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1 Gareth Ellis, Cranfield University Learn from the best… Carbon Brainprint.

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1 1 Gareth Ellis, Cranfield University Learn from the best… Carbon Brainprint

2 Carbon Brainprint Quantifying the impact of university research on carbon footprint reduction David Parsons and Julia Chatterton Department of Environmental Science and Technology Cranfield University

3 Carbon Brainprint What is a carbon brainprint? Why measure it? How do we measure it? How big is it? Where next? 3

4 What is a carbon brainprint? Universities help many organisations reduce their carbon footprint through research, education and consultancy This contribution is the University’s carbon brainprint 4

5 Why measure it? Quantify the impact of research, innovation, education and knowledge transfer activities on cutting global GHG emissions Provide further endorsement of the value of investing in universities to address the challenge of global warming Not about offsetting university footprints 5

6 How do we measure it? A life cycle based approach drawing on PAS 2050:2008 Specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services (BSI) Code of good practice for product greenhouse gas emissions and reduction claims (CTC 745) (The Carbon Trust) 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories Not a footprint of a product or organisation Retrospective and prospective 6

7 Procedure System description Boundaries Data Baseline emissions and changes Carbon brainprint Retrospective and prospective Uncertainty analysis 7

8 Case studies 1.Ceramic coatings for turbine blades (SAS) 2.Novel Offshore Vertical Axis wind turbines (SoE) 3.Improved delivery vehicle logistics (SoM) 4.Training for landfill gas inspectors (SAS) 5.Reduced fouling of oil refinery heat exchangers (University of Cambridge) 6.Intelligent management of building environments (University of Reading) 8

9 Case study 1: Turbine blade coatings Blades are air cooled and coated to prevent melting R&D with Rolls-Royce for 17 years Increased operating temperature by 70 °C Increased efficiency Reduced emissions from RR-powered A330 and A340 by 1.0-1.6 kt CO 2 e/year A total of 570 kt CO 2 e/year Coated turbine blade Picture: Rolls-Royce plc 9

10 How big is the carbon brainprint? ProjectAnnual brainprintPeriod Ceramic coatings for jet engine turbine blades 570 kt CO 2 eRetrospective Improved vehicle logistics14 kt CO 2 eRetrospective Training for landfill gas inspectors400 kt CO 2 eRetrospective Novel offshore vertical axis wind turbines 1.7 kt CO 2 e for 1 GW installed Prospective Intelligent buildings for energy management Potential 20% reduction in CO 2 e Prospective Optimising defouling of oil-refinery preheat trains > 1 kt CO 2 e per refineryProspective 10

11 Where next? Method is achievable Relatively simple if level of detail is managed there has been monitoring of outcomes of past work Big results like to be in areas that are energy intensive directly emit potent GHGs (methane, nitrous oxide) Want to involve other universities Web site: 11

12 12 1. This work could apply to a wide range of Universities and Colleges 2. It quantifies the impact of R&D and education on Carbon emissions 3. It is innovative

13 13 Your next steps – making the most of your EAUC Membership… 1. Now you’ve learned how to win… you need to enter! Want recognition for your sustainability excellence, enter the 2012 Green Gown Awards behaviour change category. Entries open in summer 2012 Categories mentioned in this session were: Research and development Courses Skills Colleges 2. Learn more about previous winners and highly commended entries on the EAUC resource bank – here you’ll find lots of 2012 case studies and videos Membership matters at

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