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Augmented Reality lets you draw information forth from the shadows and not just access it but to actually experience and interact with it … The Beach Consulting.

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1 Augmented Reality lets you draw information forth from the shadows and not just access it but to actually experience and interact with it … The Beach Consulting Group LLC Bringing People Together Through Technology

2 Agenda  Introduction o Mission o Vision o Guiding Principles o Corporate Values  Management Team o Evolution in Consulting o Principal Consultants  Capabilities o Technical Foundation o Core Capabilities o Augmented Reality Demonstration  Industry Partners & Past Experience

3 INTRODUCTION Welcome to The Beach Consulting Group LLC

4 Introduction  Overview o The Beach Consulting Group LLC was formed in 2012. We are a certified small business with offices located in: Monterey, CA MD/DC/VA Charleston, SC o Currently in the HUBZone certification process o DUNS = 968222617 o NAICS 541512 – Systems Integration Design Consulting Services 541511 – Software Analysis and Design Services 611420 – Computer Software Training

5 Introduction  Mission o At the Beach Consulting Group we help our clients achieve their objectives by introducing new possibilities. Our goal is to enable our clients to maximize the performance of their people and assets. o We help you to ask the hard questions... which are rarely about price, but often about cost. By applying innovative thought and decades of experience, we are able to develop and deliver integrative solutions that make technology investments more valuable.  Vision o We bring people together through the identification and integration of appropriate technologies. Locating and bridging the gaps between technical capabilities and operational functions is often overlooked in the rush to implement technological "silver bullets." o We strive to deliver maximum value to our clients and partners by coordinating and enabling the merger between technology and operational processes.

6 Introduction  Guiding Principles o At BCG we guide our corporate activities based on the following principles: Emphasize the positives Celebrate successes and strengths Strive for excellence and improve our performance Empower individuals to use their skills and knowledge to make sound decisions in finding creative solutions to satisfy our customers information needs Embrace risk taking Learn from our mistakes and accept accountability for our individual performance Integrity must never be compromised We must be learning continuously Work is an enjoyable part of a well-rounded life

7 Introduction  Corporate Values o We realize that our success is based on the adherence to a strong corporate value structured based upon the following: People – Our people are our most vital resource. We value skill, knowledge, imagination, enthusiasm, and commitment. We hire, develop, and retain talented individuals who want to be part of a great place to work, where contributions to superior results are recognized and rewarded. Collaboration – Our teams are bound together by trust and mutual respect. We bring our individual talents together to provide solutions and enhance overall team capabilities. Innovation – We exist to provide sensible and innovative solutions to our clients. As an organization we are always prepared to respond quickly and creatively to our clients needs.

8 MANAGEMENT TEAM A Quick look at Who We Are

9 Management Team  Evolution in Consulting o Economic realities no longer support hoards of consultants with feet-on-the-ground at the client site. BCG replaces the old paradigm by applying lean and Agile principals not only to our project management activities but also to our overall corporate operations and internal processes. o We are constantly learning and reassessing out processes. We focus on minimizing costs and shortening development cycles by committing to a process of continuous assessment and personal ownership of our processes at all levels.

10 Paul founded the Beach Consulting Group in 2011. He saw a clear need for a new corporate structure to better align client and employee needs in our rapidly "flattening" technical environment. By bringing together teams of globally dispersed professionals in a globally distributed environment, BCG provides its customers with faster and more responsive. Management Team Paul W. Beach Founder and Principal Consultant Rohit became a partner of the Beach Consulting Group in 2014. He brings a fresh and creative approach to software engineering services management and Agile/Scrum development processes. His experience as an Application Architect and Software Engineering Manger for provides a durable yet flexible foundation for success. Rohit Soni CTO and Principal Consultant "Economic realities no longer support the hoard of consultants with feet-on-the- ground at the client site. BCG replaces the old paradigm by applying Lean and Agile principals to its operations and team alignment. Creative application of appropriate technologies and talents supported by a flexible and adaptive management philosophy minimize costs and shorten development cycles... PB" "It is critical that, as Engineers, we constantly review and learn from every project we participate in. No matter how good an engineer or team is, there exists the opportunity to improve on every point in a project. Even though a good Engineer will be constantly looking for improvement opportunities, we should all set aside a brief, dedicated period of time to deliberately reflect on how we are doing and to find ways to improve... RS"

11 TECHNICAL FOUNDATION What makes it possible to succeed

12 Technical Foundation Beach Consulting Team Foundation Capabilities ProjectManagementProjectManagement Agile/Scrum Knowledge Management Knowledge Management Configuration Management Configuration Management Training Management Training Management Software/ITSoftware/IT Local & Hybrid Cloud Local & Hybrid Cloud Web/Mobile App Development Web/Mobile App Development Database Administration Database Administration Software Engineering Software Engineering SupportSupport Project Coordination Project Coordination S1000D IETP/IETM S1000D IETP/IETM IV&V Testing & Evaluation Testing & Evaluation  We have developed and maintain a very solid technical foundation that makes it possible for us to extend our reach and succeed where others flounder. ElectronicTrainingElectronicTraining Instructional Design Instructional Design WBT/ILT Development WBT/ILT Development Virtual Instruction Virtual Instruction LMS/LCMS Implementation LMS/LCMS Implementation InteractiveDesignInteractiveDesign Augmented Reality Channels Augmented Reality Channels 3D Animation Interactive Media Development Interactive Media Development Digital Video Editing/Design Digital Video Editing/Design

13 CORE CAPABILITIES What it is that we specialize in

14 Core Capabilities  Agile/Scrum Project Management Services o As our core values state we believe that we must never stop learning and striving to refine and improve our processes. Accordingly we embrace Agile (specifically Scrum and Kanban) processes providing: Agile Coaching Scrum Masters Scrum Product Owners Kanban Workshops User Story and Requirements Gathering Workshops Utilize Scrum on all of our projects

15 Core Capabilities  Augmented Reality (AR) Development o With the rapid improvement and proliferation of smart mobile devices … especially wearable devices … Augmented Reality is rapidly becoming the standard for identifying and interacting with information. o Dynamic media and data are now accessible in ways that previously were only seen in the movies. o We specialize in developing elegant, augmented reality and hybrid data environments for education, defense, and entertainment.

16 AUGMENTED REALITY DEMONSTRATION This is the really cool stuff

17 Core Capabilities  Advanced Distributive Learning Asynchronous Courseware Asynchronous Courseware Collaborative Design Collaborative Design AR Mobile Channels AR Mobile Channels A Systemic Approach … Our solutions are integrated across multiple supporting environments and modalities. This flexability creates a learning cycle that provides unprecedented access to learning materials and dynamic media components. IETP Docs Paper Docs IETP Docs Paper Docs Live ILT Synchronous Virtual Class Synchronous Virtual Class

18 Core Capabilities  Strategic Technical Implementation Planning o In todays flat, just-in-time development reality the appropriate analysis and evaluation of enterprise information and process management environments is critical for proper selection and successful implementation. o We provide significant insight into: S1000D Technical Data Management Enterprise Resource Management Product Lifecycle Management Application Lifecycle Management

19 INDUSTRY PARTNERS & PAST EXPERIENCE Where we have been guides where we are going

20 Industry Partners  Corporate Industry Partners o Isis Research – Joint Venture. Design and development of specialized crew access ladder for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protection (MRAP) Family of Vehicles Remote Weapons Station (RWS). o Imagine One Technology and Management Ltd. – Multi Year, Multi DO, Phase III SBIR Subcontract providing artificial intelligence (AI) support to PLM/ALM and integration support services. o Advanced Data Group (ADG) – S1000D Strategic Implementation Partnership o Credency Inc. – Mobile Augmented Reality iOS Application Development  Federal Industry partners o Space and Naval Research Center Atlantic (SPAWAR-LANT)

21 Past Experience  Phase III - Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Project o The Beach Consulting Group was asked to subcontract to Imagine One Technology and Management Ltd., on their Artificial Intelligence Phase III SBIR project (sponsored by SPAWAR- LANT and funded by USAF) to provide strategic technology implementation consulting services which focused on the needs/functional analysis and integration of artificial intelligent agents and ontologies to the definition and creation of object oriented, Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) which utilized the international S1000D standard and data model. o Work under this subcontract was organized under multiple delivery orders and took place over a three year period (2012-2014). Each DO focused on different strategic technical planning and provisioning activities, providing comprehensive program management support for the Mine Resistant Ambush Protection (MRAP) FoV, intelligent technical data management framework (IDTF) and the intelligent IETP initiative. o Consultants from The Beach Consulting Group LLC, served as technical leads in the design and analysis effort to identify provisioning data needs and to evaluate the feasibility of using emerging IETP/IETM technologies and international S1000D standards to meet future MRAP community requirements. o Additionally BCG consultants provided Agile/Scrum process management coaching services to the Imagine One project management team, and provided SPAWAR-LANT with IV&V support for the IETP development process and Intelligent Technical Data Framework analysis process

22 Summary Augmented Reality Augmented Reality E-Performance Support E-Performance Support 3D Animation Collaborative Design Env. Custom Web Data Portals Custom Web Data Portals Student Support Sys. Student Support Sys. Mobile Applications Mobile Applications o The Beach Consulting Group LLC designs and develops significant, tangible products and utilizes documented methodologies to provide the level of transparency and flexibility needed to succeed in todays competitive marketplace: Agile/Scrum Curriculum Development Curriculum Development IETP Development IETP Development Augmented Reality Channels Augmented Reality Channels Products Methodologies and Services Interactive Data/Media Interactive Data/Media

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