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1/19 ChEg 355 Transport Phenomena Lecture.

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1 mjm@nd.edu 1/19 ChEg 355 Transport Phenomena Lecture 1 8/22/00 Mark J. McCready Professor and Department Chair Chemical Engineering B.Ch.E. University of Delaware, 1979 Ph.D. University of Illinois, 1984 219-631-7146

2 mjm@nd.edu 2/19 ChEg curriculum and Transport Phenomena DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM CLASS OF 2000 - FIRST CLASS TO FOLLOW THIS CURRICULUM FIRST YEAR First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr. MATH 125, Calculus I4MATH 126, Calculus II4 CHEM 115, Gen Chem I3CHEM 116, Gen Chem II3 PHYS 127, Gen Phys I3.5CHEM 116L, Gen Chem Lab1 Arts and Letters I/EG 1203PHYS 128, Gen Phys II3.5 ENGL 110/Univ. Sem. 180 (A&L II)3Arts and Letters I/EG 1203 Physical Education_0_Univ. Sem180/ENG110 (A&L, III)3 16.5Physical Education_0_ 17.5 SOPHOMORE YEAR First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr. MATH 225, Calculus III3.5MATH 228, Calculus IV3.5 CHEM 223,Org Chem I3CHEM 224, Org Chem II3 CHEM 223L, Organic Chem Lab I1Arts and Letters V3 PHYS 229, Gen Phys III3.5CHEG 258, Computer Mtds 3 CHEG 255, Intro Chem Eng 3CHEG 327, Thermo I3 Arts and Letters IV_3___ 17 15.5

3 mjm@nd.edu 3/19 ChEg curriculum and Transport Phenomena JUNIOR YEAR First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr. MATH 325, Diff Eqns3CHEM 324, Physical Chem3 CHEM 333, Analytical Chem2CHEG 356, Transport Phen II3 CHEM 333L, Analytical Chem Lab 2 CHEG 225, Materials3 Arts and Letters VI3CHEG 358, Chem Eng Lab I3 CHEG 343, Thermo II3Elective 3 CHEG 355, Transport Phen I 3 Arts and Letters VII_3 16 18

4 mjm@nd.edu 4/19 ChEg curriculum and Transport Phenomena SENIOR YEAR First SemesterCr.Second SemesterCr. CHEG 438, Chem Proc Control3CHEG 448, Proc Design 3 CHEG 459, Chem Eng Lab II3ENG/ # Advanced Science elective3 CHEG 443, Separation Proc3Chemical Engineering Elective3 CHEG 445, Chem Rxn Eng3*Technical Elective3 ENG/ # Advanced Science elective 3Elective _3_ Arts and Letters VIII_3 15 18

5 mjm@nd.edu 5/19 Niche for Chemical Engineers in Fluid Mechanics Hard problems involved “detailed” phenomena that act on a small scale but influence the large scale Also systems with mass transfer and/or chemical reaction occurring

6 mjm@nd.edu 6/19 Examples Drug delivery patches Flow around and into cancerous tumors Heart - Lung Machine High density integrated circuit chips

7 mjm@nd.edu 7/19 Brain Cancer implantable “patch”

8 mjm@nd.edu 8/19 Transdermal glucose monitor

9 mjm@nd.edu 9/19 Heart-Lung Machine

10 mjm@nd.edu 10/19 1000 Gallon reactor- on its side!

11 mjm@nd.edu 11/19 SHANGHAI OIL REFINERY

12 mjm@nd.edu 12/19 Dramatic picture of a refinery

13 mjm@nd.edu 13/19 Large distillation tower

14 mjm@nd.edu 14/19 Chemical Process equipment Catalytic cracking unit From Chemical Engineering Education,2000

15 mjm@nd.edu 15/19 Structure of flowing fluids Gas-liquid flow in a pipe Movies from NASA- Lewis, see mjm homepage for more info

16 mjm@nd.edu 16/19 Structure of flowing fluids Gas-liquid flow in a pipe

17 mjm@nd.edu 17/19 Structure of flowing fluids Gas-liquid flow in a pipe

18 mjm@nd.edu 18/19 Structure of flowing fluids Gas-liquid flow in a pipe

19 mjm@nd.edu 19/19 Structure of flowing fluids Interfacial waves generated by a shearing gas flow W.C. Kuru mjm Research group

20 mjm@nd.edu 20/19 Interesting fluid flow phenomena Bands of different size particles forming in a rotating tube Physics Fluids 2000, et al. and Acrivos

21 mjm@nd.edu 21/19 Interesting fluid flow phenomena Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability (A jet flowing into a stationary fluid) Next few movies from:

22 mjm@nd.edu 22/19 Interesting fluid flow phenomena Rayleigh-Benard instability Top wall is cooled causing fluid flow

23 mjm@nd.edu 23/19 Interesting fluid flow phenomena A buoyant jet

24 mjm@nd.edu 24/19 Interesting fluid flow phenomena Rayleigh -Taylor Instability Hot fluid below cool fluid

25 mjm@nd.edu 25/19 Favorite quotes Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic An engineer can always befuddle a financial person with technology, but a financial person can never over whelm an engineer with numbers

26 mjm@nd.edu 26/19 Favorite quotes The more you know, the better engineer you will be! I knew then as I can confirm now, nothing would ever be as hard to understand as transport phenomena and the Navier- Stokes equations. I was never again intimidated by quantitative problems and I appreciated the need to formulate simpler problems that gave useful results.

27 mjm@nd.edu 27/19 Favorite quotes The history of modern science has shown repeatedly that a quantitative description of nature can often be achieved most successfully by first idealizing natural phenomena, i.e. by setting up a simplified model, either physical or mathematical, which crudely describes the essential behavior while neglecting details. (In fact, one of the outstanding characteristics of great contributors to modern science has been their ability to distinguish between what is essential from what is incidental)........"

28 mjm@nd.edu 28/19 Who said them A top design engineer from DuPont A CEO of a steel company One of the most influential chemical engineering professors of all time A top research/technology engineer from Shell An ND Cheg Alum who is a VP for General Mills

29 mjm@nd.edu 29/19 Conclusions Fluid mechanics is fun! The niche for chemical engineers is understanding the effects of small scale phenomena that cause large scale outcomes This course possesses great depth and should be useful to your educational development even if you do not use it day to for a living

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