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Coeus Upgrade Testing at Princeton University Kyle Burkhardt Coeus Coordinator.

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1 Coeus Upgrade Testing at Princeton University Kyle Burkhardt Coeus Coordinator

2 Coeus at Princeton Started using Coeus in 1998 2002/3: Dept-by-dept rollout with 3.8 12/2008: 4.2.3 7/2010: 4.4.1 1/2011: 4.4.3

3 Usage Premium – Proposal Development, IP, award, subcontract, IRB – s2s – Proposal hierarchy Lite – Faculty approvals – Encouraging smaller depts to use Lite Proposal Development – Looking at IRB Lite module

4 Who uses Coeus at Princeton? Academic department users – data entry – ~80 power users Administrative users – data viewing – ~20 power users ORPA – Data entry + data viewing Faculty members – Approvals only

5 Testing process Read release notes Decide, are we going to upgrade or not? Set timeline for release to production

6 Testing process Plain vanilla release – New functionality Have kick-off meeting with testers DVL: Test everything New functionality Our customizations All existing functionality QA: test some things New functionality Our customizations Release to PRD, training, and “copy of production” DBs Vanilla Development DVL QA Production PRD

7 Testing time Depends on the release, experience, number of testers – 3.8 to 4.2.3: 18 months DVL; 2 months QA – 4.2.3 to 4.4.1: 6 months DVL; 2 weeks QA – 4.4.1 to 4.4.3: 3 months DVL; 3 days QA

8 DVL Testers Me & ORPA staff – Test as ORPA staff Proposal Development, IP, awards, subs, IRB, feeds from award to financial system Rolodex, sponsor, inbox, adding users, business rules – Test like dept users Proposal Development Premium & Lite – s2s – Proposal hierarchy

9 Test scripts Stored on SharePoint Giant multi-tabbed spreadsheet – Every piece of functionality used at Princeton with testing scenarios ORPA staff spreadsheets Record testing results – s2s apps: store “before” and “after” Add to scripts as I learn

10 Motivation Testing treats ( bribes )

11 Bug? Is it a real bug? – Can it be reproduced? – Is it user error? – Is it because it’s test data? If it’s real – Can we live with it? – Is it a showstopper? – Can OIT fix it? – Can Coeus Consortium fix it? – Put it in Jira – Maybe send plea to the list-serv

12 Bugs Master JIRA bug spreadsheet Tab on big spreadsheet Basis for bugs/quirks link on Princeton Coeus home pagebugs/quirks link Princeton Coeus home page

13 New functionality & behavior changes Tab on big spreadsheet Basis for differences guide

14 Challenges Keeping to the timeline – Help desk, training gets in the way Testers have jobs too!

15 Suggestions Don’t customize! More testers?

16 Questions?

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