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New Generation Banking August 2010. We are an Affiliate of a Reputable Global Conglomerate 1.

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1 New Generation Banking August 2010

2 We are an Affiliate of a Reputable Global Conglomerate 1

3 CONSTRUCTION  The leading investor in Turkey, Balkans and the CIS  One of Turkey’s most up and coming Groups with more than 19,000 employees in 12 countries in 4 continents  2008 Assets of USD 4.4 billion and Revenues of USD 1.7 billion  2009 Assets of USD 4.5 billion and Revenues of USD 1.5 billion  On a national scale rated BBB by Fitch and JCR, on an international scale rated B- by Fitch and BB- by JCR  5th Turkish corporate issuing a Eurobond  Reputable partnerships and cooperation with global brands  ENI, EWE, Mitsubishi, General Electric, Turkish Telecom, Qatar Investment Authority, Anatolia Minerals, Initec Energia Çalık Holding - Overview 2

4 Energy – Power Systems  Completed turnkey delivery of 6 power stations with a total capacity of 1137 MW in Turkmenistan  Long-term supply and maintenance contract with Turkmen state  Holds 10 licenses to construct hydroelectric, wind and thermal power plants with a total capacity of 1500 MW in Turkey  Joint construction of a gas power plant in Uzbekistan with Initec Energia of Spain  Project amount of USD 470 million  Generation capacity of 472 MW  Completion date of 2013 3

5 Energy – Utilities  Çalık Energy was rewarded the tender for 100% privatisation of Yeşilırmak Electricity Distribution Company  1.5 million subscribers in the cities of Samsun, Amasya, Çorum, Ordu and Sinop  Acquisition price was USD 441.5 million  Has a shareholding in Bursagaz and Kayserigaz  Bursagaz and Kayserigaz service 850,000 households 4

6 Energy – Oil & Gas TAPCO  Awarded the license to build and operate the strategically important Trans-Anatolian Pipeline (TAP)  Partnership with ENI Group of Italy  Annual capacity of 50-70 million tons of oil  Completion date of 2013 Exploration and Drilling  Explores and drills oil and gas in Turkmenistan  Partnership with Parker Drilling of USA  Holds oil and exploration licenses in Eastern Turkey and Thrace region Refinery  Awarded the license to build a refinery and petrochemicals complex in Ceyhan  Annual capacity of processing 10 million tons of crude oil and 2 million tons of petrochemicals  Budget of USD 6 billion 5

7 Telecommunications  Owns 76% stake in Albania's Albtelecom  Turkish Telecom is a strategic partner with 20% share  Only fixed line operator in Albania  305,000 subscribers with a potential of 800,000  30% penetration  Third GSM operator after AMC and Vodafone  635,000 subscribers  15% market share 6

8 Newspaper 4 newspaper brands Sabah reaches 2.7m readers daily across Turkey and it is #3 newspaper in terms of circulation Magazines 25 magazines Forbes and Para are the leading Business & Finance magazines in Turkey TV and Radio Broadcasting 4 TV and 2 Radio channels ATV is one of the leading all day and prime time broadcaster in Turkey  One of only two nationwide print distribution networks in Turkey  5 regional offices (2 representative offices)  5 printing facilities  25,794 sales outlets (810 chain stores)  221 distributors  20% market share in TV & newspaper advertising  Lusail International Media Co., media affiliate of Qatar Investment Authority is 25% shareholder of Turkuvaz Turkey’s Second Largest Media Group 7

9 Construction  GAP İnşaat ranked 163 rd in the “Top International Contractors” list of ENR magazine in 2009  Active in the construction of turnkey industrial plants, infrastructure and environmental projects, hospitals, hotels, schools, roads and museums  Cover Middle East, CIS and North Africa  Value of completed projects amounts to approximately USD 2.5 billion  Latest project is a USD 1.1 billion shopping centre, residential and office building in partnership with Varyap  Undertaking Turkey’s first urban transformation and renovation projects with private involvement in the heart of Istanbul  Tarlabaşı and Fener Balat 8

10 Textiles  GAP Güneydoğu is one of the world’s top ten suppliers of denim  The only rated textiles company in Turkey with a local currency rating of BBB+ from Fitch  Active in the production of yarn, fabric, garment and home textiles  Manufacturing operations in Turkey, Turkmenistan and in Egypt  Majority of sales exported to North America, Europe, North Africa and East Asia  Top 3 export destinations are the USA, Italy and Spain  Customers include global names such as Diesel, Replay, Lee-Wrangler, Levi’s, Benetton, H&M, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Miss Sixty, M&S, Next, Esprit, Escada 9

11 Mining  An extensive partnership with Anatolia Minerals in Turkish mining industry  Anatolia Minerals is based in the US and holds more than 100 licenses in Turkey  Çalık Maden partners up with Çukurdere, a subsidiary of Anatolia Minerals  175,000 ounces of annual production started in 2010  Çukurdere owns a gold mine in Erzincan with 6 mn ounces reserves  The alliance will allow for joint exploration and development of other minerals in Turkey on a 50/50 basis 10

12 Çalık Financial Services  Established in 2003 as financial services arm of Çalık Holding  Active in Turkey, Albania and Kosovo with 75 branches through brand in Turkey brand in Albania and Kosovo  Consolidated Financial Figures as of 31.12.2009  Asset size USD 1.7 billion  Equity of USD 210 million  Engaged in retail and corporate banking with a niche concept of direct banking in Turkey  Further expansion plans into Balkans and the Middle East Çalık Financial Services 11

13  BKT is one of the few banks operating as an Albanian brand in Albania  Active in Corporate and Retail Banking with a market share of  16.7 % in deposits  9.7 % in loans  Owned 100% by Çalık Financial Services  2nd largest bank amongst 16 banks in Albania  Total Assets: USD 1.3 billion  Deposits: USD 1.1 billion  57 branches in 30 cities in Albania and 12 branches in Kosovo  Captures 80% of trade activity between Turkey and Albania  Selected the “Best Bank of the Year” and “Best Medium Size Bank in CEE” in 2008 by Finance Central Europe Magazine  Rated AAA by Japanese Credit Rating Agency (JCR) Banka Kombetare Tregtare 12

14 Aktif Bank - Fact Sheet Foundation1999 OwnershipPrivate - Çalık Holding Date of Re-organizationMarch 2007 Name ChangeAugust 2008 Field of ActivityRetail, Corporate and Investment Banking Total AssetsTL 588,3 million Shareholders’ EquityTL 171 million Net IncomeTL 9.3 million Number of Staff263 Number of Branches6 Number of Sales Points  4,000 Correspondent Bank Network255 banks in 76 countries RatingA- National, BB International Vision“Local, Global” MissionTo become a pioneering, smart and outstanding service organization, which is a sought-after partner in the environment it operates. Web ChairmanAhmet Çalık CEODr. Önder Halisdemir 13

15 (in TL thousands) Total Assets (in TL thousands) Summary Financials – Triple Digit Growth in the Balance Sheet for the Last Two Consecutive Years Note: Solo financials audited in accordance with BRSA standards 14 Total Equity CAR: 16.4%

16 Summary Financials – More than Doubled the Balance Sheet for the Last Two Consecutive Years Note: Solo financials audited in accordance with BRSA standards 15 682,175 CAR: 16%

17 Our Strategy : Three Pillar Strategy Built on a Strong Banking Base City BankingRegional BankingDirect Banking Corporate Banking Retail Banking Investment Banking Treasury New Generation Banking 16

18 1. Strong and Dedicated Team 2.Centralized Multi-Institutional Operational Infrastructure 3.Inhouse Core Banking System – “Akustik” 4.State-of-Art Unique Platforms Kreaktif (Credit Factory) Aktif Online Aktif Collection Aktif Card System Aktif Insurance Our Banking Base 17

19 Direct Banking  Branchless banking model  Replacing expensive and old-fashioned branch dominated network  Physical and electronic alternative delivery channels  Post Offices, Dealers, Web, Call Centre  Presence at points of sale  No time or location constraints  Technologically sophisticated products 18

20 Our Channels  Aktif Bank Web-Site and City Portals - throughout Turkey  Dealer Portals - throughout Turkey  Call Centre - throughout Turkey and in Albania  PTT - 3,750 points throughout Turkey  Aktif Points - 760 points in 8 cities  Aktif Kiosks - 32 locations in 4 cities  Branches – 6 branches in 5 cities Aktif Bank Web-site Aktif Bank Dealer Portal Aktif Kiosk Post Office Branches 19

21 Money transfers to anyone with or without a bank account in Turkey is possible! Filling an order form with proof of identification is enough! UPT is the cheapest and easiest way of money transfer in Turkey from banks to post offices and post offices to banks real -time UPT Is Easy! UPT Is Widespread! UPT is available at 3,750 PTT branches, over 8,800 bank branches, telephone and internet banking ! Cash withdrawals through 22,800 ATMs in Turkey possible! UPT is the First Service that Surfs on Aktif Online Platform Only TL 7.5 for money transfers up to TL 1,000 compared to the average of TL 30 for Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)! UPT Is Cheap! “ There are 1,179 locations where there is no bank branch but a PTT office in Turkey ” 20

22 Kredi  Aktif Bank collaborates with PTT and offers consumer loans to the PTT payroll customers  Given sufficient funding, accessing these 500,000 payroll customers with secured, colleteralized retail loans offers has a sales potential of USD 1 billion  Credit operations was introduced to PTT for the first time by providing loan training to 1500 staff in 25 cities  Started on 18 th June with PTT Personnel  Nation-wide launch in July 1 st 21

23 From application to assesment, we built our credit factory with flexible workflows and high integration capacity with multiple channels  Automatic Decision System  Office Verification Module  Fraud Module  User-friendly screens  Smart Application Fields  Dynamic Matrix  Online Outsource Interrogation Kreaktif – Credit Factory 22

24 Consumer Loans through Dealers and ADCs  Doğtaş and Kelebek are two major furniture manufacturer chains in Turkey with sales points around the globe  Aktif Bank’s Dealer Credit System - Kreaktif is used at more than 150 dealers of Doğtaş and Kelebek  Average loan amount: TL 4,000  Average tenor: 15 months  Negotiations continue with “Tepe Home” for similar cooperations  Boiler and installation loan program is available at 40 dealers in Kayseri in cooperation with Kayserigaz  Private bus assocations in Bursa, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Düzce, Kütahya, Sakarya are offered  SME Loans with and without a collateral  Refinancing Loans  Vehicle Loans Heating and Cooling Private Bus Associations 23

25 City Banking  Design, implementation and operation of product and services specifically tailored to cities  AFC systems, bill payments, cash management services and city card  Corporate banking and investment products for municipalities and local businesses  City portals  Up-to-date information on city life  Received “Best E-portal Information Technology Award” in 2009 by Kayseri Ministry of Transport 24

26 Aktif Bank Subsidiary “E-Kent” Turkey’s largest Automatic Fare Collection “AFC” Operator in transportation  Provides modern and high-technology solutions for city life  Contactless cards “city card”, smart bus stops and vehicle tracking systems  Expert in field operations  Services citizens, municipalities and private bus companies with advanced technology solutions and consulting 25

27  Operational in 8 cities  Bursa, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Düzce, Kütahya, Sakarya, Kırklareli, Tokat  Servicing 9 million people  With 3 million pre-paid transportation cards  Used at 3,000 buses and 500 tollgates  950 top-up points and ticket booths  Handles more than 1 billion transactions annually  2009 Transportation Revenue: TL 800 million E-Kent - In Numbers Smart Bus Stops Vehicle Tracking System Validators Terminals Passenger Information System Tollgates 26

28 Widespread, chip based, contactless, high security payment platform  KART 00 - Pre-paid transportation card  AKTIF 00 - Pre-paid urban card enabling quick and safe transactions at every point in the city e.g. campus card, fan card, gift card, food card, corporate card etc.  CREDITAKTIF 00 - Credit card with additional installments feature to AKTIF 00 (to be launched in Q1 2011) “Different card solutions for different customer needs” City Card Product Family 27

29 SHE CARD HOROSCOPE CARD STICKER CARD RAILWAY SYSTEM CARD “Kart 00 Family”  Functional in transportation “Kart 00”  Special card designs valid in transportation “She card”, “Sticker card”  Recollection cards functional in transportation  “Horoscope zodiac card visual”, “Railway system card” Prepaid Transportation Card Products 28

30 Vending machines & Kiosks & Parking Systems Shopping Social Facilities Transportation An urban card enabling quick and safe transaction, usable in every point of the city. “AKTIF 00 Family” AKTIF 00 is The Most Extensive Prepaid Card Programme in the World 29

31 Regional Banking  Generate scale by building an extensive physical distribution network in the Balkans, CIS and Middle East  Contribute to the development of trade between these countries and Turkey  BKT with 69 branches in Albania and Kosovo  Further expansion into the Region 30

32 Cash Management Collection System  Cheque / Bill  DDS  Card  Integrated Receivables Management (B.A.Y.)  Store Loyalty Card  Salary Payment System  Mass Transfer System  Accounting Integration System Foreign Trade  L/C  L/G  Financing Loans  Cash  Non-cash Insurance  Property  Business Interruption  Auto  Transportation  Liability  Credit  Individual / Group  Fixed Income Securities  Mutual Funds  Hedging Products Treasury Corporate Banking Products 31

33  End-to-end receivables management service  No differentiation of receivables  Invoices, cheques, notes and bills are included in the collection scheme  Obtain financing by pledging receivables  Advisory Services  Initial assessment of agency and dealer network of the client  Reporting and notification by follow-up through the call centre  In case of default, legal follow-up of overdue payments CLIENT ASSESSMENT FINANCING COLLECTION SERVICES CALL CENTERREPORTING Integrated Receivables Management (B.A.Y.) 32

34  We initated the formation of a commercial paper market in Turkey  Under this program, we issued the first bank bond in Turkey  All of our issuances have been fully subscribed  1st tranche: TL 35 million (September 2009)  2nd tranche: TL 65 million (September 2009)  3rd tranche: TL 100 million (February 2010)  4th tranche: TL 400 million (April 2010)  With a maturity profile of 30 days to 360 days  Tax advantage over time deposits  Aktif Bond is quoted on Reuters and Bloomberg Aktif Bank Bond 33

35 : Your Local Partner Why ACT Office  Establish a strong foothold in Turkey and in the region  Focus on decision making, not on the process of day-to-day business  Easy access to local expertise with extensive experience  Flash News Hotline  On-site business and corporate intelligence  Benefit is yours, the rest belongs to us (local “Scapegoat”)  Low cost base ACT Office Services  Marketing  Promote and publicize your products  Search for clients, markets and sectors  Research  Filtered information to develop new insights to industries and sectors  Credit & Legal Advisory  Credit assessment  Collateralization  Monitoring  Administrative & Logistic 34

36 Founded in 2006 Trade Finance Number of Member Countries: 56 Founded in 1994 Export and Investment Insurance Number of Member Countries: 37 Marketing & Research Operations Credits Treasury Legal Services Logistic & Admin Marketing & Research Operations Claim Risk Assessment Legal Services Logistic & Admin SCOPE OF SERVICES PROFILE ACT Office Services - ITFC and ICIEC Signed 06 Nov‘ 09 Signed 10 Nov‘ 09 35

37 Our Correspondent Bank Network 36

38 We are an Innovative Service Organization  First direct bank of Turkey  First bank to issue a commercial paper program  First bank to introduce “Liaison Office” concept in Turkey (“ACT Office”)  Only bank to have online realtime integration with Post Offices  Market leader in contactless cards in Turkey  First bank to develop “a-purse” which is a dual interface chip card application with transportation functionality  First bank to own a transportation operator “E-Kent”  First bank to develop a transportation kiosk  One of the 6 banks in Turkey with an instant decision making credit system “Credit Factory”  One of the 9 banks with dealer credit system 37

39 FI Contacts 38 Alper Nalbant Vice President + 90 212 340 8324 Gonca Yılmaz Çetin Assistant Manager + 90 212 340 8322 Sedat Yalçınkaya Specialist + 90 212 340 8323

40 Areas of Cooperation-Your Suggestions... 39

41 Disclaimer: The contents of this document are provided here for informational purposes only and may not be up to date or fully state all the relevant facts, therefore no warranty, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy thereof and neither Aktif Bank nor any of its affiliates, administrators, directors, or employees shall be liable for any consequences which arise as a result of the use of, or reliance on, the contents and any associated material by you or any third party to whom you supply, copy, send or distribute the contents and any associated material including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of data and information, business, revenue, contracts, reputation or goodwill or any other expenses, costs and damages whether direct or indirect and whether reasonably foreseeable or not. This document is confidential and no portion of the contents herein may be copied, distributed, or reproduced in any form or by means without prior written consent of the Financial Institutions of Aktif Bank. 40

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