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VISESH INFOTECNICS Ltd. BusinesSoft™ Enterprise. Tested By Time.

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1 VISESH INFOTECNICS Ltd. BusinesSoft™ Enterprise. Tested By Time.

2 BusinesSoft™ Modules  General Ledger  Accounts Receivable & Payable  Sales  Purchase  Inventory  Excise  Material Requirement Planning  Plant Maintenance  Human Resource Management System  Fixed Assets  System Administration BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

3 General Ledger  User Defined Accounting Periods  Flexible Account Codes  Online Allocation and Matching of Debits & Credits  Multi Company Books With Options of Consolidation  Department & Divisional Accounting & Budgeting  Cost Center Expense Tracking / Reporting  Ageing Reports,weekly or Monthly P&L and Balance Sheets,daily Cash / Bank Statements  Powerful Online Query Facilities by Transaction Analysis Code and Range of Amounts  Multiple Currency Management BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

4 Accounts Receivable & Payable  Receivable Entries Interfaced From Sales Orders / Invoices  Allows Partial or Full Payment of Account of Agent Specific Invoices  Credit / Debit Allocation System  User Defined Receivables Ageing Report  Online Display of Credit Limit Checking  Sales & Receivable Analysis by Group of Customers  Customer Payment History Credit  Payable Disbursements,adjustments and Credits  Payables Cross Referenced to Invoice ID to PO (Voucher System)  Allows Partial and Full Payment  Automatic Discount Calculation, Terms, Credit Limit  Multiple Payment Periods  Disbursement of Multiple GL Accounts  Schedule Recurring Payments  Manual or Automatic Allocation BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

5 Sales  Unlimited Items and Sales Orders  Separate Due Dates for Each Item on Sales Orders  Blanket Sales Orders  Standard Orders (Regular Scheduled Shipment)  Customer Bill to Ship and Tax Look up Table  Quantity Discounts and Volume Discounts  Automatic Back Order Generation  Latest,average or Standard Material Issue  Comprehensive Sales Analysis at Macro and Micro Level (Line Level Analysis of Sales)  Matrix Pricing-multiple Price Lists,multiple Discount Levels  Handling of Free Items, Sample and Promotion Schemes  Up to 4 Different Documents Printed With Each Sales Transactions  Multiple Serial Numbering for Different Types of Sales Documents BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

6 Purchase  Purchase Requisition Sub System With Similar Feature Similar to PO System  Vendor Ship To,bill to Information  Vendor Part Number & Account Number Entry  PO Release Process  Rate Contract or Blanket Order Management  Subcontract Management  Unlimited Types of Pos  Calculation of CENVAT Excise  Automatic Posting of Receipt of Inventory (Perpetual Inventory)  PO Closeout & Purchase Rate Variance Analysis  Credit Memo Entry  Multiple Price Break Item Information  Support for Partial Deliveries  Support & Integration of GRNs  Provision for Delayed Value Entries for Goods Received BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

7 Inventory Make / Buy / Subcontract  Multiple Line Description for Each Item  Lead Time,order Rules,order Point,order Quantity,maximum/minimum Limit Control  Quantity on Hand,on Order,shortage,usage Pattern  Material Issue System – Latest, FIFO, Average or Standard  Choice of Units or Measures and Conversion From One Unit to Another During Receipts and Issues  Multiple Stock Rooms,bin Location,ware Houses  Material Transfer Transaction Logging & Reporting  Vendor Performance Analysis (Via Pos)  Surrogate Quantity Management,batch Expiration Date Based Stock Reports  Product & Group Wise Stock & Sales Statistics  Rate Contract Management for Suppliers & Subcontractors  FIFO / Average / Standard Valuation  Preventive Inventory Management Using MRP Options BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

8 Excise  Integrated with Materials Module  TR-6 Challan  Journal Entry  RG-23 A Part I / II Register  RG-23 C Part I / II Register  PLA Register  RG1 Register  57F4  Invoicing BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

9 Material Requirement Planning  Comprehensive BOM System With Multilevel Explosions  Generates Procurement Plans Based on Requirement  Recommends Direct Purchase,shop Floor or Sub-contract Job Orders for Production Plan Considering Stock on Hand & Pending Purchase Orders  Reports Like Dead Stock Material Not Required for Current Production Plan Considering Stock on Hand & Pending Purchase Orders  Shop Floor & Subcontract Management Monitors Work Orders,material Consumption & Scrap Receipts. Informs WIP at Shop Floor & Sub-contractor Stocks On-line BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

10 Plant Maintenance  Machine Utilization  Spares & Consumables Consumption Analysis  Annual Maintenance Contract handling  Break Down Log Entry and Rectification  Machine Details  Fault Analysis BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

11 Human Resource Management System Recruitment  Man Power Requirement / Requisition  Recruitment Agency & Recruitment Policy  Advertising  Bio-data Entry  Interview& Selection  Organizational Standards,etc Personnel  Employee Progress  Non Conformity  Appraisal  Exit Interview Details Payroll Management  Flexible Payments/deduction/benefits  Statutory Reports  User Defined Pay Slips & Pay Registers  Income Tax Module Covering Statutory BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

12 Fixed Assets  Unlimited Categories and Classifications of Assets.  User Defined Rates for Company Act & It Act for Each Category.  Capital Budget Approval  Complete History Card of Asset From Acquisition to Disposal at One Glance  Capital Working Progress Tracking  Commissioning Process  Capitalisation Process & Generation of Sale of Asset & Automatic Calculation of Profit / Loss on Sale BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

13 System Administrator  Set Up  User Management  Data Management  Financial Calendar  Year Closing Procedure BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

14 Implementation Plan BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

15 Benefits  Easy to Use and Implement  Quick Return on Investment  Scalable as per Users Requirement  Support Day to Day Operation  Support Low Level as well High Level Operations Management  Support Team and Enterprise Collaboration and Communication  Provide Middle and Senior Management with Selective Information for fast and Effective Decision BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

16 Some of Our Prominent Clients  Rico Auto  Kalyani Brakes  ITPL  HLL  Godrej Properties  GE Capital  British Telecom  Proctor & Gamble  Honda Siel Cars  Tata Honeywell  Dhabol Power  JCT  United Technology Product Co.  DHL Airfreight  Galaxy Surfactants  Allergan India  National Panasonic  Landmark Group (Saudi Arabia)  Pepsi Foods  Verifone Software System  Kellogs  KM Sugar  Bombay Oil (Marico)  Loctile India (Henkel Group)  Himatsingka Siede  Essilor SRF Optics BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

17 Thank You BusinesSoft™ Enterprise.Tested By Time.

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