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The Advancing Childhood Education Programme November 15, 2013.

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1 The Advancing Childhood Education Programme November 15, 2013

2 Jamalco’s Location Jamalco Alpart Windalco Noranda

3 3 Historical Highlights  1959 - Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica established  1963 - Bauxite mining commenced in Teak Pen, Clarendon  1971 - Bauxite Mining Commenced in Mocho, Clarendon  1972 - Start of production for 500,000 tonnes Alumina refinery, Halse Hall, Clarendon  1976 - Jamalco Joint Venture (94%/6%) between Alcoa & the Gov. Jamaica  1988 - Jamalco Joint Venture to 50/50 partnership: Alcoa & Gov. Jamaica  1999 - Upgrade to 1 million tonne refinery  2002 - Expansion commenced for 1.25 million tonne/year  2004 - Completed expansion to 1.25 million tonne  2005 - Expansion commenced for EWP to 1.42 million tonnes/ year  2007 – Commissioning of EWP(Early Work Program)  2009 – Commissioning the Mt. Oliphant mines and Ropecon conveyor

4 Strong History of Corporate Social Responsibility  The most critical social factors in Jamalco’s host communities are: o High unemployment o Low skill and education levels.  Since its inception in 1998, the objectives of Jamalco’s Community Development Programme have included: o Continuously improving the value the company brings to its host communities; o Fully engaging communities as part of the company’s development agenda and in keeping with the Alcoa Community Framework.  In 2008 the company re-structured its community development strategy around six critical areas, using a mix of on-going programmes and new initiatives, to address these needs. 4

5 Six critical pillars to community development 5 Community Development Strategy Capacity Building - Scholarships - Career Enhancement - Mentorship - Jamalco in Schools - Documentation Skills Alternative Economic Projects - Entrepreneurship Project - Greenhouse Farming - Reclaimed Land for Agriculture - Forestry MOU Civic Partnerships - 7 Community Councils - Business Leaders - Advisory Board - PDC/Civic Bodies Charity 2008-2010 Contribution: Sponsorships/Donation (US$1,187,885) Volunteerism - Bravo! - ACTION - Month of Service - Labour Day Social Renewal - Road Safety - Centers of Excellence - Sports Development - Community Beautification - Infrastructure Development

6 Reasons for ACEP  The Advancing Childhood Education (ACE) Programme was launched in 2012 in response to: o Low level of literacy and numeracy among children entering Grade 1 in Manchester & Clarendon as well as nationally. (results from 2009 Grade 1 Individual Learning Profile (G1ILP). o Of the 2009 cohort tested in Clarendon, some 42% were not reading at the required level while in Manchester the number was 33%. o Early childhood/kindergarten sector is not organised nor well supported. o The sector has evolved historically from community members/institutions offering this service. o Many teachers are untrained and are deficient in their methodology and learning techniques. 6

7 Reasons for ACEP 7  ACEP’s Goal: o To improve the level of literacy, numeracy and general preparedness for learning among three to six year old children from selected ECIs in Jamalco’s operating areas in Clarendon and Manchester

8 Programme Description 8  The ACEP Programme is being implemented over two years (2012-2014).   The programme may be extendend depending on the results of the current phase.  The specific objective: o Provide additional training for teachers and parents of students at 50 ECIs in Jamalco's operating areas in Clarendon and Manchester.  150 teachers receive training (75 per year) in: o Teaching of Literacy (Content and Methodology) o Teaching of Numeracy ( Content and Methodology) o Teaching Children with Special Learning needs (Human Exceptionalities) o Child Development, Child Psychology and Behaviour Management

9 Programme Design  150 parents receiving training in parenting skills to better assist their children to develop good learning habits over 2 years.  Training offered at 3-4 locations in Clarendon and Manchester ACEP parenting training session

10 Programme Design  Classes offered Saturday or Sunday afternoons.  Three groups – 2 in Clarendon, 1 in Manchester.  Teachers are evaluated via quizzes, course work (group presentations, research etc.) and observation in the classroom.  Teachers who successfully complete programme receive credits towards degree at The Mico University. 10

11 ECIs in Jamalco’s Operating Areas 1.Stewarton Basic 2.Amity Hall Basic 3.Ashley Infant 4.Richmond Basic 5.Rock Basic 6.Mt. Airy Infant 7.Mocho Infant 8.Mocho Rd. Basic 9.Brixton Hill Infant 10.Goshen Basic 11.Sheckles Basic 12.Four Path Basic 13.Belle Plain 14.Harmons Basic 15.Broadleaf Basic 16.Ramble Basic 17.St.Toolis Basic 18.Reeveswood Basic 19.St. Jago Basic 20.Precious Jewel Basic 42Hayes Newtown Phase 2 43Raymonds 44Annunciation 45Murray’s Early childhood 46Cornpiece SDA Basic School 47Savannah Basic School 48Mitchell Town 49Salt River 50Victoria Town Basic School 51Harding Basic School 52Pratville Primary & Infant School 53Campbell's Castle Basic School 54Farm Basic School 55Holy Cross Basic School 56Campbell's Castle SDA Preparatory School 57Farm Primary & Infant School 58 Mary Williams Basic School 59Alexander Basic School 11 21Toll Gate Infant 22Royal Flats Basic 23Porus Infant 24Porus Basic 25Rhymesbury 26Crooks Gate 27Parnassus 28York Town United 29Brethren 30Howells Content 31Passisde 32Milk River (Clifton) 33St. Marks 34Gravel Hill 35White Road 36New Bowens 37Hayes 38Hunts Pen 39Halse Hall 40Cornpiece Settlement 41Hayes Newtown Phase 1

12 Collaboration/Partnership  The Alcoa Foundation/Jamalco – Provided funding of US$180,000 over 2 years.  The United Way of Jamaica – administers the funds and monitors the programme.  The Mico University – Provides teacher training and evaluation.  The Early Childhood Commission – Mobilization of teachers, Parenting training.  Jamalco’s Community Relations Officers – assist with monitoring and providing feedback. 12

13 Outcomes to Date  Teacher Training o 66 teachers completing training in Phase 1 (Duration: Jan. – Dec. 2013) o 100 registered for phase 2 (Duration: Sept. 2013 – August 2014) “ The classes are going great and I am learning a lot. I attend the Foga Road class and presently we are learning how to deal with special needs children who might come into our care and I tell you, it is an eye-opener. I have done HEART Level 3 in Early Childhood Education but this is taking me to another level.” Claudia Morant- Baker, Principal, Alexander ECI, St. Toolis, South Manchester.  Parenting Workshops o 79 parents trained in a series of 7 workshops organised by the ECC “The workshops have helped me a lot. I learn about how a child’s brain develops. Dwayne kind of rough, but it help me to manage him better.” Johanna Pearson, mother of Dwayne who attends the Hayes Basic School in Hayes, Clarendon 13

14 Recommendations  Intensify training of teachers at the early childhood level so that children at this level are given the best foundation for learning.  Re-double efforts to assist parents, giving them the tools to stimulate and support their children.  Ensure that teachers participating in programmes such as these share their knowledge with their colleagues. 14

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