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ORS Quarterly Grants Managers Meeting August 21, 2014.

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1 ORS Quarterly Grants Managers Meeting August 21, 2014

2 Agenda Duke Engineering Research Institute (DERI) New OVPR Initiatives Training and Development (ORS) Office of Sponsored Research Updates Uniform Guidance Training and Development (RCC)

3 Mission: to promote applied research in the public interest specifically around homeland security. Duke anticipates receiving grants and contracts from sponsors like Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA0 Department of Homeland Security Department of Defense Agencies Duke Engineering Research Institute (DERI)

4 Key Points Lab space located off campus. Secure facility (still cannot do classified projects). Can take restrictions on publications and the participation of foreign nationals (national security controls). Duke Engineering Research Institute (DERI)

5 Key Implications New Proposal Submission Process (Two weeks prior to deadline). DERI Director will determine if there is enough space for any proposed projects. Pratt Dean of Research and Legal Counsel will determine if scope is appropriate to mission. Office of Export Controls will work with PIs to put in Technology Control Plans and secure export licenses, if appropriate. Duke Engineering Research Institute (DERI)

6 Key Implications New Proposal Submission Processes ORS will then review the proposal as we normally would. ORS will confirm with the PI that the work is fundamental research or if the work will be restricted. ORS will provide exceptions letters when appropriate. Duke Engineering Research Institute (DERI)

7 Key Implications New Proposal Award Process ORS notify everyone immediately upon receipt of a DERI grant or contract. ORS will negotiate contracts as normally do, except when we know the restrictions apply. ORS will accept the restrictions, but need to know about them at the time of proposal. Duke Engineering Research Institute (DERI)

8 DERI Request from Grants Community Help ID potentially restricted earlier in the process. By the time the proposal gets to ORS, it may be too late to complete the process. Help make faculty aware of the existence of DERI. They need to know that there is an option for conducting restricted research through Duke. No surprises. Duke Engineering Research Institute (DERI)

9 Faculty Meetings Grants Management Working Group ORS West Inter-related. Self-informing. Developing Goals: Best practices, increase collaboration, improve grants administration, build stronger social networks. OVPR Initiatives

10 Faculty Meetings Identify top faculty grant producers. Two meetings a month with five faculty in related intellectual spaces. Listen. Communicate. (Operationally poor in the international arena.) OVPR Initiatives

11 Grants Management Working Group 10 or so grant managers, ORS, and OSP. Meetings once a month? Twice a month? Open discussions: What are the issues in the department? Are their already best practices to reduce barriers? What works, what doesn’t work? Pre and Post-award. Charged by the Provost. OVPR Initiatives

12 Grants Management Working Group Broader Questions: What is the minimum support a PI should expect from the department/school? Can we quantify performance? GM level? Department Level? School Level? How can improve performance? Are there barriers that can be reduced or eliminated? Are there incentives that we can build into the system? How can we perform better in the international arena? OVPR Initiatives

13 ORS West OVPR Initiatives

14 Support capacity building. Work to support proposal submissions and award management. Face-to-face Interactions. 360 evaluation for improvement in ORS. ORS West--Satellite Office

15 Susan Lasley Identify issues and working with others to resolve them. Could include: ad hoc training developed on the fly, for instance a new employee needs SPS training. Standard operating procedures for future employees. Best practices documents for broader audiences. ORS Satellite Office

16 Example: International Subcontracting ad hoc training developed on what’s needed. Special offering ORS Subcontract workshop to a small group. Standard operating procedures: GM documents SOPs for the department. Best practices documents: GM documents what to keep in mind for next time. These documents could be submitted to Working Group. ORS Satellite Office

17 The Plan: Susan will hold regular office hours two days a week in Gross Hall. Grant Managers will be able to sign up for time on an Calendar (we’re still exploring options). Discuss all things related to grants and contracts, pre and post-award. Examples could include reading a complex BAA or contract together, discussing complex reporting requirements. Office will open in September. ORS Satellite Office

18 The Plan: After evaluating the results, ORS may cycle different ADs through ORS West at set times. OVPR will consider setting up other Satellite Offices, as well. ORS Pratt ORS DGHI ORS Carolina Ale House ORS Satellite Office

19 SPS Web Demonstration workshop for experienced SPS users. Not for beginners. Sign-up on the web-site. Come at the scheduled time. Limited number of seats. Training and Development (ORS)

20 Introduction to Subcontract/Sub- awards. From proposals to awards. Primarily for beginning grant managers but is open to everyone. Will include a discussion of a new central office risk assessment. Training and Development (ORS)

21 Finding Funding Workshop New Faculty Tell us who they are! Point them to our website! Contact Anastasia Maddox 919-681-5132 Training and Development (ORS)

22 Agenda Office of Sponsored Research Updates. Uniform Guidance. Training and Development (RCC).

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