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Today’s Agenda Introductions, Agenda & “Other Topics” (8:30 – 9:00) History/Snapshots of SURAgrid (9:00 – 9:30) SURA & SURAgrid (9:30 – 10:15) Revisit.

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Presentation on theme: "Today’s Agenda Introductions, Agenda & “Other Topics” (8:30 – 9:00) History/Snapshots of SURAgrid (9:00 – 9:30) SURA & SURAgrid (9:30 – 10:15) Revisit."— Presentation transcript:

1 Today’s Agenda Introductions, Agenda & “Other Topics” (8:30 – 9:00) History/Snapshots of SURAgrid (9:00 – 9:30) SURA & SURAgrid (9:30 – 10:15) Revisit mission & goals (10:15 – 10:45) Participation (10:45 – 11:45) Organizational structure (11:45 – ?) Lunch (? – ?) Breakouts, other topics (? – ?) Plans for the coming year (4:30 – 5:30)

2 SURAgrid: Some History & Snapshots SURAgrid in-person planning meeting September 21 & 22, 2006

3 NMI Integration Testbed Program Sept 2001 - Nov 2004 (ext May 2005) Developed and managed by SURA Evaluated NMI components upon release Real life contexts - research & enterprise applications and infrastructure USERS Implementers Target Communities NMI Integration Testbed NMI Participation ? future expansion UAB UAH UFL FSU GSU UMich TACC UVA Sites NMI Integration Testbed (USC) DEVELOPERS SUPPORTERS CONTRIBUTORS SURAgrid Roots: NMI Testbed Grid NMI Testbed Grid begun in Sept 04 NMI Integration Testbed Case Study Series - Exploring Technical and Policy Considerations for Inter-Institutional Grids (November 2004) - Authentication & Authorization in SURAgrid: Concepts and Technologies, (May 2005)

4 SURAgrid Roots “We want to keep working together!” (8 NMI sites carry over) –SURA agrees to continue facilitating Announced to SURA IT community in July 2004 –Added Tulane, UArk, GMU, SC (up to 12!) –(Everyone else via word of mouth since then - 28 as of this week) “Let’s call it SURAgrid!” –NMI Testbed Grid call, January 2005 Proposal to SURA IT Committee Fund ($101K, 3/05 - 3/06) –25% SURA IT staff support –Some meeting support & travel –Subcontract: GSU for application development –Subcontract: TACC for portal development, resource tracking –Subcontract: UVA for Bridge CA

5 SURAgrid Goals To develop a scalable infrastructure that leverages local institutional identity and authorization while managing access to shared resources across institutional boundaries. To promote the use of this infrastructure for the broad research and education community, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. To provide a forum for participating institutions to gain additional experience with grid technology and to promote collaborative project development.

6 SURAgrid Participation 21 SURA Member institutions 7 non-SURA institutions (4 in region, 3 outside) Varying levels of activity, participation… No systematic “recruitment” to date August 2006

7 Getting the Work Done Resource & Application contributors (ongoing…) SURA “GridThink” activity (Jan 2003 - April 2004) SURAgrid planning calls –Every other week for the past 3 or so years –All invited/encouraged - about 1/2 attend any given call – Subcontracts –March 2005 - 2006: TACC, GSU, UVA –July 06: Teragrid gateway assessment

8 Getting the Work Done Working groups Funding review group(s) Shifts a bit but some regulars: GSU: Art; UAB: Alan; GMU: Phil; LSU: Gab/Hartmut, TACC: Ashok; UAH: Sandi; SURA: MFY, Gary, Sue Environment Variables TACC: *Warren, Ashok; GSU: Victor; UMich: Shawn, TTU: Jerry; UAB: John-Paul, ODU: Judith Teach Environment UArk: Amy; UAB: Puri; MCSR: Jason; UMD: David; SURA: *Kate, MFY Implementation team UVA: Jim; TACC: Ashok; GSU: Art; SURA: Kate, MFY

9 Getting the Work Done In-person meetings September 2005: Grid Building, Resource “Install Fest” –From stand-in resources provided by TACC to 9 institutions, 11 resources (490 CPUs, 1327 Peak GFlops, 548 GB Memory, 4755 GB disk) –And since then…14 institutions, 18 resources (912 CPUs, 2990 Peak GFlops, 955 GB Memory, 7730 GB disk) February 2006: Preparing for applications, “Deployment Fest” –UNC/SCOOP Coastal Modeling with ADCIRC –LSU Task Farming within UCoMs (petroleum simulation) –GSU Multiple Genome Alignment –TTU ENDYNE (molecular modeling) –And since then… LSU Wave Watch 3 (WW3) for SCOOP UFL CH3D Marine Hydrodynamic Circulation Model NCState EPANet Optimization/Simulation (water system simulation) ODU Bio-Electric Simulator September 2006: Organizational planning, Account Management “Tools Fest”

10 SURAgrid “Products” NMI & early planning: From GridThink meeting –CA Recommendations to SURA –Teaching w/Grids WG –Applications Requirements WG –Grid Workshop WG –Inspired formation of GridPlan GSU Catalog of Grid Applications NMI Integration Testbed case studies –Individual sites, SURAgrid UVA NMI Testbed Bridge CA GSU CA process documentation As SURAgrid: SURAgrid Bridge CA (UVA) SURAgrid Portal (TACC) SURAgrid Web site (SURA) Acceptable Use Policy (all) SURAgrid Stack, v1 and v2 (all) Environment Variables, v1.0 (WG) “Running Your Application on SURAgrid” (Implementation Team) “Adding Computational Resources to SURAgrid” (Implementation Team) Teaching EnvSpecification (WG) SimpleCA Installation Script (UVA) Account management tools (UVA) suragrid-support & apps lists Initial plans for two-tiered PKI (UVA) –Did you send in your survey?

11 SURAgrid Future SURA regional development: Develop & manage partnership relations Facilitate collaborative project development Orchestrate centralized services & support Foster and catalyze application development Develop training & education (user, admin) Other…(Community-driven, over time…) Project-Specific View SURAgrid Resources and Applications “MySURAgrid” View Sample User Portals Industry Partner Coop Resources (e.g. IBM partnership) Institutional Resources (e.g. Current participants) Gateways to National Cyberinfrastructure (e.g. Teragrid) Other externally funded resources (e.g. group proposals) VO or Project Resources (e.g, SCOOP) Heterogeneous Environment to Meet Diverse User Needs SURAgrid Project-specific tools

12 SURAgrid Future New members (Clemson just this week) SURA Board resolution Corporate partnerships –Early & recently revived Sun discussions –SURA-IBM Partnership –Interest from others: United Devices, Dell, Innerwall… Integration discussions (OSG, Teragrid, GridChem, caBIG) Increased SURA program support –Trademark, logo (hats!), staff positions, program-level vision & funding strategy… More from Gary Crane, SURA Director of IT Initiatives

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