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2 Grupo Mast was founded by doctors and is managed by professionals in the field of Human Resources since 2005 and it aims to change the concept of provision of services in the areas of Occupational Health, Safety and Health Management Plans, creating customized solutions to its clients and turning in INVESTMENT what was once considered COST. Grupo Mast manages a diversified portfolio of customers with service throughout Brazil, with more than 12 outsourced outpatient care and a specialized team of professionals and service providers. The company has ISO 9001 certification to ensure quality in our work processes, is affiliated to ABRESST (Brazilian Association of Occupational Health and Safety Companies), and we are proud to carry the flag of never having lost a customer by poor service delivery. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH OUR COMPANY

3 O Grupo Mast has the following principles as Quality Policy: Ensuring customer satisfaction, meeting all their requirements and also applicable legal requirements; Continuously improve our services by training employees and monitoring our processes; Having appropriate investment return. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

4 OUR PROPOSALS Once we have identified the needs, we have the tools for acting in the continuous improvement of your processes. We implement what is not there, we improve what already exists, and monitor closely everything through our performance indicators: Absenteeism Management Leave Management FAP (Accident Prevention Factor) Management Health Promotion and Prevention Integration between PCMSO (Occupational Health Medical Control) and the PPRA (Environmental Risks Prevention Program) for effective management of Occupational Health. Periodic medical examination Management Outpatient Care Management OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

5 CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS: Surveyed company: Cyrela Brazil Realty Interviewed employee: Human Resources expert, Patrícia Helem Bomfim de Andrade What is your assessment of the quality of services offered by Grupo Mast? I have been working in Cyrela Benefits Management just over a month, but I can see already the quality of the service rendered by Grupo Mast. I believe that Cyrela has to grow in Occupational Medicine area and the Grupo Mast certainly provides the necessary conditions for the development of new work on this partnership. Surveyed company: Kienast & Kratschmer Ltda (Kraki) Interviewed employee: Human Resources Coordinator de Recursos Humanos, Margarete Lupi What is your assessment of the quality of services offered by Grupo Mast? Grupo Mast is helpful and available to solve our needs quickly and efficiently. The company is always open to suggestions for improvement in attendance. Could you point a differential of the services provided by Grupo Mast? During my career I have worked with several other partners in this industry and I can say that Grupo Mast stands out in quality of attendance and the availability of solving problems, even when we need emergency action. Would you indicate Grupo Mast to other companies? There is no problem point a vendor out to other companies, when its quality is known. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

6 We offer to our customers customized services in compliance with regulatory standards Occupational Medicine Occupational Safety Outpatient Care Management PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Benefits Management Consultancy OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

7 SOC is the first software and the first online service network in the country that integrates the data of human resources, hygiene, and occupational safety and health. 100% VIA WEB MANAGEMENT SOC Gestão Atestado s PPP Saúde Ocupacio nal Seguranç a do Trabalho Just who is the first via internet can be a leader in occupational health and safety market. In 2001, we presented the cloud concept creating the first integrated software for Occupational Management 100% Internet. SOC is innovative in features and services, fulfilling the needs of Service Providers and companies with own SESMT (Specialized Services in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine). SOC gives you the power of mobility and agility. Just who is 100% web integrates your own business to the first online occupational health and safety services network in the country. In SOCNET you locate, hire, provides, manages, and standardizes occupational services throughout the country, within your SOC. SOC gives you the autonomy to go further. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

8 Via web SOC tool SOC GED: ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT (EDM) SOC GED enables internal/external documents management, storage and sharing in a practical way linking Company, Unit, and Employee. Data will be stored in a Secure Environment, dedicated only to SOCGED. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

9 eSocial The eSocial is a mandatory project from the federal government that will unify the sending of information by the employer in relation to their employees. The eSocial project is a joint effort of the following agencies and entities of the federal government: Caixa Econômica Federal Bank (CEF), National Institute of Social Security (INSS), Ministry of Social Security (MPS), Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), the Brazilian Federal Revenue Secretariat (RFB). Grupo Mast Participation in eSocial In order to integrate you, Grupo Mast is prepared for this new tool. Login and password are provided for access to our Occupational Health and Safety system, so that companies can perform the export of the required files in order to import them in eSocial: Occupational Health Certificate; Differentiated working condition - Start; Differentiated working condition – End; Performed activities; Communication of work-related accident. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

10 PCMSO – Occupational Health Medical Control Program (NR7) Medical report required by law according to Regulatory Standard No.7 (NR7), fully integrated with PPRA (NR 9). It aims biological monitoring and prevention to the health of employees. It is a federal law, specifically the Regulatory Standard No. 07, issued by the Labor and Employment Ministry, in 1994 It aims to monitor by anamnesis and laboratory tests the employee’s health and early identify any deviation that could compromise the employee health. Occupational Health Control Program required by law for any company regulated by the CLT (Brazilian Labor Laws) in compliance with the Regulatory Standard No. 7 (NR7); Occupational exams such as: employment, periodic, dismissal, return to work, change of function, referrals to the INSS (National Social Security Institute) and occupational assessments that is necessary. Cost: R$8.00/by employee Occupational Management OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

11 PCMSO Management Services Survey of the epidemiological profile of the company population through medical records; Chronic diseases, obesity, smoking, physical inactivity and pressure level; Referrals to INSS – Leave Management; Exams: Admission, Dismissal, Function Change and Return to work; Legal framework for people with special needs (PNE); (Occupational Health Certificate) Flow Management; Periodic medical examinations (made on the spot, more than 35 employees): Control and maturity Convocations Monthly convocations and maturities reports, according to the intervals stipulated in PCMSO by WEB System; Annual Report; PEMPS (Medical Emergency and First Aid Plan); Health check-up programs for executives (optional); Direct access between HR and medical department. Direct contact among Grupo’s physicians and the company's HR, in chronic or high complexity cases Report analysis: - bimonthly for Technical Epidemiological Nexus (NTEP); - post-periodic (risk groups identification); - absenteeism (risk x sector identification). OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

12 Occupational Safety Management In order to serve our customers more comprehensive and personalized way, Grupo Mast, relies on the MastSafe to manage the Safety of your Company. MastSafe is focused on Occupational Safety and Environmental Engineering and aims to offer customers the opportunity to comply with all legal requirements and regulatory Standards in an effective and integrated manner, minimizing and mitigating labor and environmental liabilities risks. We count on the support of Environmental Engineer, Occupational Safety Engineer, Labor Examination Technician, and Occupational Safety technicians. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

13 Occupational Safety Management PPRA - Programa de Prevenção dos Riscos Ambientais (Environmental Risks Prevention Program) It is a federal law, specifically the Regulatory Standard No. 09, issued by the Labor and Employment Ministry, in 1994. The development and implementation of the PPRA is mandatory for all employers and institutions that hire workers as employees, no matter the risk degree or the employee’s amount. Thus, a condominium, a shop or an oil refinery, everyone is obliged to have PPRA, each one with its own characteristics and complexity. It aims to establish an action methodology that ensures to workers the health preservation and their integrity from the working environment risks. Cost – São Paulo Unit: R$ 950.00 Cost – Other units: R$ 1,400.00/unit CIPA – Comissão Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes (Internal Committee for Accident Prevention) CIPA training – The Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (NR-5) is a course required by Regulatory Standard No.5 (NR5), Law 6514/77, regulated by Decree 3214/78. It is necessary employees training, members of the CIPA, with courses and lectures on ways of accident hazards identification in the workplace, as well as ways to prevent them. It lasts at least 20 hours. Its mission is therefore to preserve the health and physical integrity of workers and all those who interacts with the company (those who provides service to the company). CIPA is responsible for investigating accidents and promoting and disseminating the zeal for compliance with safety standards and the promotion of Internal Week for Accident Prevention (SIPAT). Price: Courtesy. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH

14 Thanks for the Trust and Partnership OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND HEALTH


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