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Innovative Discovery LPO & Aeren LPO: Redefining the Global Legal Supply Chain February, 2012

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1 Innovative Discovery LPO & Aeren LPO: Redefining the Global Legal Supply Chain February, 2012

2 To Contribute To Your Success Customer Satisfaction by providing high end quality services on time and at competitive pricing Cost reduction through enhancement of productivity, innovation, cutting edge technology and best practices Hire best talents from respective industry and its development through continuous education and training program Enhancement of total performance through ongoing technology transformation, process re-engineering and continuous process improvement Flexible and transparent delivery and engagement model Enhancing security, privacy and confidentiality Risk mitigation through robust risk management framework OUR OBJECTIVE

3 YOUR TRUSTED DISCOVERY RESOURCE Our expertise in law and technology ensures fast and accurate data identification, preservation and collection. Whether your information is electronic or paper, we offer highly customized technologies and services to organize, code, filter, review and process your stored data.

4 Our extensive domain expertise helps clients achieve rapid and sustainable cost savings while facilitating improvements in efficiency and minimization of risk. We offer our clients: Expertise with Integrity USA and India based teams Repeatable, defensible, efficient and scalable processes Free pilot project assessment Outstanding Project Management Six Sigma accountability Lowest possible costs Security and Confidentiality ISO Certification Meet ever-tightening deadlines 24/7 resources available and accessible OUR ADVANTAGE

5 We attract the best and brightest attorneys in the industry, and conduct training in accordance with the codes of professional conduct and ethics governing the practice of law in the US and the UK We present clients with a highly educated and trained legal support team including project managers and litigation analysts. We operate a state-of-the-art infrastructure and strict adherence to Six Sigma processes. Our Staff and Facility OUR ADVANTAGE Permanent full-time legal associates in the US and India ISO 27001:2005 certification Legal associates trained in the American judicial system Conflict-checks performed on each legal associate On-site, multidisciplinary management professionals 24-hour security sentry CCTV security cameras Secure document destruction process

6 SECURITY ISO/IEC 27001 formally specifies a management system intended to bring information security under explicit management control. CONFIDENTIALITY HIPAA establishes standards for EDI, security, and confidentiality of all healthcare-related data. Security is our primary concern. Our sophisticated data security policy and stringent physical security methods ensure client confidential information remains uncompromised. We provide: Security and Confidentiality OUR ADVANTAGE Physical on-site security Personal workstation preventative measures Domain and file server security Data transfer security Data integrity ISO 27001:2005 CERTIFIED HIPAA COMPLIANT

7 Services We Offer: OUR SOLUTIONS PAPER DISCOVERY: Experienced team of dedicated operators with specialized training in analyzing and coding documents Medical claims processing ISO Certified Facility and Processes On-time, onbudget delivery

8 PAPER IS STILL PREVALENT, EVEN IN AN ELECTRONIC WORLD. Paper Processing: Coding PAPER MANAGEMENT Paper Discovery is still very important in a world of electronically generated documents. While most ESI vendors subcontract paper processing, we’re coding your paper documents in-house. With a guaranteed accuracy rate of at least 97%, or procedures are well documented and repeatable. Document Unitization Objective Coding Claims Processing Image Bates Capture Redact Image Multiple Languages OCR SERVICES In-house built customized coding software to perform any type of coding request. In-house built customized utilities based upon the project requirements Highly trained and experienced coding teams TOOLS AND EXPERIENCE

9 PAPER DISCOVERY WORKFLOW: START Project Intake Project Analysis & Clarification Training Execution Phase Data Downloadin g from FTP Data Compilation and Sequencing Unitization Quality Assurance Is Quality Accuracy Achieved? Final Delivery to Client YES Coding NO Quality Checking/ Review

10 Service TitleService descriptionUnitPrice/Unit Bibliographic Coding with unitization Unitize and code the documentsDocument$0.28 (9-10 fields) Bibliographic Coding without unitization Code the documentsDocument$0.26 (6-8 fields) LDD/UnitizationUnitize the pagesPage$0.02 Limited Bibliographic CodingCode the documents Field (each field in a document to be coded) $0.04 Unitization shall be charged at the price of Unitization separately Limited Bibliographic Coding (4 Fields) Code the documentsDocument$0.11 Unitization shall be charged at the price of Unitization separately OCR Running the tool to capture information from each page. Page (English Language Only)$0.01 Page (Foreign Language)$0.04 Image Bates CapturingCapturing the bates number endorsed on each page. Page$0.02 PAPER DISCOVERY PRICING STRUCTURE


12 JAY KOZA INNOVATIVE DISCOVERY 1884 Leslie Lane Merrick, New York 11566 Website: Email: Office: 516-623-8882 Mobile: 917-251-4342 RAMAN AGGARWAL AEREN LPO Plot No. 14, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park Chandigarh, India Website: Email: Mobile: +91-97802-40000 (Outside India) 097802-40000 (Within India)

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