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HealthWatch Stakeholder Engagement Event 11 November 2011.

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1 HealthWatch Stakeholder Engagement Event 11 November 2011

2 Welcome

3 Programme 10:05National background and issues: P Hillary 10:15Local issues and progress: P Hillary, M Day, S Taylor 10:25LINk viewpoint: F Rust (Hampshire LINk) 10:30 Procurement options – K Ingram 10:35Questions 10:40Breakout sessions 11:002 minute silence – Remembrance Day 11:30Feedback 11:50Summary & next steps

4 Introduction Purpose of the event Working together across 4 councils Who’s who Outcomes for the day: Raise awareness of issues and current situation Understand views from delegates Ideas for developing specification for Healthwatch

5 Background What is the outcome? What does the Dept of Health say? – Transition plan incl. funding & structure issues HW functions: signposting & information, access and choice NHS complaints advocacy? The local voice Transition – continuity and differences


7 Local approach Local transition plans – supporting and learning from LINks Issues: Continuing roles – what needs to be kept Timings and gaps Funding Nature of contract

8 Local Involvement Network viewpoint Frank Rust – Chair Hampshire LINk

9 Procurement options Examples of delivery models

10 Example HealthWatch Delivery Models Local HealthWatch Model – Single contract with supplier established specifically for the delivery of local HealthWatch

11 Example HealthWatch Delivery Models Local HealthWatch Model – Single contract with supplier that sub-contracts to deliver specialist services Sub- Contract

12 Example HealthWatch Delivery Models Local HealthWatch Model – Single contract with a consortia arrangement with organisations to provide specialist services Consortia Member Consortia Member Consortia Member

13 Example HealthWatch Delivery Models HealthWatch Brand Model – Separate contracts with specialist single suppliers required to work in partnership to deliver a HealthWatch Brand. Single Supplier Single Supplier Single Supplier

14 Example HealthWatch Delivery Models Regional or National Organisation Model – Franchise, single contract with supplier to provide infrastructure and support and facilitate a local presence and identity. Local HealthWatch Local Healthwatch Local HealthWatch

15 Indicative Procurement Timescales Procurement stageTimescale Issue of Contract Notice advertsJanuary 2012 Prequalification Questionnaire SubmissionsFebruary/March 2012 Issue of Invitation to TenderMay/June 2012 Contract AwardSeptember 2012

16 Questions?

17 Breakout groups Purpose – opportunity to discuss and give views on key issues: Structure and legal status of HW Role and functions Staff, volunteers and skills Transition Geographical issues

18 Feedback

19 Next steps Legislation finalised and confirmation of funding Feedback to attendees after this event as progress is made Further consultation/opportunity to give views through website – up to end January 2012 Individual authority consultation activity Designing specification – early 2012

20 More information/views Contact: Hampshire: Paddy Hillary or Mark Allen Email: Website: Southampton: Portsmouth: Isle of Wight:

21 More Information HealthWatch Transition Document can be viewed at: cationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_125582 cationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_125582 HealthWatch programme board and advisory group minutes and notes are found on the CQC website at: care/healthwatch.cfm care/healthwatch.cfm You can also review the Health and Social Care Bill on Parliament’s website at: 11/healthandsocialcare.html 11/healthandsocialcare.html

22 Thank you

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