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Radiographic Film Artifacts n DMI 50B n Kyle Thornton.

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1 Radiographic Film Artifacts n DMI 50B n Kyle Thornton

2 What Is An Artifact? n Any optical density that is not anatomy n An unwanted density on the radiograph n Interferes with diagnosis

3 There Are Three Time Periods In Which Artifacts Can Occur n During exposure n During processing n During film handling, prior to processing, loading cassette, or storing

4 Exposure Artifacts n Poor screen-film contact n Improper use/positioning of a grid n Double exposure n Patient motion n Poor patient preparation –Clothing, jewelery, glasses, belts, etc.

5 Processing Artifacts n Dirty Rollers –Will leave deposits on film –Areas of increased or reduced density –Occasionally some sludge may not be washed off and dried onto the film n Chemical Fog –Improper or inadequate chemistry –Leaves a uniform dull gray haze on the film –May also be seen in two different colors Referred to as dichroic stain

6 Guide Shoe and Roller Marks n Guide shoes are sprung or improperly positioned –The ridges in the guide shoe press against the film leaving an artifact n Pi-lines –Dirt or stain on a roller –3.14 inches apart n Pressure marks –Irregular or dirty rollers Small, circular patterns are produced

7 Handling And Storage Artifacts n Light or Radiation Fog –White light streaks –Safelight too close or wrong wattage –Film left in x-ray room during exposure

8 Kink Marks n Improper handling or storage n Appears as a fingernail mark

9 Static n Caused by buildup of electrons in the emulsion n Three types of static artifacts –Crown –Tree –Smudge

10 Hypo Retention n Yellowish stain that appears on finished radiograph n Due to inadequate washing n Remaining thiosulfate from fixer solution

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