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2 Address: No.46 Lot 22 Le Hong Phong St, Ngo Quyen Dist, Hai Phong city Factory/ Warehouse: Dong Hoa Industrial – Kien An – Hai Phong Tax code: 0201147210 Tel: + 84 Fax: + 84 31.3.851.266 Email: Website: – Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

3 1. GENERAL COMPANY’S PROFILE 1.1 Brief Introduction 1.2 Legal Document of Company 2. OUR MISSON- VISSION – CORE VALUES- MANAGAMENT SYSTEM – CULTURA AND OUT POEPLE 3. SERVICES PROVIDED 4. EXPERIENCES OF EXECUTING WORK The list of main project excecued 5. THE LIST OF EXECUTING EQUIPMENT AND MANPOWER 4.1 The list of executing equipment 4.2 Manpower 4.3 Organization chart 6. HEALTH AND SAFETY PLAN 7. CLIENT & REFERENCE PICTURES 8. CERTIFICATIONS Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

4 388IC the construction company specializing in mechanical items - power, assure us always meet the demanding requirements of our customers regardless of the complexity of the project and even in the most remote places. 388IC confident will comply with any commitments made thanks to a clever combination of profound knowledge, rich experience and skills accumulated. We support our customers save cost and time for their projects through the proposed optimization techniques. Mechanical - Electrical - Energy




8 Our Mission: To be a reliable long-term partner of Local and Foreign Clients by exceeding customer expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional performance from every member of our team. Our Vision: Shaping the future through creative solution. Our Core Values: As a major engineering, construction and construction management company, we pride ourselves on running by a set of core values; Integrity, Safety, Continual Improvement, Relationships, People, Innovation. Our Management System: The extra mile to keep Clients satisfied – and coming back for more. We are proud to be the leading Vietnamese construction company that applies state – of- the - art management systems, which differentiates us from many local contractors. Our Cultura & our people: We recognize that our people are our key assets and our competitive advantage; and that ultimately people determine our reputation and success. We have created a work environment that nurtures innovation, fosters team work, where individuals combine their many levels of experience in cooperative workgroups. Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

9 388IC are a multi-discipline Building Services Engineering Consultancy and offer a complete range of environmental services which include: Mechanical - Electrical - Energy - Mechanical Engineering Services -Electrical Engineering Services - Water Conservation - IT/Data - Lighting – Internal and External - Lightning Protection - Security, Intruder and CCTV, Access Control - Fire Alarm – Fire Detection & Protection

10 4.Experiences of excuting work Mechanical - Electrical - Energy NoProjects name DurationLocationOwnerRemark 1 Supply & installation Electric system, water system and lightning An Minh Thinh factory 04 – 2011Hai Phong An Minh Thinh Co., Ltd Contractor 2 Maintenance Electric system VCCI Hai Phong 05 – 2011Hai PhongVCCIContractor 3 Supply panel MSB – Trang Thanh building 06 – 2011Hai Phong Trang Thanh trading Co., Ltd Contractor 4 Supply & installation Electric system, water system Minh Thanh factory No. 2 08 – 2011Hai PhongMinh Thanh Co LtdContractor 5 Supply & installation M&E system Hữu Nghị Hotel 10 – 2011Hai Phong Cty CP Du lich Hai Phong Contractor 6 Installation lighting and power Cargill Hà Nam 01 – 2012 Dong Van – Ha Nam CargillSub Contract 7 Supply & installation M&E system Cat Ba resort & spa 02 – 2012 Cat Hai – Hai Phong Cty CP Khu du lich Dao Cat Ba Contractor 8General Electric Lotte Ha Noi04 – 2012Ha NoiLotteSub Contract 9 Installation lighting and power CP Hai Duong factory 05 – 2012 Tan Truong industrial – Hai Duong CP Viet NamSub Contract 13 General Electric Kefico – Huyndai factory 5 – 2012 Dai An industrial – Hai Duong Kefico - HuyndaiSub Contract 10 Installation lighting Hai Phong Thermal Power factory 05 – 2012 Thuy Nguyen – Hai Phong EVNSub Contract 12 Supply & installation M&E system Viet Phuc Plaza Quang Ninh 08 – 2012 Uong Bi – Quang Ninh Cty TNHH Van Tai Phuc Xuyen Contractor 13 Supply & installation M&E system dormitory and cafeteria - Formosa Ha Tinh 11 – 2012 Ky Anh – Ha Tinh Formosa Ha TinhSub Contract 14 Installation general electric DAP Ha Bac 5 - 2013Bac Giang Nha may Dam Ha Bac - Vinachem Sub Contract 15 Installation M&E system dormitory Samsung Thai Nguyen 09 – 2013 Yen Binh industrial – Thai Nguyen SamsungSub Contract 16Installation general electric DAP Ha Bac 12 – 2013Tang Loong industrial – Lao Cai Nha may DAP2 Lao Cai Sub Contract

11 The list of executing equipment 5. The list of executing equipment and manpower The list of executing equipment Mechanical - Electrical - Energy NoDescription QtyRemark 1Pressing plier for bare conducter sleeve100 2Pressing plier for insulated cable lugs20 3Pressing plier for insulated cable lugs20 4Automatic wire insulation stripper10 5Crimping tool10 6Cable insulation stripper4 7Cable cutter6 8Compounding tool1 9Concrete drill – Bosh30 13Metalic drill – Bosh30 10Grinding machine – Bosh10 12Motorized cutter3 13Welding machine inverter 200A10 14Welding machine tig 300A8 15 Steel hammer 50 16 Toothed wrench 50 17 Tool bag 50 18 Tube cutter 4 19 Tube clamp 4 20 Pipe bender 2 21Panel site8 22Halogen floodlight/laying down type40 23Cordless Impact Driver-Drill Kit5

12 The list of executing equipment 5. The list of executing equipment and manpower The list of executing equipment Mechanical - Electrical - Energy NoDescription QtyRemark 24Cable rolley500 25Pulley10 26Cable machine4 27Scaffolding set 3mx1,5mx2m100 28Scaffolding set 3mx1,5mx1m100 29Home made manual cart3 30Gantry 3T with hoist 3.8m x 4m2 31Manual forklift 2,5T2 32Manlift 9m1 33Digital amprobe2 34Earthing resistance measurement2 35KWh meter2 36LV Insulation measurement2 37 High Accuracy, High Performance and Reliable Measurements 2 38Non-Contact Safety Phase Indicator1 39Digital light meter1 40Truck 2.5 ton1 41Truclk 0.75 ton1

13 Manpower 5. The list of executing equipment and manpower Manpower Mechanical - Electrical - Energy NoDescription QtyRemark 1Project manager2 2Technical Staffs26 2.1Mechanical Engineer4 2.2Electrical Engineer10 2.3Draff men4 2.4Site Admin2 2.5Document control2 2.6QA/ QC4 3Team Leader20 4Technical Worker155 4.1Electric installation worker80 4.2Fabrication worker10 4.3Piping25 4.4High pressure welder20 4.5Mechanical worker20 4.6Temponary worker ( supply)80~150

14 388IC recognizes the importance of planning health and safety into the project at the earliest possible stage if injuries and ill health arising from the construction activity are to be avoided. To this end this Site Safety Plan has been prepared to describe how 388IC intends to manage, control and co-ordinate the works in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of all personnel engaged on the projectand others who may be affected by the operations. Whilst this plan provides the intention and the area where 388IC will exercise control to ensure safe operation of the works, detailed procedures will be supplemented by Health and Safety procedures which be issued from time to time to cover the various operations. 388IC also acknowledges the importance the Employer places on health and safety matters and will ensure that all relevant contractual requirements are satisfied. For this Site Safety Plan to be effective it is essential that the management and supervisory staff of 388IC is familiar with the implementation of the relevant requirement of the plan. All 388IC management and supervisory personnel will therefore be provided with a copy of the plan. A copy will also be provided to each Sub-contractor. 388IC will actively seek the support of all operatives engaged on the project to look after the health and safety of themselves and their colleagues by working within the spirit of this Site Safety Plan. Any person found to be disregarding the requirements of the plan will be subject to disciplinary action which may result in their dismissal from the project. This plan and Health and Safety procedures are subject to periodic review and will be updated when new technology, construction method, new legislation or new process are introduced. Mechanical - Electrical - Energy


16 Project: Samsung Dormitory Building Project Item: General Electric Location: Yen Binh Industry, Thai Nguyen Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

17 Project: DAP Ha Bac – Bac Giang Item: Installation lighting and power Location: Bac Giang city, Bac Giang Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

18 Project: Lotte Mart – Ha Noi Item: General Electric Location: Ha Noi Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

19 Project: CP Hai Duong Item: General Electric Location: Tan Truong industry, Hai Duong Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

20 Project: Kefico – Huyndai Item:Item: General Electric Location: Dai An industry, Hai Duong Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

21 Project: Cargill Ha Nam Item: Installation lighting and power Location: Dong Van industruy, Ha Nam Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

22 Project: Formosa Ha Tinh Item: General Electric Location: Ky Anh, Ha Tinh Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

23 Project: Dongbu Vietnam Steel Factory – Hai Phong Item: Transformer Station 63MVA – 110/ 22/ 6.3 kV Location: Dinh Vu Industry, Hai Phong Mechanical - Electrical - Energy

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