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Australian Tropical Expertise Consortium Roadshow >>> Getting Development Work.

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1 Australian Tropical Expertise Consortium Roadshow >>> Getting Development Work


3 Challenges for AusAID > Objective – to assist developing countries to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development in line with national interest’s > Untied aid – global access to AusAID funds > Focus on Asia-Pacific region > 25% of global GDP by 2020 > But.....600 mil still live in poverty > USD4.7 trillion in infrastructure needed by 2015 > USD100 million p/a needed on the environment > Bilateral programs - key area of growth


5 Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness > Strengthen and utilise Partner Country Systems to deliver ODA > Reduce fragmentation - less small projects > Increase predictability – support budget planning > Cooperation – work with recipient to address common challenges > Development plans – drive ODA expenditure

6 What does this mean for aid delivery? > Country Partnerships – Port Moresby Declaration > Using country development plans – medium/long term plans > Use country systems – in-country financial systems, support budgets, heavy focus on sector programs managed in-country > Greater use of Facilities > Devolution – in-country offices responsible for managing > Collaboration – with State and Local governments > Less stand-alone projects externally managed by TA > More selective use of TA


8 Donor’s vary support by country and region > Country Partnerships – Port Moresby Declaration > ADB - Pakistan, Viet Nam, India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh > NZAID – Pacific > AusAID - PNG, Timor-Leste, Pacific - also supports other regions/countries through multilaterals and scholarships and NGO grants


10 Donor’s vary support by sector ……….Influenced by geography, economics and politics. > Asian Development Bank views its role as an investment catalyst mitigate risk, fund infrastructure (soft loans) support private sector development by investing in projects with a development impact in the financial and infrastructure sectors energy, finance, transport and communications infrastructure Japanese heavily influential > AusAID / NZAID Geographic proximity means both view their role as critical to political and economic stability in the region Focus on education, health, public sector capacity


12 How is AusAID partnering? > Multilaterals (ADB, World Bank, UNDP) direct funding joint projects (microfinancing, Private Sector Development Initiative, Cost of Doing Business Survey) > Funding schemes Public Sector Linkages Program (PSLPs) Australian Leadership Awards (ALAs) Enterprise Challenge Fund (ECFs) Academia International Seminar Support Scheme (ISSS) > Business/Corporate Sector? ………Not very well!




16 Tenders > Actual approach to market takes place on AusTender and in Weekend Australian > often on…..  DAC Website – the OECD Untied Aid Website (Business Opportunities) at ( where all Development Assistance Committee members listed – incl. key recipient countries. > dgMarket (register, search tenders, list company history) > United Nations Development Business website Note: need to register online with each site to download project specifications





21 AusTender > Provides a list of proposed / current / closed tenders > Procurement plan for current financial year. > Policy documents relevant to doing business with Government agencies > Search engine of contract winners > Help identify who potentially approach for sub-contract work or to work jointly with on tenders > Help identify who competitors are


23 Recent listing on AusTender Title: Australia-Africa Partnerships Facility > Support increasing engagement in Africa > Key Sectors (extractives; public policy; agriculture) > Other sectors (peace/conflict resolution; PSD; maternal & child health; water & sanitation) > Commence July 2010 > 3 years (possible 3 year extension)


25 Annual Procurement Plan 2009-10 provides list of likely procurements for financial year Item Ref ProgramSectorActivity Title DescriptionIndicative Value Estimated date of approach to market 19IndonesiaHealthEmerging infectious disease program in Indonesia Program management support services to administer a program to be implemented through multilaterals’ (e.g. FAO, WHO), Australian Government agencies (e.g. AQIS, CSIRO) and non- government organisations in animal and human health as related to emerging infectious diseases. $25 million over 5 years April 2010


27 Join the Period Offers Database > Period Offers are agreements with contractors to provide short-term specialist services on an 'as required' basis > AusAID has over 250 consultants on its books. > Awarded through competitive tender (for 3 years with 2 year option to extend) > Period Offer List available, which includes expected expiry dates for agreementsPeriod Offer List > Monitor AusTender website on regular basisAusTender website > To assist potential tenderers prepare for bids for Period Offers, Generic Debriefs available detailing outcomes of recent Period Offers selectionsGeneric Debriefs



30 Advisory Panel Period Offers Panel of experts able to provide……. > Analysis, assess regional, country, and program issues > Advise and participate in activity and program design > Monitor, review and evaluate > Prepare research papers and/or literature reviews.

31 What can I be doing now? > Do I have something they want? – Need to determine whether there is even a market within an organisation like AusAID for your goods/services – If so then identify those opportunities > Know the market > Know the development sector – Learn about Development Banks and donor agencies – How do they do business, how are they structured, what do they focus on? – Educate yourself about the aid program – why it exists, what it’s trying to achieve, how it will do that

32 What can I be doing now? (contd…..) > Know the development project cycle – Country Strategy – Project ID – Project Prep and Appraisal – technical/economic/social issues – Approval and loan – Implementation – Evaluation > Know AusAID (and policies) – Partnership Agreements – Procurement Policy Framework – Hints for new players

33 What can I be doing now? (contd…..) > Develop networks – Access to AusAID program and country program managers – When in-country, try to meet with AusAID staff (at Embassy/Consul, or in line agencies) – USAID – tied aid but can get subcontract work – Philanthropics and other Organisations Millennium Challenge Account (not require US registered business) Gates Foundation (Pacific) Ford Foundation (Indonesia) > Monitor and Connect to procurement notices – Need to scan internet regularly – AusTender / OECD DAC > Learn how to write tenders

34 What can I be doing now? (contd…..) > Join Period Offer Database – Generic debriefs give hints on what makes a strong / weak tender Successful – Knowledge of policy – Knowledge of development issues and achieving sustainable outcomes – Experience in sustainable management – Strategic capacity and innovative leadership Unsuccessful – Lack experience with gov mechanisms and markets – Not link sustainable management to gov mechanisms > Join a Technical Assessment Panel


36 devex >......a social / business information website for people in the international development, health and aid sectors. > Provides range of articles and info on development sector including how to write a resume or cover letter. > Good site for articles and news of relevance to the international development sector. > Range of international projects for tender are also listed (be careful as some posted out of date). > Executive members include consultancies and Managing Contractors such as SMEC, Coffey, GRM and JTA International > Consider joining and putting up your profile.


38 Asian Development Bank > The Asian Development Bank advertises its procurement and consulting services online through its Business Opportunities section. > Here you’ll also find instruction documents to apply for procurement opportunities and ensure you are complying with ADB guidelines. > ADB requires borrower countries to list Procurement Plans – gives indication of needs over next 18 months. > ADB list Proposed Projects for donor financing – indicates potential opportunities in short-medium term. > At given times ADB provide Consulting Services Recruitment Notice (CSRN) > Select CSRN to obtain an Expression of Interest. > EOIs are then compiled by ADB ‘long list’ and reduced to a short list (perhaps around 5-6). > Short-listed firms invited to bid via submitting Technical and Financial Proposals

39 Asian Development Bank (contd…..) > Register as a consultant or consulting entity on the ADBs Consultant Management System (CMS) > Located under the Consulting Services section > Consider visiting the ADB in Manila > Try and meet with the Task Managers – responsible for short-listing EOIs > Consider meeting with in-country agencies responsible for executing projects > Important that you understand not just the technical aspects of projects but the issues around implementing the project > Ensure you follow Proposal guidelines to the letter (this applies for any donor) > Consider partnering with local (in-country) organisations > Consider partnering with other experts/specialists in a joint bid

40 International Development Business Unit

41 Our Role > Support QLD private and public sector to win a greater share of the international development projects tendered out by the international donor community. We do this by……..

42 Our Activities > Support organisations to win tenders > Support bids for AusAID coaching facilities > Seminars delivering professional development and facilitating partnerships > Forums for AusAID policy announcements > Support for ministerial missions > Partnership for Development Forums

43 Our Activities (contd….) > Promote/lead development missions > Identify opportunities arising from cooperative business activities > Information to strengthen partnerships > Monitor technical assistance and procurement notices

44 Contacting the IDB Unit Terry White – > ph: (07) 32251478 – > mb: 0423 822 308 – > email: Peter Goldsworthy – > ph: (07) 3225 1758 – > mb: 0408 870 194 – >email:

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