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LM Canada Mission Systems and Training

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1 LM Canada Mission Systems and Training
MADE IN CANADA Industry Presentation: SODA & OAC 30 March, 2015 London, Ontario

2 Lockheed Martin Corporation
Total Sales - $47.2B; 113K Employees; 60K Scientists & Engineers in 75 Countries

3 Lockheed Martin Canada
75-year history in Canadian Government Acquisition Projects Over $4B in business to Canadian Industry since 1983 Employs approximately 800 Canadians in skilled, professional, and high-tech positions Proven history of Industrial Participation and Direct IRBs in the Canadian Defence sector 30-year Canadian Naval Combat Systems franchise

4 LM Canada - expanding markets, exports and domestic growth
~800 Employees in Canada CFB Petawawa (5) CFB Wainwright Denwood (6) CFB Gagetown (6) CFB Valcartier (5) YT NT NU BC AB HALIFAX (75) CFB Esquimalt Victoria (30) NL SK MB DARTMOUTH (135) ON QC PE NB NS LM CES Montreal (>150) CDL Systems Calgary (56) CFB Trenton (9) MONTREAL (105) DND Ottawa (31) LMI & MST, OTTAWA – (180) LM Canada - expanding markets, exports and domestic growth

5 Result: Sustained Canadian Maritime Industrial Capability
Enduring Key Canadian Industrial Capability 2012 – Open competitions 2014 – ~ $200M Cdn. partners, investments and technology AOPS NZ - ANZAC CPF 2008 – With ISS, > $1.5B 2014 IRBs are >$300M and 2.5 years ahead of schedule HCM $1.6B Over 300 suppliers 39,000 jobs created 118% IRB 162% SME 208% R&D Canadian Surface Combatant International Modernization Programs 30 Year Canadian Maritime Combat Systems Franchise Delivering over $4B in Sustained Economic Value

6 Canadian Supply Chain LM Canada MST has managed over 700 contracts with Canadian Companies across 9 provinces

7 International Supply Chain
LM Canada MST has managed over 60 contracts with companies located in 10 countries

8 Supplier Capabilities of Interest
Naval Command and Control and Combat Management Systems Shipboard Systems, Software and Equipment Training Solutions Communications Solutions, including Networks Integrated Solutions for Support and Sustainment Modelling and Simulation Specialty Engineering Services Renewable Energy We are always looking for innovative Canadian technologies and companies

9 Lockheed Martin Value Chain for Canadian Suppliers
Other OEMs, Lower Tier Suppliers (Cdn. or International) Canadian Suppliers & Service Providers (includes SMEs) Lockheed Martin Corporate Business Areas LM Canada (as OEM, Products, Services, R&O) (Systems Integrator – Tier 1) Other Customers Direct Supplier Indirect Supplier

10 SME Approach: Engage - Align - Perform
Business sense! (Pwin, Risk, Performance, Profit) Supplier capabilities, quals Supplier differentiation (incl. Value Proposition) Promote Economic Development Opportunities Ethics Approved Supplier process Open business model Engage Align Perform Engage LM Communicates Needs & Timelines Existing Domestic and Global Suppliers (supply tiers) Supplier Conferences B2Bs and Visits Coordinate with Federal/Provincial/Local Economic Development Agencies Online Registration through OMX Perform Subcontract initiation assistance Training, sponsorship SME Business Mentoring Performance Monitoring Growth Opportunities, integration into GVC

11 Becoming a Lockheed Martin Canada Supplier
Gary Hones – Manager, IRB, ITB & VP LM Canada (Montreal) Tel. : Cell. :  : Luc DeBargis – Manager, CSC Industrial Strategy, Planning & Operations Tel. :  : Robin Demircioglu – Analyst, IRB, ITB &VP Tel. : , ex. 7055  : set up a profile and request to be a Lockheed Martin Supplier Looking forward to meeting you at the B2Bs!

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