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1 Left click to continue. Safe Ship is proclaimed “The Best Franchise Concept of the 21 st Century” by FOX.

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1 1 Left click to continue. Safe Ship is proclaimed “The Best Franchise Concept of the 21 st Century” by FOX

2 “Seeking Good Business People – Of All Types”  Packing, Mailing, Shipping Marketplace  $250+ Billion Dollar Industry  2% Annual Growth Rate  Marketplace that is “under served”  Safe Ship®  Newest Independent Pack & Ship Franchisor in North America  Very attractive To Your Customers – Rated Best Franchise Concept of the 21 st Century by Fox Business  New Franchise Opportunities  Currently Seeking Good Business People of All Types  Low Overhead, Low Entry Cost  Significant Income Potential  Outstanding Team, Training, Materials & Support – Great System  Huge Opportunity To Grow Your Franchise “Your Customers Love You, Because You Help Them Save Money And Time” 2

3  North America’s Newest independent Mailing, Packing, Shipping and Small Business Franchise Partner  Franchises from coast to coast in the United States  The size of our network has given us tremendous influence with packing and shipping suppliers A complete very successful, profitable business infrastructure to build on 3 We are North America's #1 Franchise Concept - Fox Business Network

4  Creating professional businesses for business professionals throughout North America  Created by professionals – led by professionals  Servicing varied and diverse clients – from the smallest to the largest  In business over 20 years; Franchising since 2009 4

5  $250+ billion dollar industry, growing at 2% annually  Confused and ever-changing marketplace  Very Little Professional Competition  Customers don’t have the time or knowledge to make their best decisions  The USPS continues to lose money 5 “My clients love me because I save them money. I love my business because my customers are always happy...I love my career choice because I am constantly challenged... and to make it even better, my income is continually growing!" - Joe Schroetter - Franchisee

6  Pursue the lifestyle you want and the income you deserve!  Strong Franchisor Support  Low Overhead – Good Income Potential  Comprehensive Continual Mentoring  Strength in Network of Professionals  Share Resources and Best Practices  A Profitable Proven Business Model  We are looking for strong business minded people who understand the importance of building the customer relationship. 6 “The majority of our store owners did not have packing or shipping experience or background before joining the Safe Ship® team.” Software Tools, Data Bases, Industry Information Maintained By Head Office.

7 7 Our Offering  No Initial Royalty Fee  3 Mile Radius Exclusive Territory  Low Franchise Fee  Profitable Model to Follow  Continual Knowledgeable Support  Exclusive BoxMakerPRO™  Store Personalization Input  Turn Key Store  Immediate Web Presence Success – We provide what you need to be SUCCESSFUL

8  Extensive discounts from FedEx, DHL, Greyhound GPX, Trucking Companies, box companies and others  Residual income for drop-offs from FedEx and DHL  Happy customers return for future business and refer us to others  Your “exclusive” packing and custom box making services  Helping customers make decisions in a confusing and rapidly changing marketplace 8

9  Independence to add other “income streams”  Size and strength of the Franchise creates strong negotiating power with vendors  You establish Long-Term customer relationships  Franchisee can hire employees or sub contract services to increase profitability  Comprehensive Training and Continual Mentoring Program  Custom Box Making Machine and Professional Packaging Training – You can pack and ship anything to anywhere, world-wide, safely  Compelling USPS value position to customers– Post Office Services at Post Office Prices 9

10  The joy of owning a Professional business in your community  Contact with local business people and your friends and neighbors in your community  Ability to help your customers save money and provide a needed service  Control your own destiny and financial independence  The personal pride of being a successful businessman 10

11 Franchisees that wish to grow larger, more profitable businesses can:  Expand geographically - no territorial restrictions on where you do business, or procure your clients  Hire your own employees or subcontractors to provide you with the ability to grow your business offerings as requested by your customers  Add additional services requested by your customers  Work with our Co-Brand Partners 11 “…there was no way for me to do this on my own and be able to generate anywhere the level of success without joining the Safe Ship franchise organization.”

12  We provide two weeks of training to get your business started. One week at our corporate store in Florida and one week of on-site training in your store.  Long Term Mentoring and Training is customized to your needs and store.  Ongoing assistance and problem solving at your choice - via the internet and our toll free help lines.  The initial training course includes specialized packing training, box making, USPS rules and regulations, international shipping, and Sales and Marketing training, 12 “…I learned more in one day with Safe Ship® training than I did working at a UPS Store for 3 years. I am so sure that I know what I am doing now.” - Vernon Louis, Safe Ship® Franchisee

13  Our support team of Pack and Ship Business Development Advisors, has always been one of our strengths. We have quality people to help our Franchisees in all areas, including;  Custom Box Making  Sales & Marketing  Business Development  Supplier Relationships  Tools/Software  Account Development  Administration  Training  Key Suppliers Relations  Co-Brand Opportunities  Continually available to help you via our toll-free system 13

14  Our step-by-step qualification process takes from 30-90 days to complete  Discover if you have what it takes to become a successful Safe Ship® Franchisee  If we both make an informed business decision that we would like to be in business together, the requirements are minimal  Franchise Fee of $19,900  Store Build Out, Equipment, Supplies and Training – the Complete Set Up $69,900  We provide assistance securing the perfect location for your store. 14 First Step: Contact Mike Lacey 888-256-8990 for preliminary, no-obligation information about becoming a Franchisee with Safe Ship® Franchise Team. “A Safe Ship® Franchise provides you with the opportunity to pursue the lifestyle you want and the income you deserve.” Go to to learn more about becoming a Packing and Shipping Professional with Safe Ship

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