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Grants Post Award Workshop Barnard College Spring 2012.

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1 Grants Post Award Workshop Barnard College Spring 2012

2 “I Got The Grant! What Now?” Contact Institutional Support Curtis Harris - Ext. Jennifer Notari- – Ext. Send copy of award notification Send copy of budget and budget justification (if awarded budget differs from original, please contact Curtis or Jennifer in Institutional Support, PI and designated grant administrator meet with appropriate staff from: Institutional Support Curtis Harris and Jennifer Notari Provost’s Office Gwen Williams – ext. 4-2709 Controller’s Office Nancy Hirshan – ext. 4-7734

3 “I Got The Grant! What Now?” Work with Institutional Support to get subcontracts executed (if applicable) Get appropriate acceptance letters (if applicable) If your research involves human subjects, contact the IRB to confirm your approval (your application should have been submitted prior to your grant submission) Paige West, IRB Co-Chair, Ext. 4-5933 Lisa Son, IRB Co-Chair, Ext. 4-0114

4 You Got the Grant! Six main offices will help you manage it: Institutional Support Curtis Harris, ext. 4-7705 Jennifer Notari, ext 1-0438 Controller’s Office Nancy Hirshan, ext. 4-7734 Provost’s Office Gwen Williams, ext. 4-2709 Human Resources Ben Riendeau. ext. 4-1589 Career Development, Won Kang, ext. 4-7745 Purchasing Christina Johnson, ext. 4-5205

5 Institutional Support Responsibilities Alert President, Provost & Controller’s Offices of new award Coordinate budget revisions, if necessary Initiate subcontract process (funding from/to outside organizations) Work with Controller’s Office to ensure proper set-up of new accounts Revise budget and match to award

6 Role of Institutional Support During the Grant Term Contact your funder upon your request Assist in re-budgeting or budget issues Issuing and modifying subcontracts Request no-cost extensions for you (when needed) Work with General Counsel to insure subcontract meets Barnard College’s requirements

7 Controller’s Office Responsibilities Assign new grant account numbers Set up eBear report access for PIs Review and approve all purchase orders, invoices and expense reports to be charged to grants Help you navigate eBear reports Administer Federal award draw-downs* Bill foundations and granting agencies (especially for subcontracts) Financial reports

8 Federal Draw Downs Most federal agencies do not provide cash until after the sponsor institution actually incurs expenditures. These grants are on a “reimbursement” basis. In these cases, Barnard “draws down” (or bills the agency) funds every quarter throughout the term of the award. All invoices should be submitted to Accounts Payable in a timely manner. NOTE: If you receive a check directly from a funder for a grant, please forward it with any documentation (award letter, budget, etc.) to Controller’s office (Nancy Hirshan, ext. 4-7734)

9 Provost’s Office Responsibilities Process appointment forms for : Faculty summer salary Faculty leave compensation Post-Doc fellows hired on a grant Faculty stipend payments Facilitate faculty and post-doc visas

10 Summer Salary Externally-funded compensation not covered by regular nine month academic year salary for research related projects Can only be paid during non-academic time (June-August)* Must submit appointment form and budget support/documentation to Provost’s Office no later than the 10 th of the month payment is to occur: Can only be paid as work is performed *Note exception for NSF

11 Summer Salary Caps NSF Cap (& Others): 2/9 of academic salary NIH Cap: 3/9 of academic salary* *Subject to NIH caps for total salary

12 HR Responsibilities Facilitate all non-faculty and non-student hiring: Research Assistants Administrators Lab Techs Stipend payments Please contact HR regarding new hires prior to grant submission and when awarded the grant.

13 Career Development Responsibilities Facilitate hiring Barnard and Columbia undergraduate students Online reporting system – Timesheet X NOTE: Stipends cannot paid to students on federal grants.

14 Purchasing Responsibilities Distribute and monitor P-cards Assist in purchasing needs (i.e. identify appropriate vendors) Distribute sales tax exempt forms Web site:

15 Best Spending Practices Use funds only for expenses related to the project Make sure costs are reasonable, (prudent person test), allocable, allowable and consistently applied Use funds within the term of the grant period OR seek a no-cost extension at least 45 days prior to end of the term of the contract Allocate funds appropriately to multiple projects, if applicable

16 Unallowable Expenses You MAY NOT combine funds from different funders, even if they are for the same project You MAY NOT use funds from one project to cover costs for another project You MAY NOT spend more than the amount of the award You MAY NOT spend on alcohol, first class travel, entertainment, or travel on non-US airlines (in the case of federal grants & contracts) Fly America Act If you have an exception to the Fly America Act please complete the form at the following link and attach to the reimbursement request: NIH Guidelines:

17 Reporting: What Funding Agencies Want To Know All federal agencies REQUIRE financial reports As the PI, you must notify the Controller’s office early in order to get the financial information that YOU need to complete the reconciliation Narrative reports are usually required REMEMBER: Failure to complete reports can result in loss of current and future funding! Agencies take this absolutely seriously – increased government oversight and monitoring!!!

18 Subcontracts If you are the PI, and are working with anyone outside Barnard, including Columbia, you should have already arranged for a subcontract for your collaborators (if not, contact Institutional Support immediately!) All expenses related to those covered under your subcontract must have vouchers/invoices, OR THEY WILL NOT BE PAID Institutional Support will help you through the subcontracting process and work with the General Counsel’s Office The Controller’s Office will help you process subcontract invoices

19 Account Structure and eBear Reports Use eBear to access the on-line Web tool used to review charges to your account Sample Account Structure: 1-XXXXXX-XXXX 1 indicates account is restricted Next 6 digits are the account number (i.e. grant name) Last 4 digits are the object code (expense/revenue type)

20 Reviewing eBear Reports You, or whomever you designate from your department, must maintain clear transaction records. Each month, your records must be reconciled with eBear. Records include: Purchase orders (commitments/encumbrances) Invoices approved for payment Check requests Journal entries Salary charges Interdepartmental transfers Indirect costs Fringe benefits

21 Account Reconciliation Authorized transactions which do not appear on eBear should be followed up with appropriate office. Incorrect or inappropriate transactions which appear on eBear should be followed up with appropriate office If you need assistance in determining the source of any charge, contact the Controller’s Office Initial and date eBear statements to indicate completion of reconciliation

22 Account Reconciliation (cont’d) Reconciliation must be reviewed and approved by Principal Investigator monthly. Any bookkeeping or cost transfers needed on a grant funded project must be prepared and submitted to the Controller’s Office within 90 days following the end of the month the charge is reflected in the account. Forms can be found at the following link:

23 Project Closeout The PI is responsible for the programmatic and operational closeout of a sponsored project – Submission of all technical and progress reports – Close out of any petty cash fund – Close out of any outstanding travel advances – Provide financial reconciliations for financial reports to the Controller’s Office

24 Effort Reporting What is effort reporting? Effort reporting is the federally-mandated process by which the salary charged to a sponsored project is certified as being reasonable in relation to the effort expended on that project. Effort is the proportion of time spent on an activity shown as a percentage of the total time spent Why do effort reporting? The federal government requires effort reporting. Effort reports constitute one of the primary auditable documents to support salary costs on a sponsored project. Right after the end of the fiscal year (in July), if you have a Federal grant or subcontract, you will receive a form itemizing all the salaries and effort charged to your grant(s) for you to certify and return to the Controller’s Office.

25 To Sum Up: Principal Investigators are required to oversee the financial transactions and financial status of each grant and contract sufficient to ensure that charges are: reasonable, necessary, allocable allowable under the terms & conditions of the award properly allocated to & among the multiple awards and funding sources, if applicable limited to the funds awarded for the project PI’s must also financially closeout the grant and submit required progress and technical reports Per NIH policy:

26 Useful Websites

27 PI Responsibilities Ensure all College forms and certifications are filled out in a timely manner Knowing and abiding by the terms and conditions of the award Ensure all work is conducted in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws Ensure project is managed in compliance with College policies Manage the project budget so that funds are spent correctly – taking into account any restrictions imposed by the sponsor Ensure that all financial records and reports are accurate and auditable Monitor activities of sub-recipients, if any Submit reports on the research in a timely manner according to the sponsor’s requirements Completing the formal closeout of the project (see Project Closeout)

28 Red Flags Buying equipment at the end of the grant Moving charges at the end of the grant Transfers older than 90 days Explanations that raise more questions than answers Moving overdrafts from one sponsored program to another

29 Sample eBear Report 8

30 Sample Grant Reconciliation Account Reconciliation FormSAMPLE Account NumberX-XXXXXX Amount Check Requests/Expense Reports Submitted to Accounts Payable:Reference #AmountObject CodeOn eBear Differenc e Aramark123456$500.004305$500.00$0.00 Morton Williams555555$800.004305$0.00$800.00 $0.00 Subtotal$1,300.00$500.00$800.00 Amount Invoices Submitted to Accounts Payable:Reference #AmountObject CodeOn eBear Differenc e Best DeliABCDE$100.004346$100.00$0.00 Sam's Club9999$250.004346$0.00$250.00 $0.00 Subtotal$250.00$0.00$250.00 Amount Amex PC ChargesReference #AmountObject CodeOn eBear Differenc e JulyN/A$300.004301$0.00$300.00 $0.00 Subtotal$300.00$0.00$300.00 Amount Purchase Requisitions (encumbrances)Reference #AmountObject CodeOn eBear Differenc e Fischer LabsR12345$600.004302$600.00$0.00 Subtotal$600.00 $0.00 Amount Salary/Fringe ChargesReference #AmountObject CodeOn eBear Differenc e JulyJ060000$5,000.004000$5,000.00$0.00 Subtotal$5,000.00 $0.00 Amount Other ChargesReference #AmountObject CodeOn eBear Differenc e Copy CenterJ060001$75.004303$75.00$0.00 AV CenterAug 01$50.004301$0.00$50.00 $0.00 Subtotal$125.00$75.00$50.00 Total Spending$7,575.00$6,175.00$1,400.00 Total Spending Per eBear$6,175.00 Prepared by: Approved by:

31 Sample Effort Report Effort Reporting Certification Report 7/1/09-6/30/10 1-02xxxx EmployeeDescriptionAmount% Effort John SmithSummer Salary$10,000.00100.00% 1-02xxxx EmployeeDescriptionAmount% Effort Jane DoeAcademic Year Salary$25,000.00100.00%Jul-Jan Jim GreenResearch Assistant$8,000.00100.00%Jan-Jun 1-02xxxx EmployeeDescriptionAmount% Effort Student WorkersStudent Wages$9,300.00100.00% 1-02xxyy EmployeeDescriptionAmount% Effort Student WorkersWork Study Wages$2,500.00100.00% I certify that the salaries charged are reasonable in relation to the effort devoted to those projects Approved - PIDate

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