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Customized Training

2 Awards - Region 3 $7,052,587

3 IWTP Program Goals Upgrade job skills through training
Increase employee retention Create jobs in labor demand occupations Increase employee advancement (wages)

4 Employer Eligibility Operating for at least 3 years in Louisiana
Contributing to and in full compliance with Unemployment Insurance taxes Have a minimum of 15 employees to be trained -Small Business Training (SBET) for smaller companies Not sure if you qualify? Just register online to find out!

5 Framework Three party contract among employer, training provider and LWC Training provider administers grant LWC reimburses training provider as training is completed Training takes place in Louisiana only Should not replace existing training, “supplement, not supplant”

6 Eligible Costs Tuition Text and Manuals
Equipment, Furniture, and Classroom Fixtures (public providers) CBT Software Audio/Visual Materials Raw Materials and Other Consumables Vendor Training and Seminars Administrative Costs

7 Identify Training Needs
How can current training be enhanced? What occupations need training? What are the most critical training needs? What is the timeframe for training? Balancing workloads and training schedules? Buy-in at all levels?

8 Selecting a Training Provider
Does the training provider have the right instructors equipment, or space? Can the training be delivered on-site, after hours, etc., if necessary? Can the training be delivered in a timely manner? Willing to subcontract out certain training? Staff available for coordination activities (scheduling, reporting, invoicing)?

9 Application Process Register on line at
Select training provider and supply authorization code. Craft on-line application with provider and “submit”. Submit documentation to local field staff. Field staff reviews application for completeness, accuracy and cost effectiveness. After resolving any questions, field staff recommends approval to Review Team. Review Team reviews applications every month, and makes recommendations based on rating form score to Deputy Director of Louisiana Workforce Commission. Deputy Director gives approval and contract documents drawn up. Approved applications and score information posted on IWTP site each month.

10 Rating IWTP Applications
Rating form is online at the IWTP website. Score your own application! Rating Form Values: First Time Applicants Public Training Providers Job Orders with LWC Employer Donations for Public Training Providers Workplace Safety Consultations Hiring Public Assistance Recipients Hiring Individuals Released from Correctional Facilities Percent of Wage Increase Create Additional Jobs Cost Effectiveness of Training Training on Company Time Partnering with Economic Development Agencies Other Employer Contributions Employees Paid $10/Hour or More after Training Employer Expansion Performance on Previous IWTP Contract

11 Statewide Statistics

12 Statewide Statistics

13 Recent Awardees Quality Energy Consortium Seacor Marine
South Louisiana Bank Tetra Technologies Consortium Trapp Cadillac Chevrolet Triple C Enterprises USA Environmental Services Valerus Services Weeks Marine Consortium Blake International Blanchard Contractors Bollinger Consortium Cajun Ironworkers Concentric Pipe & Tool Rentals Crosby Tugs Danos & Curole Marine Enterprise Products Express Energy Services Galliano Marine Services Gulf Island Consortium Gulf South Scaffolding International Offshore L & M Botruc Rentals Odyssea Marine Offshore Marine Contractors Options For Independence Original USA General Labor

14 Michelle Martinez at 985-857- 3653
How Do I Get Started? Visit our Website at: Or call: Michelle Martinez at



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