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A proposal and plan of action for ELEG 490 Design I Submitted by: Thuraya Al-Hanaei, Undergraduate Senior Electrical student. Fatima Al-Zaabi, Undergraduate.

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1 A proposal and plan of action for ELEG 490 Design I Submitted by: Thuraya Al-Hanaei, Undergraduate Senior Electrical student. Fatima Al-Zaabi, Undergraduate Senior Electrical student. Rehab Bani-Hashim, Undergraduate Senior Electrical student. Sameya Al-Ghafri Undergraduate Senior Electrical student. Project Supervisors : Dr. Mahmoud Meribout Dr. Khaled Al-Wahedi December 13 th,2010 1

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5 It includes some realistic constraints in the design 1.Achieve two dimensional reconstruction of the fluid passing through the device with a minimal error accuracy of 10% 2. The device should provide a standard computer interface to a General Purpose IBM-compatible computer (e.g. RS232, PCI, or parallel interfaces) 3. The delay time required for data acquisition and image reconstruction should not exceed 20 seconds 5

6 4.Provide a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to display the reconstructed image onto a screen 5. The algorithm for image reconstruction and data acquisition can be embedded into any general purpose computer having 2 GB hard disk and 256 Mbytes of memory (RAM) 6. The device should be powered with a standard power voltage level (e.g. 24VDC and/or 220VAC) 7. The design should be operational before May 5th, 2011. It includes some realistic constraints in the design 6

7 1.A two dimensional reconstruction image of the fluid passing through a pipe can be constructed by manipulating the received data from the electrodes 2. Only one of the electrodes can be excited at a time which creates an induced voltage for the rest of electrodes 3.An analog multiplexer will be placed between the hardware and software in order to receive the induced voltage and send the output signal to the software 7

8 4.IEEE-488 control will be used as standard interface for sending data to the computer 5. Serial interface RS232 will link the feedback provided from the computer side to the analog multiplexer 8

9  The main purpose is to build a strong theoretical and algorithmic background on Tomography  It aims to design a tomography system that consists of capacitance arrays, front end analog electronics and digital hardware architecture of the algorithm  For efficient oil development, it is necessary to accurately measure the products result from the oil wells. 9

10 The work was distributed among the group member according to their experience, interest and their skills Team MemberPartRoleQualifications Fatima Al ZaabiSoftware  Proof reading  Investigating Finite Element Method  Checking deadlines  Getting A grades in Calculus  Expert in checking the spelling and the grammar  Design an Arabic-English translator using Microcontroller Rehab Bani HashimHardware  Planning and Time Management  Designing the Prototype  Consulting advisor  Vice President of the Student Council  Participation in designing a Weather Station project  Participation in conferences and writing a conference papers Sameya Hamdan Hardware  Arranging meeting  Designing the Prototype  Gathering information from books  Typing documents  Expert in critical reading and computer works  Participation in designing a car cooling system using solar energy Thuraya Al HanaeiSoftware  Distributing work  Writing MATLAB codes  Consulting lab instructor  Vice president women in Engineering IEEE student chapter  Participation in programming the microcontroller  Expert in writing MATLAB code and VHDL program 10

11  In order to produce efficient work: o A schedule was designed that illustrates the tasks, assigned team member, deliverables and deadlines respectively  A meeting will be held during the project at least once a week among team members  A meeting will be conducted with the instructor once a week to ensure that the team is on the right track and solve any problem that might appear 11

12  In order to provide easy communication between the team members and the client, Data Retrieved System (DRS) is required. o This system helps to keep in touch with the advisor and all the team members.  A website will be prepared with all project documents for easy access by the team members and the client 12

13  Tools of solving: o Forward methods (example: ECT) o Inverse methods  Previous solutions for monitoring pipelines : o Optical sensors to distinguish gas flow o Ultrasonic sensors to distinguish water and oil 13

14 Our project does not cost a lot because it needs: o Few instruments o Software codes (will be built by the team) Improving the project in a future stage can help the device to work as an early detector of fluid leakage  save the company’s money 14

15  Hardware Testing  Software Testing  Software & Hardware Interface Testing 15

16  Hardware Testing o Initial testing to match the practical results with the theoretical concepts o Make sure that the instrument is not affected by any external interference and if it does, an screen layer has to be provided o Checking the instrument ability to withstand high temperature and pressure 16

17  Software Testing o Software interconnection with the hardware o Two software programs interface which are MATLAB LabView programs 17

18  Different matrix and chart that set the details of the deliverable of this project and their deadline have been produced  The Percent Complete Matrix designed to represent the responsibility of each team member and help in keep track of the project accomplishments  The Gant Chart 18

19  For experimental purposes, we are using impedance analyzer to measure the capacitance effect into two parallel plates  In the hardware part: o Pipe o Number of electrodes o Electrode multiplexer or analog multiplexer  In the software part: o Labview program o Matlab program 19

20 The cost of the project will consist of two budgets  The research budget which will almost cost of 100 $ will be funded by Electrical Engineering department at the Petroleum Institute  The products/equipment ordered from some vendors companies *This equipment will provided by Electrical Engineering department at the Petroleum Institute 20

21  Submitting a weekly work-in-progress report (mints) to update the client once the project has started o Date of the conducted meeting o Topics and the issues discussed during the meeting o Tasks distributed with deadlines o Brief description of each task o Next topic to be prepared and meeting date o Comments and important notes 21

22  Having maintenance and upgrade plans report o Details about changes made in case of any replacements in certain parts with reasons of replacements, and how effective these changes are 22

23  Full description of how each product will be produced and handed for the client 23

24  The design will help the oil industry to recover a huge amount of oil savings  Since we are using AC power to turn on our device, we can use one of the renewable energy sources to minimize the effect on the environment by using DC to AC convertor 24

25  Engineering ethics is one of the most important issues in any engineering project  Ethics’ codes were produced as a reference during the project  The only main highlighted ethical issue that is involved in this project is the “copy-right” issue since this project will include different software programs from different companies 25

26  All the documents, that include the technical descriptions of the hardware and the software as well as the prototype results, will be saved in a CD as a softcopy backup for both the client and the group  Two softcopies can be uploaded in both a special EE program webpage and internet blog  Another way of documenting is by installing the prototype in one of the workshop with a hardcopy manual 26

27  The final report will include all the product specifications, conditions and the operation method  The operator health and safety which is considered as a very important document in manufacturability 27

28  Each member should fully understand the lab safety rules document written by EE department  The presence of the project supervisor is required when implementing the design at the first time 28

29  Formal and informal meetings with the Project Supervisor  Formal report Dr. Abdurrahim El-Keib, Professor and Program Director. Dr. Mahmoud Meribout and Dr. Khaled Al-Wahedi, Project Supervisor Mr. Wael El Sokary, Communication Instructor 29

30 Team members: Thuraya Al-Hanaei, Fatima Al-Zaabi, Rehab Bani-Hashim, Sameya Al-Ghafri Task: design a tomography device which performs real-time two dimensional image reconstruction of the fluid passing through a pipe Time Frame: October 1, 2010 -May 5th, 2011 30

31 [1] P. TSOURLOS, J. E. SZYMANSKI and G. N. TSOKAS, “A generalized iterative back-projection algorithm for 2-D reconstruction of resistivity data: application to data-sets from archaeological sites”, Journal of Balkan Geophysical Society, Vol.8, No.2, May, 2005. [2] J. Mirkowski, W. Smolik, M. Yang, T. Olsezewski, R. Szabatin, D. Radomski and W. Yang, “A New Forward Problem Solver Based on a Capacitor Mesh Model for Electrical Capacitance Tomography”, IEEE, 2008. [3] J.C. Gamio, C. Ortiz-Aleman and R.Martin, “Electrical capacitance tomograpghy two-phase oil-gas pipe flow imaging by the linear back- projection algorithm”, Geofisica International (2005), vol. 44, No. 3, pp. 265-273. 31

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