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Accessing Information About Chemicals and Chemical Hazards.

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1 Accessing Information About Chemicals and Chemical Hazards

2 Chemical Incidents Create Various Information Needs

3 California: 2012 Chevron Refinery Fire Source:

4 Texas: 2013 Fertilizer Plant Explosion Source: U.S. Chemical Safety Board

5 West Virginia: 2014 West Virginia Chemical Leak/Water Ban Source:

6 Chemical Information Needed What is this chemical? – Properties (color, odor, form, weight, solubility) – Use (fuel blending, coal washing, fertilizer production, hydrodealkylation) Is this chemical toxic/health effects? – Humans – Animals – Plants

7 Chemical Information Needed (2) What should be done for protection? – First responders, containment, clean up – Residents – Air, water, soil If exposed, what should be done? – Fresh air, rinse eyes – Discontinue use of drinking water – Triage, emergency room/hospital, social worker – Potassium supplement, gastric lavage

8 Chemical Information Needed (3) What toxicology studies have been completed? – Journal publications – Government dbases – Industry studies What regulations and guidelines exist from government? Have similar incidents occurred?

9 For Answers Search:

10 Poll

11 Searching HSDB for Chemical Information Search Options: Chemical identifiers – Name or synonym – Registry number Query terms – Disease or health effect – Treatment method – Use

12 Searching HSDB for Chemical Information (2) Limits Feature Displays major sections Expands to display many data fields Targeted search Multiple chemicals in results

13 Open browser to demonstrate searching HSDB

14 Question/Poll Do these names represent the same chemical? – 4-Methyl-1-cyclohexanemethanol – 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol – MCHM – 4-MCHM – p-Methylcyclohexanemethanol

15 Answer: Yes Types of names include: Systematic (IUPAC-International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry) Common Trade Street

16 West Virginia Chemical Spill MCHM: Challenges creating a new HSDB record 4-Methylcyclohexanemethanol HSDB sources Limited data available Peer review of record Releasing record to the public

17 Open browser to show MCHM record in HSDB

18 Questions ? Presenter: Shannon M. Jordan, MPH National Library of Medicine

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