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Demystifying the WBS For Pharmaceutical Product Development

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1 Demystifying the WBS For Pharmaceutical Product Development
By Bill Carswell, Ph.D., PMP Adjunct Professor Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & Wanda Whyte, PMP, CSEP Sr. Systems Engineer C&W Associates

2 Project Scope Management
5.1 Plan Scope Management 5.2 Collect Requirements 5.3 Define Scope 5.4 Create WBS 5.5 Validate Scope 5.6 Control Scope PMBOK 5th Edition

3 5.4 Create WBS Outputs Scope Baseline Project Document Updates

4 Scope Baseline Contains three elements Scope Statement WBS
WBS Dictionary

5 The WBS “Provides a vision of what has to be delivered”
The process of subdividing project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable components. Deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition

6 Key WBS Definitions PMBOK 5th Ed. p. 125/6
“Work” refers to products or deliverables that are the result of activities, not the activities themselves. The Scope Baseline (which includes the WBS) is an input to schedule development (not the other way around).

7 What Makes a “Quality” WBS?
“Project activities are not listed, as these are components of the project schedule, not the WBS.” “All (WBS) elements are nouns. Verbs are not use to identify WBS elements.” (Schedule activities are written with the verb/object sentence structure – from the PMI Scheduling practice standard) From PMI WBS Practice Standard, 2nd Ed., Section 5.5.1

8 WBS “Graphical” Structure

9 Airplane WBS

10 WBS “Tabular” Structure

11 Airplane WBS

12 Airplane WBS

13 Services WBS

14 Product Development WBS

15 Other WBS Examples PMI WBS Practice Standard 2nd Ed.
Oil, Gas & Petrochemical (Appendix E) Environmental Management (Appendix F) Process Improvement (Appendix G) Process Plant Construction (Appendix I) Service Ind. Outsourcing (Appendix J)

16 Other WBS Examples PMI WBS Practice Standard 2nd Ed.
Web Design (Appendix K) Telecom (Appendix L) Refinery Turnaround (Appendix M) Gov’t. Design/Bid/Build (Appendix N) Software Implementation (Appendix O)

17 How Much Detail in the WBS? From PMBOK5
Deciding on a Work Package level Some deliverables need to be decomposed only to the next level Others need additional decomposition As work is decomposed to greater levels, the ability to plan, manage and control the work is enhanced Use your judgment

18 How Much Detail in the WBS? From PMBOK5 Section
Excessive Decomposition leads to Non-productive management effort Inefficient use of resources Decreased efficiency

19 How Much Detail in the WBS? From PMBOK5 Section
Premature Decomposition There may be insufficient information about elements that will not be worked until far in the future Wait until the WBS element is sufficiently understood to plan and decompose it Use Rolling Wave Planning

20 The WBS is NOT a Schedule
This is not a WBS. This is a numbered schedule: Project Activities do not belong in the WBS. The WBS consists of nouns, not verbs. The WBS (as part of the Scope Baseline) is an input to the schedule development processes, not an output.

21 Tabular WBS with Brief Dictionary

22 “The Golden Thread of PM” The Detailed WBS Dictionary
Summary Page

23 The Golden Thread Detailed Worksheet

24 Uses of The Golden Thread
Detailed activities feed schedule Cost numbers feed budget Labor hours & categories feed human resource Plan Material and subcontracts feed procurement plan. Scope description feeds quality plan Risk items feed risk register

25 WBS Development for New Pharmaceutical Product (Live interactive development with audience)

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