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Julie Hibben, SPF SIG Project Director Debbie Synhorst, SPF SIG Project Coordinator & Prevention Consultant Dr. Ousmane Diallo, Epidemiologist Iowa’s Strategic.

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1 Julie Hibben, SPF SIG Project Director Debbie Synhorst, SPF SIG Project Coordinator & Prevention Consultant Dr. Ousmane Diallo, Epidemiologist Iowa’s Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) *Getting Started Webinar* Iowa Department of Public Health, Division of Behavioral Health

2 Webinar Instructions Open and close your panel View, select, and test your audio Submit text questions Q&A addressed at the end of today’s session A recorded version of today’s session will be available

3 SPF SIG Characteristics Iowa received funding in July 2009 from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), SAMHSA $2.13 million for five years 15% for state-level activities 85% for community-level activities after Strategic Plan is approved Build system capacity at the state and local level

4 SPF SIG Goals Prevent the onset & reduce the progression of substance abuse, including childhood & underage drinking Reduce substance abuse-related problems in communities Build prevention capacity & infrastructure at the State and local levels

5 SPF SIG Key Principles Data Driven Process Across the Lifespan Public Health Approach Consumption and Consequence Different Planning Model

6 WHAT? SPG SIG Cooperative Agreement with CSAP Two Levels: State: FY 2010-2014 Advisory Council Workgroups Evaluation

7 Table of Organization IDPH, DBH SEW Governor of Iowa SAMHSA, CSAP SAMHSA, CSAP RET Consortium SPF SIG Advisory Council EBPTraining Cultural Competence Evaluation 23 SPF SIG Funded Counties Capacity Coaches

8 IOWA PRIORITIES Reduce underage alcohol use (under age 21) Reduce adult binge drinking (18 and over)

9 WHAT? SPG SIG Cooperative Agreement with CSAP Two Levels: Local: FY2011-2014 Contact Amendment with the Comprehensive Substance Abuse Prevention agencies Collaboration Agreement with Drug Free Communities, other coalitions and stakeholders, jointly developed, signed and submitted to IDPH for approval SPF

10 Coalition Involvement The SPF SIG needs to be rolled out by a county coalition/collaboration Could be a subcommittee All DFCs in the county must be involved All other Substance Abuse coalitions need to be involved Key stakeholders are necessary

11 DFC Involvement All DFCs in the county must receive a subcontract Either: Entire funding amount to DFC Or DFC hires Project Coordinator Or DFC hires EPI staff member Or DFC leads an environmental strategy Or DFC administers the Readiness Survey Or DFC leads a Town Hall Meeting Or …

12 Key Staff Required - SPF SIG Project Coordinator - 1 FTE hired per county County decide who will hire and supervise the Coordinator and where they will be housed Optional - Part time or contract for EPI lead staff person SPF SIG Liaison from Comprehensive contractor

13 Collaboration Agreement Key Project Staff Stakeholders Meeting Description of Coalition(s) involved MOU

14 WHO? 23 Counties 1. Allamakee9. Dickinson17. Lee 2. Appanoose10. Dubuque18. Monona 3. Audubon11. Fayette19. Plymouth 4. Benton12. Hamilton20. Ringgold 5. Chickasaw13. Jackson21. Sac 6. Clayton14. Jefferson22. Tama 7. Clinton15. Johnson23 Woodbury 8. Delaware16. Jones

15 WHO? Comprehensive Substance Abuse Prevention Contractors Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services of Southeast Iowa (17) Area Substance Abuse Council (4, 7, 13, 16) Compass Pointe Behavioral Health Services (9) Community and Family Resources (12) Green Hills Area Education Agency (20) Helping Services for Northeast Iowa, Inc. (1, 8, 10, 11)

16 WHO? Comprehensive Substance Abuse Prevention Contractors Jackson Recovery Centers (18, 19, 23) Mid-Eastern Council on Chemical Abuse (15) New Opportunities (3, 21) Pathways Behavioral Services, Inc. (5) Southern Iowa Economic Development Association (2, 14) Substance Abuse Services for Clayton County, Inc. (6) Substance Abuse Treatment Unit of Central Iowa (22)



19 Strategic Prevention Framework Step 1: Assessment Step 2: Capacity Step 3: Planning Step 4: Implementation Step 5: Evaluation Inherent within each step is cultural competency and sustainability

20 Five Step Process ASSESSMENT Local EPI Workgroup (LEW) At least three people, meet at least monthly Chairperson is not the SPF SIG Coordinator SPF SIG Coordinator is a member Chairperson will attend regional training

21 Five Step Process ASSESSMENT Local EPI Workgroup (LEW) Complete the Community Assessment Workbook (CAW) Complete Readiness Survey Identify data gaps and other local indicators Complete cross site and other evaluation questionnaires State EPI Website

22 Five Step Process CAPACITY Training Resource Mapping County Prevention System Checklist and Organization Chart New Partners and Relationship Development

23 Five Step Process PLANNING Logic Models Actions Plans Role of EBP Workgroup Include returning Veteran and/or family member

24 Ah Hah! Intervening Variables Contributing Factors Causal Factors Root Causes Why here? But why here? Drill down

25 Five Step Process IMPLEMENTATION Environmental Strategies Fidelity of Implementation Media Campaign

26 Five Step Process EVALUATION Process: Online Documentation Support System (ODSS) Interviews Outcome: Community –Level Implementation (CLI)Surveys through the Management Reporting Tool (MRT) – twice annually

27 Five Step Process CULTURAL COMPETENCY Infuse throughout the SPF Process Training Cultural Competency Plan Focus on Specific Involvement Youth Returning veterans and their families

28 Five Step Process SUSTAINABILITY Infuse throughout the Process Training Sustainability Plan

29 Timeline Webinars on March 16 and March 23 Capacity Coaches announced on March 23 Invitation letters to be sent out the week of March 14 Collaboration Agreement due May 6 Regional trainings on the Assessment and Capacity steps in June

30 Frequently Asked Questions Q 1. What is the grant period? A 1. FY2011-FY2014

31 Frequently Asked Questions Q 2. How much funding is available per county? A 2. Each of the 23 counties will receive $18,000 in base funding to start the Assessment and Capacity steps from April 1, 2011-June 30, 2011. This funding will assist counties in hiring a full-time staff person dedicated to the project, supplies, benefits, mileage to trainings and meetings, support for a local EPI workgroup and other costs as necessary.

32 Frequently Asked Questions Q 2. How much funding is available per county? A 2. In FY11, counties will receive $18,000 to begin work on the Assessment and Capacity steps of the SPF. During FY12, counties will receive a $70,000 base and another level of funding dependent on county population based on 2009 Census data. This funding model is an equitable way to distribute additional funding to each county and will provide additional resources to counties with a higher population.

33 Frequently Asked Questions Q 3. Can a staff member’s time be split with another project? A 3. The expectation is that each county will hire a fulltime FTE to manage all aspects of the SPF SIG Project in the county. The staff may be included in a subcontract. Other situations would need to be clearly justified and approved by IDPH.

34 Frequently Asked Questions Q 4. Can community specific issues/strategies be funded since this is a county project? A 4. A specific community coalition could be funded with a subcontract to carry out part of the Action Plan only in the specific community so long as over the entire Action Plan appropriate strategies are implemented in the entire county.

35 Frequently Asked Questions Q 5. Is information available about future years of funding after FY2012? A 5. Future budgets will be dependent on congressional appropriations and approval of any carry over funds. If the SPF SIG would be level funded for FY2013 and FY2014, funding levels may be similar in FY2013 and FY2014 to FY2012 but that is only the best projection for now.

36 Frequently Asked Questions Q5. When will contract amendments be issued? A5. IDPH will need a letter from each Comprehensive agency stating their intent to participate in the project. Then each county will need to complete their Collaboration Agreement in order to decide the county budget. After a budget is submitted to IDPH, the contract amendment process will begin.

37 Resources Dr. Ousmane Diallo, Epidemiologist Julie Hibben, Project Director Linda McGinnis, Prevention Consultant Patrick McGovern, Lead Evaluator Debbie Synhorst, Project Coordinator

38 Resources IDPH SPF SIG Webpage Iowa SPF SIG Workstation Iowa Epidemiological Website

39 Let’s Get SPFed!

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