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견갑부 골절 및 탈구. 1. Clavicle fracture 2. Scapular fracture.

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1 견갑부 골절 및 탈구

2 1. Clavicle fracture

3 2. Scapular fracture


5 Supracondylar Humerus Fracture A 5-year-old girl fell onto her outstretched hand and sustained a Gartland Type II supracondylar humerus fracture with medial impaction. (A) Lateral preoperative radiograph. (B) Anterior/posterior (A/P) preoperative radiograph. (C) Lateral radiograph after closed reduction and percutaneous pin fixation (cross-wire technique). (D) A/P postoperative radiograph. (E) Lateral radiograph taken four weeks postoperatively. (F) A/P follow-up (4 wks) radiograph. There is good evidence of healing. Note restoration of the medial column

6 Distal humerus fracture

7 Proximal humerus fracture

8 Shoulder dislocation

9 Shouder dislocation reduction


11 Acromioclavicular joint separation

12 Dislocation of sternoclavicular joint

13 Humerus shaft fracture

14 Hanging cast

15 Sugar tong splint, coaptation spint

16 Distal Third Humeral Frx: Holstein Lewis

17 Supracondylar fracture

18 Transcondylar distal humerus fracture

19 Fracture of olecranon

20 Fracture of head and neck of radius

21 Dislocation of elbow

22 Fracture of radius and ulnar

23 Monteggia Fracture

24 Galeazzi Fracture

25 Colles Fracture

26 Smith fracture

27 Scaphoid fracture

28 Fracture of thumb Type 1 : Bennett fracture Type 2 : Rodando fracture 무지 중수골 기저부 골절의 분류

29 Gamekeeper's or Skier's Thumb: fracture of base of proximal phalanx of thumb from tear of ulnar collateral ligament The Boxer's Fracture (small arrows) is a traumatic fracture of the fifth metacarpal at the shaft and neck of the fifth metacarpal, usually brought on by punching

30 Mallet finger


32 Boutonniere(buttonhole) 변형

33 Swan neck deformity

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