoma reunion 2002 was the inspiration. The presentation is dedicated to all Musomians.

2 Musoma during its zenith in 1960s

3 Musoma Musoma is the centre of the world! At least if you manipulate the world map on the computer as I have! Ha Ha Ha! Certainly the cradle of mankind. Olduvai Gorge where human evolution began is only a 100 miles away!

4 Dr Manjul K Vasant MBE (General Dentist and Specialist in Prosthodontics) Currently I split my time between practice, teaching and as a volunteer for the following charities Working for the “Greater Good” of Musoma with Tanzania Development Trust (Registered Charity UK) Go Mad (Make a Difference) in Tanzania Lake Victoria Disability Centre LVDC (Registered Charity in Tanzania) Overseas Musomians

5 Musoma in 1960s

6 Introduction to the Vasant Clan of Musoma 1940-1973 Our youngest brother Kishor (picture below) could not keep up with Niru and I, so we decided to drop to his height! Father Kishor and mother Niru Sister Chandra and husband Sister Kumud and husband

7 Musoma since the decadence of 70s

8 Did you know Nanakchand was the 1 st Musomian to receive Queens Honours? Mr Nanakchand MBE (circa 1950) Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) This is awarded for a significant professional achievement or outstanding service to the community.

9 50 years later ! MBE for another Musomian Citation: For outstanding services to dental postgraduate education and dentistry 2002. However, I confess mine stands for “Many Buggers Efforts” where my friends, as always, do the work and put me on the podium! You will see examples of this in this presentation! Thanks to the generosity of my friends! Risha, Manjul Meena, Ronuk

10 Our first project in Mwanza by Prem Kapoor and Manjul Vasant Hindu Union Hospital Dental Dept

11 Musoma: Projects led by MV since 2002? P1 Refurbished Iringo (Nanakchand) School Toilet block and Library £ 9,250 P2 Provided electircity and furniture to Mukendo School (Aghakhan School) £9,250 P3 Refurbished Dental Unit in Musoma Hospital £5,000 P4 Started Resuscitation Unit in Musoma Hospital £25,000 (plus local funds by Kapoor family ). P5 Extended Lake Victoria Disability Centre (at the United Bus Site) £25,000 P6 Supplied books for a library Anglican Church £500 P7 Part funded vehicle for LVDC for transporting disabled people £5,000 P8 Part funded vehicle for GOMad (Anglican Church initiative) to transport sick children from villages to a new dispensary £3,000 P9 In 2012 Feb we have purchased a 7.5 acre plot for the new LVDC. Funds collected by me £30,000. Total spend £150K with other partners ongoing. P10 Donations to build accommodation for volunteers £5,000 P11 In 2014 we are supplying dental equipment for Shirati and LVDC £10,000 (costs are shared with a charity based in Holland)

12 Projects in Musoma led by Manjul Vasant since 2002? P= Project followed by number Summary for each project with relevant photos will follow

13 Source of funds? Organisations listed below where M Vasant is connected. Personal donations Dental Trade Dental Profession Charity Walk along River Thames 5 miles in June with London University Dental VTs Patients at my practice Anglo Asian Odontological Group (Dental) Central London Dental Study Group

14 Notable funds Annual event of Thames Charity Walk since 2007 raised over £65,000 Central London Dental Study Group donated £25,000- most of which was my unclaimed reimbursements of several years Dr Arti Patel (one of my postgraduate students) climbed Mt Kilimajaro in 2010 and collected £6,000! Colleagues who have foregone their lecture fees and donated it to the Musoma cause. Most recent examples are Drs Eddie Lynch, Richard Porter, Wyman Chan part from myself £1,000 each.

15 Plaques on delivered projects in Musoma, Tanzania 2004-2007 You inspired the projects with the very first donation. Musomians have contributed £6K of the total £150 K spend

16 Donations since 2002 for Musoma projects. Although Musomians have relatively made a small contribution, it provided a much needed catalyst which has snowballed! Note: For this exercise Vasant family donations included in “Others”. Musoma collection includes £2,500 raised in 2002 from the reunion. Overseas Musomians donationsOthers £6,000£125,000

17 P1: Iringo School (formerly Nanakchand)

18 Thank you from Iringo school (Formerly Nanakchand school)

19 P2: Mukendo School (formerly Agakhan School) Furniture and Refubishments. Each piece marked with “Donated by Overseas Musomians”

20 Musoma Hospital with Prem and Chirag

21 P3:Musoma Hospital Dental Clinic

22 Prevention of dental problems and simple treatment may avoid scenes like this The reported predisposing factors include: unsafe drinking water Malnutrition (particularly A Vit and B) dehydration and poor oral hygiene proximity to unkempt livestock recent illness an immunodeficiency disease, including AIDS.

23 Musoma Hospital dental clinic- before refurb

24 The dental clinic after refurbishment with Dr Justine Ngenda (middle) and staff

25 After refurbishments

26 P4: Musoma Hospital Resuscitation Unit Babies die to lack of oxygen supply and other essential equipment Until 3 yrs ago 2 oxygen concentrators were available for the whole population of 40,000 plus (no piped oxygen) Power cuts are frequent. In 2007, we donated 6 additional oxygen concentrators and like number of suction machines and special beds. Since then the government has built a much bigger Resuc unit using the equipment we provided.

27 How did it come about? BDA Southern Counties was involved in refurbishing the dental clinic in the same hospital (Musoma) During my visit, a recent émigré from India recited the story about his nine month old baby who died as there was no oxygen machine

28 Resuscitation Unit

29 Resucitation Unit Musoma Hospital Co-ordinated by Manjul Vasant and Prem Kapoor

30 Plaque in the Resus Unit Oxygen concentrators And suction units Defibrillator

31 Disability rates in Musoma Overall, 1 in 11 people in Tanzania are disabled. In Musoma the figure rises to 1 in 7!impairment

32 More poverty in the villages The rural communities of Mara continue to suffer from abject poverty. Ill health caused by malnutrition No affordable health service, like the NHS.

33 Educational poster for infant mutilation prevention. This is a plea against using witch doctors to unnecessarily remove permanent tooth buds in infants in unhygienic conditions which often results in Septicaemia, HIV, Tetanus and death.

34 LVDC what does it do? -Teaches children woodwork, dressmaking, knitting etc -Provides daily training for students -Teaches Sign language to deaf students, and their friends and families.

35 P5: Lake Victoria Disability Centre ( United Bus Bld) Denis Mahina and M Vasant with the disabled students

36 P5 Lake Victoria Disability Center

37 2010 Visit Drs Monik Vasant, Kiran Vasant, Zahra Jivraj

38 P5:Refurbished LVDC Oct 2008 visit to Musoma Dentists: Auriel Gibson, Keval Shah, Manny Vasant Doctor: Kishor Vasant Builder: Hudson Cook Other helpers: Meena Vasant, Fleur Batten, Sandra Cameron, Gilbert Cameron, Lizzie Cameron, Andie Lowstoft

39 Dr Kishor Vasant turned builder!

40 P6: Library at the Anglican Church Encyclopedias Other books

41 P7: LVDC vehicle and P8: Go Mad vehicle

42 New site and visit in 2012

43 P9: LVDC at Nyabangi,Musoma

44 P9: New LVDC Nyabangi foundation 2012 15 delegates from the UK +1 Botswana

45 P9: Bricks named for each £100 contribution. To partake, Send e mail

46 New site 7 acres. Brick dedicated to anyone with donation of £100 plus

47 P10: Volunteer Home under construction

48 P11: Some of equipment awaiting dispatch to LVDC and Shirati 2014

49 Project 12 Mobile dental/medical equipment £5,000 2010 Visit Drs Monik Vasant, Kiran Vasant, Zahra Jivraj

50 Charity walk for Musoma along River Thames 5 miles Next 13 th June 2014 About 6 Musomians turn up normally. Other are dentists (VTs) and friends of Manjul. This will be your last chance with London VTs as MV has resigned from this job. See blog for flyer or send e mail to Mahendra Pashabhai Patel has regularly sponsored drinks

51 No deductions form any donations! No one has claimed or has been paid for any expenses (travelling or subsistence or any other) i.e. each person pays his own way and for everything and does free work! Therefore, 100% of donations go to the charity

52 How have we changed their lives so far ? Yes we have made a big difference albeit to a few people With your help we can help many more

53 What do we want to do now? Continue to raise funds to support LVDC Other needy groups in Musoma Support Go Mad in Tanzania projects To donate go to the following link Click “Donate” and then they later get the chance to leave a message and that is where they put a note to say that it is for Musoma appeal.

54 Please donate through just giving to Tanzania Development Trust and leave a message when prompted “For Musoma account Ref M Vasant”

55 Watch this video on


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