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Introduction to Engineering America Needs Engineers.

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1 Introduction to Engineering America Needs Engineers

2  Richard P. Beem  President, Chicago Engineers’ Foundation  Education and Experience:  B.S. chemical engineering, Iowa State University  Refinery operations engineer  J.D., University of Houston  25 years practicing patent law (patent attorney)  Promote study and practice of engineering

3 I’ve never known anyone to regret getting an engineering degree. -- Richard Beem



6 U.S. Patent 3,728,480 Baer



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10  Average Starting Salary- $66,400/ year  Design chemical plant equipment  Devise processes for manufacturing chemicals and products, such as gasoline, synthetic rubber, plastics, detergents, cement, paper

11  Average Starting Salary- $53,800/ year  Analyze and design solutions to problems in biology and medicine.  Improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care.  Work in manufacturing, universities, hospitals, research facilities of companies and educational and medical institutions, teaching, and government regulatory agencies.

12  Average Starting Salary- $62,900/ year  Design, develop, build, and test mechanical devices, including tools, engines, and machines.  Work in professional office settings; engineering services, research and development, manufacturing industries, and the federal government.

13  Typical Starting Salary- $57,600/ year  Design and supervise large construction projects, including roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment.  Civil engineers oversee activities of construction personnel at the project site.

14  Typical Starting Salary- $70,400/ year  Research, design, develop, and test computer equipment such as chips, circuit boards, or routers.  Solve complex problems in computer hardware, these engineers create rapid advances in computer technology.  Work in research laboratories that build and test various types of computer models.

15 and more…

16 Engineering school can be expensive. If you work hard your community will support you! Loans, grants, parents, work …scholarships!

17 Monetary Award Opportunities The CEF provides incentive awards to graduating seniors of Chicago high schools. This award is renewable for 4 years and includes a graduation bonus. * * SSN required for monetary award

18  Materials to Submit:  Social Security Number  Current high school transcript  Copy of either ACT composite score report or the SAT score report  Student Statement  Guidance Counselor endorsement  Copy of FAFSA EFC score report  Acceptance letter to college for the study of Engineering  Qualifications to Apply:  Graduating high school senior in the city of Chicago in 2014  Accepted to a 4 year accredited engineering school  Minimum ACT score of 21 (or SAT equivalent)  Endorsement of Guidance Counselor  FAFSA EFC Score Retrieve complete instructions at the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation website.complete instructions Initial awards are for $800 Cumulative award value can be $5,000 over 4 plus years.

19  Application Opens: February 1, 2015  Application Deadline: April 24, 2015  Apply online, email, or mail an application to: Executive Director Chicago Engineers’ Foundation of the Union League Club of Chicago 65 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago, IL 60604-3598  Awards will be presented at a reception at the Union League Club of Chicago

20 Get all the details on line at:

21  Chicago Engineers’ Foundation of the Union League Club   Illinois Institute of Transportation Engineers   Society of Women Engineers   American Society of Civil Engineers   Illinois Section of American Society of Civil Engineers   Illinois Society of Professional Engineers   American Society of Professional Engineers 

22  Email:  Facebook:  LinkedIn: engineers' engineers'-foundation-of-the-union-league-club  Twitter: @ChiEngineers@ChiEngineers  Website:


24 Thank you!

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