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Omsk, 2014.

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1 Omsk, 2014

2 “OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT” Open Joint Stock Company
“Omsk Design Engineering Institute for petroleum and petrochemical industries” “OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT” Open Joint Stock Company February 17, 1953 Date of foundation 1, Еngineers Boulevard, Omsk, , Russian Federation Legal address Mailing address +7 (3812) Contact us +7 (3812) Fax

3 Share of International Business Projects make 64%
ONHP branch offices Share of International Business Projects make 64% Engineering resources – 450 employees Moscow Omsk (Central Office) Belgrade Atyrau Nakhodka Astana Beijing Dubai - currently existing ONHP branch offices - Branch Offices to be established in - ONHP Representative Office in Atyrau

4 Technology Development:
Cooperation with International Companies ONHP has signed agreements with world leading engineering companies such as Kellogg Brown & Root (Great Britain), Sinopec Engineering (China), CB&I Lummus Global (the Netherlands). ONHP performs the design in accordance with international and European Codes and Standardsв (ASME, API, DIN, ANSI, EN) Engineering: KBR (USA) Sinopec Engineering (China) Marubeni (Japan) Tecnicas Reunidas (Spain)‏ JGC Corporation (Japan) Technology Development: AXENS (France)‏ CB&I Lummus (Czech Republic ) UOP (Great Britain)‏ Shell (USA) Ineos Foster Wheeler (USA)

5 Equipment procurement Equipment procurement
{ ONHP competence { { Pre-Investment Phase Investment Phase Operation Phase FEED / “PD”, Detail Design Pre-FEED Equipment procurement Construction Operation FEED / PD Documentation development; Design and Estimate Documentation expertise support as per local requirements of facility location; ITB/Bid Package Development for Contractor’s Work and Equipment Procurement; Performance of Engineering Survey (all types); Detailed Design Package Development; Optional Equipment Design Development; Development of Reference Standards for Construction Method Statements Conceptual Project Basis; Pre-Feasibility Study; Bankable Feasibility Study; Basic Engineering (BDEP); Basic Implementation (Project Design); Definitive Implementaion (Detailed Design) Equipment procurement; Equipment procurement management and control; Engineering supervision over equipment manufacturing; Equipment forwarding ЕРСм services for new construction; Apart: Schedule Control; Project Budget Management; Field and Engineering Supervision over Construction РМС services for reconstruction and modernization facilities, including field and engineering supervision; Operation Manuals Development (Emergency Response Plans; Process and Engineering Procedures) For ЕРС Services ONHP is willing to share it with international companies based on consortium

6 Engineering, Equipment Procurement, Construction, ЕРС
(Hard-& Software) PreFEED Basic Engineering Design Packages FEED, Design documentation Detailed Design Documentation Procurement Construction, pre-commissioning Operation PIMS (AspenTech) Refinery process diagram optimization based upon linear simulation taking into consideration market researches on product yield maximum increase Production plan including sales demands due to options in Plant operation mode Aspen Icarus Economic evaluation of assumed solutions SmartPlant P&ID (Intergraph) Process Flow Diagrams for processes Process Flow Diagrams updating at “Project” stage SmartPlant 3D Layout decisions in 3D Process Flow Diagrams updating at “Detailed Design” stage Detalization of economic evaluation SmartPlant Materials Orders development and processing procedures, orders technical part (requisition), Appendix to Contract (purchase order) Physical model for all construction and installation assembly unit, isometrics. Control based upon laser scanning Operating production 3D- Model Process Flow Diagrams for all processes Analysis based upon construction results (as-built) Analysis based upon operation results Piping classes, equipment correlation in 3D simulation and equipment tags in P&ID SmartPlant Foundation SmartPlant Instrumentaton Facility data storage and systematization SmartPlant Electrical Detailed Design for Electrical Detailed Design for Instrumentation Facility 3D-Model ONHP is applying the software products, which allow planning and control implementation of entire project at the very early Project Phase. That meets all current world requirements pertaining to each design phase starting from Justification of Investments and up to Operation.

7 Project Management Control (РМС) (technical resources)
Software complexes integration allows covering all processes within the refinery Projects planning and control Project management control Document flow management Finances PS Controlling Sales management Human Resource management Production management Procurement Project Management. Project management including planning and control. Timesheets. Data acquisition on actual working hours and material expenditures. PrimaveraWeb (MyPrimavera). Remote access for internal and external users + additional functions providing visualization at analytical data review. Document flow and document archives 3D It allows defining major process and construction blocks, which influence start point of commissioning depending on their readiness state; it also enables to accurately coordinate installation sequence of major equipment and critical construction structures. It allows performing quality control of critical structures and process equipment installation at early installation stage by scanning implemented works and performing stacking on target model. 3-D Design Projects system

8 Communication organization for project realization
Организация коммуникаций по проекту Client General Designer Coordination & functional organization chart Coordination technical resources Coordination Procedures Identification of documents to be submitted Communication procedure Ftp-server Project participants Initial data Design and estimate documentation, including revisions Letters MOMs Accountancy Vendors Licensors Design companies Contactors Communication procedure defines a specialist responsible for carrying on correspondence and providing coordination with other project participants Communication procedure defines technical resources and access rights of project participants Communication procedure determines project procedure: Letters, MOMs, other documents designation procedure; Addressees and mailing lists; Format of documents to be submitted; Electronic documents arrangement rules (uploading onto ftp-server); Project reporting forms; Letters reply and reporting submission deadlines. Communication procedure determines: Forms of accompanying documents (Transmittal); Requirements for design and estimate documentation naming, including revisions and considering automatic processing of document packages based upon attached list (Transmittal); Applied code numbers for design and estimate documentation

9 Experience in General Design
Oil Company Refinery Capacity, MTA Site, ha OAO Gazpromneft (Russia) OAO Gazpromneft – Omsk Refinery 19,5 1125 NIS a.d. (Serbia) Pančevo Refinery, Novi Sad Refinery 5,7 320 Oil Company “Alliance” (Russia) OAO Khabarovsk Refinery 3,0 90 AO Oil Company “KazMunaiGaz” (Kazakhstan) TOO Atyrau Refinery 5,0 242

10 Work in progress for gas- and petrochemical facilities during the last 2 years
Feed Capacity Petrochemical Complex at TOO Atyrau Refinery (General Designer) General contract to perform Project Design Documentation, Basic Design approval. Catalytic Reforming Plant. Aromatics Plant (benzene, toluene, paraxylene). Off-Site Facilities. 1 MTA Deep Oil Refining Complex at TOO Atyrau Refiney General contract to perform Project Design Documentation and Basic Design approval. The institute has developed Bid package for ЕРС. Public hearings were held and positive conclusion of the Kazakhstan State Expertise Committee were received. At present ONHP performs engineering consulting for ЕРС Contractor – Sinopec Engineering. 16 Process Units: 1. Fluid Catalytic Cracker  2. Non-Saturated Gas Fractionation Section 3. LPG Desulphurization Unit. 4. Pre-Treatment. Oligomerization Unit. 5. Butene Oligomerization Unit. 6. Polybenzine Hydrogenation. 7. Cat Naphtha Selective Hydrogeneration Unit 8. LCCN (Light Catalytically Cracked Naphtha) Etherification Unit 9. Naphtha Hydrotreater 10. Gasoil Hydrotreater 11. Sulphur Recovery Unit 12. Amine Regeneration Unit 13. Sulphur Recovery and Forming (Granulation) Unit 14. Saturated Gas Fractionation Section 15. Isomerization Unit 16. Hydrogen Production Plant 2.4 MTA 1.2 MTA 1.4 MTA Москва Омск (Центральный офис) Белград Астана Стратегия создания и развития филиалов компании направлена на приближение места разработки рабочей документации к месту строительства для сокращения коммуникации в процессе производства строительно-монтажных работ. - существующие на сегодняшний день офисы ОАО «Омскнефтехимпроект» - офисы, открытие которых запланировано в ближайшем будущем

11 Work in progress for refinery and petrochemical facilities within the last 2 years
Feed Capacity Primorsky Petrochemical Plant Including terminal. (General Designer) General design with Subcontractors project activities coordination, BDP acceptance, facilities affixment on General Layout, Off-Site Facilities design. Topographic and geodesic, geological and engineering, engineering hydrometeorological, engineering and ecological investigations, topographic survey performance. Declaration of Intent development. Project Design documentation development. Project Design documentation has been performed for 281 facilities including 13 Combined Process Units : -Pyrolysis Unit -MEG Plant -LAO Plant -PE Plant -Styrene Unit -Combined Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Unit -C4 Alkylation Unit -PP Plant -Desalter&CDU&VDU-20 Complex -Aromatics Complex -Hydroprocessing Unit -MDEA and Sulfur Regeneration Unit -Flexicocking Unit 20 MTA OOO “RN-Tuapse Refinery” Detailed Design Documentation development Hydrogen Unit (the largest in Russia) LPG Storage and Self-Loading Complex Crude Oil Tank Farm Modernization (3 Spheres + concrete dike with the capacity of 20 000 m3) 236 TTA (hydrogen) Far-East Petrochemical Complex including terminal. Nakhodka city Engineering investigations, topographic survey, Project Design documentation development for Plants and Off-Site Facilities, Subcontractors coordination, facilities affixment on General Layout -PE Plant (Gas-phase) - PE Plant (Slurry) -MEG Plant (monoethyleneglycol) 10 MTA

12 Work performed in regard to gas- and petrochemical facilities within the last 2 years
Feed Capacity OOO Tobolsk-Neftekhim  Broad Fraction of Light Hydrocarbons Processing Complex Expansion (min. 5.8 MTPA) (General Designer) Gas Fractionation Unit – 2. Northern and Southern Bases Project and Detailed Design documentation development, GlavGosExpertise undergoing and positive conclusion receipt. 3.2 MTA Белград Астана Feed Capacity OAO SurgutNefteGas Gas Processing and Compression Facilities No.1, 2 for associated gas processing and recovery of broad fractions of light hydrocarbons from such gas and dry stripped gas recovery (General Designer) Gas Processing and Compression Facility No.1, 2. Project and Detailed Design documentation development, GlavGosExpertise undergoing and positive conclusion receipt. 4.0 bln. m3 / year Feed Capacity Khabarovsk Refinery Hydroprocess Complex Facilities (General Designer) Off-Site Facilities for Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating Combined Unit 1 MTA 500 TTA VT-Visbreaker Complex (General Designer) VT Unit; Visbreaker; Off-Site Facilities. 1.8 MTA 750 TTA Москва Омск (Центральный офис) 12

13 Work performed in regard to gas- and petrochemical facilities within the last 2 years
Feed Capacity Gazpromneft – Omsk Refinery FCC Naphtha Hydrotreating & Diesel Hydrotreating Complex (General Designer) FCC Naphtha Hydrotreating. Diesel Hydrotreating. Off-site Facilities 1.2 MTA 3 MTA Off-site Facilities for Light Naphtha Isomerisation Plant (Isomalk-2) (General Designer) Off-site Facilities for Isomerisation Plant 800 TTA Gasoline Quality Upgrading Complex Continuous Catalytic Reforming Plant. 1 MTA Hydrogen Plant reconstruction at Gazpromneft Moscow Refinery JSC. Detailed Design documentation development. 20 500 Nm3/h Feed Capacity MHC/DHT Complex at Pančevo Refinery (General Designer) Hydrotreater / Hydrocracker (FEED+DD) Sour Water Stripper Gas Fractionation Unit Modernization Off-Site Facilities LPG Storage 3 MTA Москва Омск (Центральный офис) 13

14 General characteristics of Far- East Petrochemical Complex
Complex capacity 10 MTA of hydrocarbon feedstock (HES capacity-685 MW) Finished commodity: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Monoethyleneglycol, Butadiene, Benzene, Pyrolis Gasoline, Fuel Oil Complex area Plant area 620,97 hectare including: Terminal area– 56,43 hectare Construction term – Site Engineering Preparation and 1st term Construction 1.Propylene Plant "Innovene PP“ process Ineos Commercial Services (UK) Limited 2.PE (gas-phase) Plant for "Innovene G“ process 3.PE (slurry) Plant for "Innovene S“ process 4. Pyrolysis Plant Lummus Technology Inc 5.LAO Plant “AlphaHexol (TM)”, “AlphaButol (TM)” processes Axens IFP Group Technologies 6.MEG (monoethyleneglycol) Plant Shell Research Limited PE and PP Plants capacity For PP– 800 TTA For PE (S) – 350 TTA For PE (G) – 500 TTA LLI equipment quantity 320 kinds of equipment

1, Еngineers Boulevard, Omsk, Russia Tel. +7(3812) , Fax +7(3812) Web:

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