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New Policies/Procedures Brown Bag March 24, 2010 Deb Fisher, Director ORS Preaward.

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1 New Policies/Procedures Brown Bag March 24, 2010 Deb Fisher, Director ORS Preaward

2  Flossie Perry – Subcontract Administrator  Susan Pomponio – Sr. Subcontract Administrator  Tina Hunt – Subcontract Admin. Assistant  Kim Garrison – Director, Post Award Administration  Tina Nemetz – Subcontract Assistant  TBD – Subcontract Associate Director

3  Deborah Fisher, Research Services  Angela Hay, School of Medicine  Tina Hunt, Research Services  Gayle Meadows, School of Medicine  Tina Mellon, School of Arts and Sciences  Peggyanne Molli, School of Arts and Sciences  Linda Nace, School of Medicine  Flossie Perry, Research Services  Susan Pomponio, Research Services  Christine Zay, School of Arts and Sciences

4  First qtr. 2010: 146 new subcontracts and 76 modifications – 36% increase from first qtr. 2009  90% increase in number of BA memos in February from average over the last 12 months – shows effectiveness of new mailbox.

5  Receipt of Subaward request form  Determination of package completeness  Subrecipient monitoring  Assembling subaward and sending to subrecipient  Receipt of executed subaward and final execution  Issuance of notice to dept. BA to process PO


7  Challenge in distributing and tracking the volume of requests received  Establishment of dedicated email account  One person responsible to assign requests based on fund number  Subfolders allow tracking of request status from receipt until completion  Mandatory use of PennERA activity log as status source available to the department

8  More than half of the subaward request forms received are incomplete  What information does ORS need and why?  Revised form content and format for easier completion  Decision regarding responsibility for obtaining certain information and documentation has affects on processing time at ORS

9  Converting from a “reactive” to a “proactive” approach  New procedure to request A-133 reports as well as financial reports from all current sub- recipients beginning each April.  Current recommendation remains that departments should request foreign subs at, or close to, the time of proposal rather than waiting until the award is received.

10  Template choices, sending signed or unsigned agreements, distribution process  Thorough review of all available templates – decision on appropriate templates for use – central location for easy access  New policy to send subcontracts unsigned when all documentation is not yet available  New policy to send all subcontracts electronically to both subrecipient sponsored programs official and dept BA when identified

11  Executed subcontracts being received different places at ORS  Cover letter clearly states that subcontracts should be sent electronically to  Subcontracts received by ORS staff are to be forwarded to same email address  Subcontracts received hard-copy are scanned and sent to same email address

12  Lag time in issuance of BA memos – responsibility for new vendors  One person responsible for issuance of BA memos.  BA memos issued electronically  Dept BA’s responsible for identifying and establishing new “suppliers” with Purchasing.

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