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Office of Research Administration College of Engineering Meeting Monday, December 9, 2013 2.

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1 Office of Research Administration College of Engineering Meeting Monday, December 9, 2013 2

2 Tips for Streamlining Project Review and Approval 3

3 Pre-Award Responsibilities Grants & Contracts Functions & Resources Grants and Contracts Assistance with proposal preparation Proposal review and submission to agency/sponsor Award receipt, negotiation, acceptance Other interactions with Agency/Sponsor: no cost extensions, Just in Time, amendments, change in PI, grants transfers Contract drafting and negotiation {sponsored research agreements, clinical trial agreements, subcontracts, confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements (inbound only), etc.} Budget assistance and negotiation Creation of Medicare Coverage Analyses (billing grids) Liaison with agencies, Jackson, VA and other entities Tips Submit after PI has departmental approval Submit after all required signatures are completed Provide main POC Provide deadline date(s) Submit all documents required to avoid a delay in beginning our review Submit fully built application at least two business days before sponsor deadline 4

4 Subcontract Process 5

5 6  Confirm that the Sponsor has approved subcontractor, scope, budget and period of performance.  If not, work with ORA Pre-Award to obtain prior, written sponsor approval to subcontract.  Verify subcontractor is approved UM Vendor.  If not, coordinate vendorization process with subcontractor and UM.  Prepare Purchase Requisition.  Obtain Purchase Requisition signatures.  Send Purchase Requisition, Scope of Work, Budget, Budget Justification, start/end dates and subcontractor’s contact information to ORA Expenditure. (See attached written instructions for further details and proper format for submission.)  ORA Expenditure Compliance completes review of Purchase Requisition, Statement of Work, Budget and Budget Justification.  ORA Expenditure Compliance submits the signed Purchase Requisition and all additional required documents to ORA Pre-Award. The Department will be copied. (See attached written instructions.) PI/Department/MEDREPS ORA Expenditure Compliance ORA Pre-Award Purchasing UM Subawarding to Another Entity Flowchart Legend

6 7  Draft and negotiate subcontract  Obtain subcontractor’s signatures.  If any budget changes requested by Sub-Site, ORA Pre-Award will advise department. (Follow steps on right).  Execute subcontract and scan subcontract and Purchase Requisition into Webview.  Send copy of fully executed subcontract with copy of Purchase Requisition to Purchasing (electronically). ORA Expenditure Compliance, Department and PI will be copied.  ORA Expenditure Compliance completes expenditure control and sends electronically signed Purchase Requisition to ORA Pre-Award.  Generate a Purchase Order.  Send subcontract and Purchase Order to subcontractor.  If budget changes are approved by Department, Department send revised Purchase Requisition to ORA Expenditure Compliance.

7 Pre-Award Contacts Suzanne Liv Page, JD, Director, Applications: Jacqueline Asenjo 305-284-2835 Contracts: Karen Hurdle 305-284-3892 8

8 Post-Award  Support Research After Award is Received  Sponsored Account Opening and Budget Distribution  Award Management  Sponsor, Regulatory and Expenditure Review  Salary  Non-Salary  Financial and Effort Reporting  Billing and Collecting  Account Reconciliation and Closeout 9

9 Post-Award Current Projects Account opening – Goal Account Number Issued with Award Notice Expenditure and Salary Approval – Move to Monitoring Guidance – Website, Forms, Procedures, Training  Cost Transfers  Salary Transactions  E-Berf Checklist 10

10 Post-Award Contacts Charlene Blevens, CPA, CFE, CRA, Director 305-284-1243 Award Set up and Salary Transactions Gloria Gari Expenditure Transactions & Effort Reporting Maria Ortiz Billing and Reporting, Account Close Out Maria Amelia Garcia 11

11 Thank You! Questions? 12

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