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Action Research Opportunity Or Research Based Action.

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1 Action Research Opportunity Or Research Based Action

2  Professional Development in Arts Education  From US Department of Education  Trains professional educators: Threads of  Arts integration  Literacy (reading primarily) and math  Diversity and at-risk threads  Three year implementation focus  Evidence based  Up to $300,000 per year

3  Accentuating Music, Language and Cultural Literacy through Kodály-Inspired Instruction  USD 259 funded a subcontract with WSU to provide Kodály training for music educators  Grant funding covered clinician costs, grant outside evaluators, USD 259 administration and student tuition. (summer clinicians and workshops)  WSU benefitted with credit hours and graduate recruiting

4  USD259/WSU will develop and implement a high quality, replicable, research-based professional development program designed to strengthen certified K-12 music teachers ‟ capacity to deliver a standards- based music program to students attending low income schools in a way that will enhance student academic achievement and ensure all students meet challenging music content standards.  Measurement:  1.1# of teachers who were trained  1.2Pre-post tests of pedagogical content knowledge  1.3Pre and post survey of teaching confidence

5  Music teachers serving students in the Wichita Public Schools low income schools will strengthen their capacity to deliver a researched, standards-based music program that will support student academic achievement and ensure all students meet challenging music content standards.  Measurement: Classroom observation using Danielson’s Domains of Teaching Responsibility

6  A high percentage of elementary and middle school students attending schools served by music teachers participating in the program will meet or exceed the proficiency standard for reading as measured by the Kansas State Department of Education Reading Assessment.  Measurement: % students meeting or exceeding reading proficiency standards (KSDE reading assessment scores)

7  Goal One: Target 60 teachers per year.  Actual participants:  31 (51%), 37 61%), 40 (67% of goal)  Total:  Over 50 Wichita teachers participated to some degree  100% demonstrated positive change  By 2011, participants demonstrated high degrees of confidence  Impacts: common experience leading to increased professional community

8  Observation Rubric  Knowledge of content and pedagogy  Designing coherent instruction  Engaging students in learning  Using assessment in instruction  Level One: 33-68% met proficient on all five levels (N=49)  Level Two: 67-100% met proficient or distinguished (N=37)  Level Three: 100% met proficient or distinguished (N=22)

9  Goal was 10% increase of students meeting or exceeding KS state Reading Proficiency Standards  2009-2010: N= 2791 students  2103 elementary; 452 middle vocal; 236 instrumental  Increase of 1.3%  2010-2011: N = 3073 students  1961 elementary; 531 middle; 581 instrumental  Increase of 4.8%

10 Overall increase in state reading test pass rates  AMLCK students: 2009 (75.4%); 2010 (76.7%) 2011 (82.1%)  District overall: 2009 (73.1%); 2010 (71.1%) 2011 (76.4%)

11  Consistent student base in schools  Participation incentives were confounded by economy  Time demands and intensity of training  Consistent access to the student reading data  Consistent teacher placement  Teacher mobility  Elimination of elementary strings/shift of teachers  Lack of data availability for non-AMLCK students

12  Increased alignment of teaching vocabulary and strategies across grades and genre  Development of a learning community  Increased focus on literacy in both language and music

13   316-978-6434   316-978-6953  Powerpoint of the session is available at:

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