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1 Tricorn Group plc Steve Cooper-Chief Executive Mike Welburn-Sales Director.

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1 1 Tricorn Group plc Steve Cooper-Chief Executive Mike Welburn-Sales Director

2 2 Preliminary Results Presentation

3 3 Results Overview-Highlights Excellent progress on all fronts PBT* £616k ( £191k 2005) Strong cash generation £852k Continued cost reduction Further improvement in productivity Group well positioned for further expansion * Excluding goodwill amortisation

4 4 Results Overview *Before goodwill amortisation **Before disposal of operation Year0605 Sales (£k)62026075 Operating Profit (K) 639264 PBT* (£k)616191**

5 5 Strong Cash Generation £kH1H2Total 2006419433852 2005*(81)237156 * Excluding loan repayment and proceeds from sale of business

6 6 Business Review Redman Fittings –Innovative pipe jointing system Issquared –Small team focussed on product development opportunities within the water sector MTC –Tube manipulation specialist with blue chip OEM customer base.

7 7 Redman –Moved to profit in H2 –Focus on OEM’s complete –AMP 3 to AMP4 resulted in softer market-now recovering Issquared –Development contract complete Above businesses combined at end of March 2006

8 8 Largest of the businesses Blue chip customer base –Cummins, CAT, Perkins, F G Wilson Key end market is power generation –Generator sets –Diesel engines –Radiators

9 9 Sales Further market share gain –Existing customers –New customers Markets remains strong and stable –China –North America

10 10 Operations Further 15 % productivity improvement China operation working well –increased scope for resourcing Quality further improved-Customer returns halved on previous year (half of a tiny amount!!) On time delivery performance maintained

11 11 Outlook Power generation sector remains strong and stable Further organic growth anticipated Additional scope for low cost sourcing Lean manufacturing will continue to deliver benefits Outlook positive

12 12 Acquisition

13 13 Exchange of Contracts Robert Morton Holdings 6/6/06 –Now RMDG Aerospace ( was Tecalemit Aerospace UK) Cash consideration £1.6m Sales (Dec 05) £4.6m PBT £4k Net assets £1.6m Employees 64

14 14 Products Manipulated tubular assemblies 1.5-50mm Extensive in house testing capabilities including radiograph Manipulated tubular assemblies 20mm-250mm

15 15 Applications

16 16 Aerospace focus –Good growth –Significant barriers to entry Blue chip customer base –Rolls Royce, Shorts Bombardier, Nord-Micro, Eaton Aerospace Market

17 17 Group Focus

18 18 Outlook The type of business we understand well Growing market Scope for productivity improvement Material resourcing opportunities

19 19 Acquisition In summary Techniques deployed successfully at MTC will be used at RMDG

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