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PeopleSoft Changes to Grants March 2014. Overview Changes to Budget Structure Changes to Subcontract Process Approval Routing (Workflow) Budget Transfers.

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1 PeopleSoft Changes to Grants March 2014

2 Overview Changes to Budget Structure Changes to Subcontract Process Approval Routing (Workflow) Budget Transfers Cost Share Project IDs (26 accounts) Appointments Timesheets Cutover Deadlines

3 Budget Structure Changes Split of Salary budget items – Faculty Academic – Faculty Summer – Staff Pooling of multiple budget items – Office Supplies/Non Office Supplies/Other New budget items – Workshop/Rental Lease/Equip Fabrication

4 Budget Items DEFINE SubaccountsPS Budget ItemsDescription 11G6010Faculty Salaries L6 11G6020Faculty Salaries Summer L6 11G6030Staff Salaries L6 12G6040Student Salaries L6 14, 15G6050Fringe Benefits L6 G6060Construction L6 G6070Equipment Fabrication L6 80G6080Equipment Capital L6 G6090Curation L6 60G6100Consultants L6 G6110Office Services L6 G6120Administrative Expenses L6 G6125STEM Tuition L6 G6130Mileage Expenses L6 47,48,49,50,51,55G6140Other Direct Costs L6 50,51G6145Workshop-Seminar Costs L6 G6150Rentals & Leases L6 48,50,51G6160Rental Equipment L6 75G6170Travel - Domestic L6 76G6180Travel - Foreign L6 37G6190Participant Expenses L6 75G6200Participant Travel L6 G6205Participant Stipend L6 70G6210Scholarships & Fellowships L6 71G6220Tuition & Fees (Stud Supp) L6 20 & 60 SeriesG6230SUBK < $25K L6 20 & 60 SeriesG6240SUBK > $25K L6 90G6250F&A L6

5 Subcontract Process No more than 2 budget items A purchase order will be created to encumber funds – (The department will not generate a payment voucher (VP2)) The principal investigator (PI) signs the invoice Contracts & Grants (C&G) uploads the invoice to Miner Mall for payment

6 Subcontracts Cont. Define PeopleSoft G6230SUBCONTRACT<25K85,000.00 G6240 SUBCONTRACT>25K100,000.00 185,000.00 NEW METHOD

7 Approval Routing (Workflow) Define Routing: All electronic documents (Financial or HR) route to the PI. PeopleSoft Interim Routing: Electronic documents will still route to the PI for most processes. – Request for approvals will come through email.

8 Budget Transfers Interim budget transfer form (electronic) will be used in lieu of Transfer Voucher (VT3). – Department initiator submits budget transfer form – Form routes from PI to Contracts & Grants – Contracts & Grants processes the budget transfer – Initiator receives notification upon completion Note: This process will remain in effect even after approval routing is turned on in PeopleSoft for Grants.

9 Cost Share “Companion Accounting” – Transfer from department account to separate chart string – PI will oversee the cost share account – Manual certifications will not be required Tracking/reporting from PeopleSoft – Tracking/reporting currently handled from an offline database

10 Project IDs (Account Numbers) Currently 26 account series based on Sponsor – 26-10XX-XX NSF – 26-14XX-XX DHHS PeopleSoft Project ID – Converted projects remain as 226XXXXXXA – New projects will be assigned an auto-generated ID (ex: 1XXXXXXXX1) PeopleSoft Searches – By PI – By department – By sponsor

11 Appointments Retro appointments (changes to funding), processed only 3 times a month – (1) Monthly (approx. 20th of every month) – (2) Semi-monthly (approx. 7 th or 22 nd of each mo.) Funding not visible in HR System

12 Timesheets/Grants Requirements If a grant requires that hours be tracked, continue current process for completing timesheets. Grants invoicing for Fully Loaded Rate contracts is based on hours worked and will continue requesting total hours worked per month.

13 Cutover Deadlines 4/16/14 – Last day to process Budget Transfers (VT3). 4/18/14 – Last day to set up new 26 accounts or make changes to existing accounts. 4/18/14 – Last day to create a future dated appointment in HRMS. 4/22/14 – Last day to submit VP2, VP3, VT5, VT7 and VP5 documents to Accounts Payable. 4/28/14 – Last day to process purchase orders. 4/29/14 – Last day to final approve purchase orders. 5/5/14 – PeopleSoft Environment will be available but not for grants since additional setup is required. 5/19/14 – PeopleSoft Environment available for Grants to process HR related documents, purchases, VP2s, VP3s, VP5, etc. It is critical that departments spend remaining funds for grants ending prior to April 30 before the April 22 deadline.

14 Questions For any questions regarding PeopleSoft’s impact on grants, email:

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