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Alternative energy for shipping in Nordic waters

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1 Alternative energy for shipping in Nordic waters
Hanna Paradis Reykjavik,

2 SSPA Sweden AB. Knowledge based maritime consultancy since 1940

3 SSPA Sweden AB. Providing maritime consultancy services on a worldwide basis since 1940 Independent consulting company, fully owned by the Foundation Chalmers University of Technology. Owns 50% of Flowtech AB Main clients; Maritime operators and ship yard industry, energy companies, industry, ports, authorities, European Commission, IMO, EMSA 20% internationally funded research 110 employees Bridge between theory and practice….

4 Our capabilities Marine operations and simulations Environment
Ship design Port and coastal planning Risk and safety Intermodal transport systems

5 Alternative futures for shipping
Muscles Wind Coal Oil Shipping has used many different sources of energy Oil has dominated the last century, it’s now time to look for new types of fuel. Driven by: Environmental concerns – new regulations Increased oil prices New technologies

6 Environmental regulations
Source, DNV, 2014

7 Global Emission Control Areas?

8 Fuel price – HFO, MGO, LNG Add price development of methanol, one can be sure that low sulphur HFO alternatives are being developed, as refinery owner and oil company Preem in Sweden are aiming for low-suplur HFO alternatives to be present during 2015 at a price slightly lower than MGO alternatives.

9 Price development of methanol

10 Compliance strategies
HFO + Aftertreatment MGO (Low Sulphur fuel) as fuel GAS Methanol Compliance strategies

11 MGO and low sulphur oils
Price development of MGO is predicted to rise (EIA). Oil companies and refinery owners, for example Swedish Preem, are working to deliver low-sulphur oil blends to the market before , most probably strategically priced slightly below MGO alternatives. To comply with upcoming NOX regulations, EGR or SCR technology needs to be installed on board ships.

12 LNG case study Currently 49 ships in operation, 61 in orderbook and >100 projects discussed (DNVGL, 2014) Liquid methane can also be produced from bio feedstock forming LBG Safety record satisfying New infrastructure investments required for small scale distribution networks. Question of future LNG bunker price developments. LNG in four-stroke technologies complies with future SOX and NOX emissions caps without extra abatement technologies. Cryogenic storage tanks demanded on board vessel

13 LNG – small scale distribution
Source: DNVGL

14 LNG case study – Viking Grace
Photo courtesy Viking line

15 LNG case study – Baltic SO2lution
Four newbuilt tanker vessels, first to be delivered in 2016. First installation of 2-stroke-engine technology for LNG complying with upcoming NOX and SOX requirements.

16 LNG case study – Midway Alignment

17 Methanol case study Global commodity (55 million tons annually)
Can be produced from various feedstock Exiting global infrastructure Liquid at room temperature, can be stored in similar tank on board and ashore as oil products Similar reductions in air emissions as LNG (CO2, NOX, SOX, PM) Retrofits need significantly less adjustment than LNG Toxic Question on price development for marine market Today large retrofits and newbuilds planned, but still in trial stages

18 Methanol case study – Spireth project

19 Methanol case study – Stena Germanica conversion
Length 240 m Breadth28,7 m Draught6,15 m Cargo Capacity4000 lane meters Passenger capacity1300 Main engines4 x Wärtsila 8ZAL40S, 6000 kW

20 Scrubber case study Continued use of heavy fuel oils
Aftertreatment of fuel gases extracts sulphur Additional techniques needed to minimise NOX levels in outlet gases Flexible solution suitable for ships without fixed bunkering points over time Technically complicated, both regarding the scrubber itself and technically for the ship

21 Scrubber case study- DFDS

22 Hanna Paradis SSPA Sweden AB +46 730 722 91 28
Thank you! Hanna Paradis SSPA Sweden AB

23 Additional pages on Alternative energy

24 Methanol case study Rules are in place for methanol in the IMO IGF –code and Class rules ( LR & DnV) Low flashpoint fuel like LNG Flashpoint Methanol + 11 C. FlaspointLNG -188 C. Self ignition Methanol+ 465 C. Self ignition LNG+ 595 C. Infrastructure and safety similar to ethanol and petrol Liquid –no high pressure or cryogenic storage required

25 Scrubber case study – Pilot scrubber
Installation, evaluation and demonstration of a new generation, innovative lightweight scrubber technology in full scale on existing Ro-Ro vessels TransAtlantic Transpaper type and Wagenborg Schieborg, operating in the Baltic Sea and in the North Sea.

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