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Geo-Enabling USAID FAF Performance Indicators Erin Goodnough June 2012.

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1 Geo-Enabling USAID FAF Performance Indicators Erin Goodnough June 2012

2 Table of Contents Introduction and Background Research: The Challenge and Justification for the Project Constraints to Geo-Enabling FAF Indicators Workplan

3 Background: Foreign Assistance Framework and its Indicators Activities feed the Sub- Intermediate Results (with a few exceptions)

4 Org chart courtesy

5 Background: Anatomy of a USAID Project USAID Mission Implementing partner 1 Contract/Grant 1 Subcontract/Subgrant 1.1 Subcontract/Subgrant 1.2 Contract 2 Subcontract/Subgrant 2.1 Subcontract/Subgrant 2.2 Implementing partner 2 Implementing Partner 3 Activities

6 Justification for the Project




10 Vision




14 Early Forerunner “The Afghan Info database, enabled to track performance indicators in addition to activity inputs and outputs, will be the basis for contributing to other regular, on-going reporting exercises and to the many ad-hoc requests for performance analysis that are a constant element of the environment of high profile programs. To meet these needs, the addition of the PMP tracking capability, user friendly input interfaces (so that data is recent and accurate), and an agile reporting and analytical module will be essential.”

15 Who interacts with FAF Indicators

16 Constraints: Practical Complexities Infrastructure Field Usefulness Inability to Show Progress through FAF Indicators Scalability Scale Accuracy Cross-boundary Data Different Thinking Personalities Temporal Nature of Data

17 Workplan for (596B) Deliverable 1: A functional requirements document for GeoEnabling FAF indicators Deliverable 2: A data schema for FAF indicators, geoenabled Deliverable 3: An illustrative example Understand what end users need x Identify FAF indicators that have Geographic components xx Create a standard space for collecting and storing FAF indicators x Help USAID and implementing partners think geographically x x Develop an illustrative example x

18 Conclusions

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