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VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

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1 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Capability Presentation March 29, 2010 By: Ben Edson President & CEO CISSP, CISM, MCSE, SCSP, ACIA, MSITS, GCIH, CCNA, A+ = …we understand technology and can deliver success. 1200 G Street, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20005 Tel: (202) Fax: (202) Web: Sales: © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

2 About Us Recognition Small Business Qualifications HUBZone Certified
Treasury Mentor Protégé Program CMMI Level 2 – Accredited DoD Top Secret Facility SDB Self-Certified DC LSDBE, WMATA Certified Microsoft Gold Partner GSA IT Schedule 70: GS-35F-0389V Recognition Nominated for SECAF Contractor of the Year Award (Under $6 million category) HQ NASA Civil Service/Contractor Team Honors Award 2008/ VariQ IT Contractors received commendation letters from two Senators © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

3 VariQ Confidential – Permission required for distribution
Core Competencies Information Security (IS) Whether your organization needs to secure its endpoints, monitor for security threats, or keep information from leaving your network, our trusted security staff can assist in managing your security needs. Endpoint Protection Cyber Threat Analysis/Monitoring Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Vulnerability Assessments Information Technology (IT) Maintaining availability of systems and services requires a solid and robust IT infrastructure.  As a certified Microsoft and Symantec partner, our staff can help with your infrastructure needs.  Network Architecture / Operations Systems Engineering Microsoft Messaging Solutions Virtualization Design/Operations Help Desk Project Management Staff Augmentation PeopleSoft ERP/HCM © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – Permission required for distribution

4 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience House of Congress – Cyber Security Support Services to Present Summary Spearhead the design, implementation and O&M of antivirus, firewall and IPS solutions for more than 12,000 systems across over 460 geographically dispersed locations. What We Did VariQ was responsible for the design, deployment, and maintenance of the Enterprise Client Security system. Our team directly managed three product refreshes in four years. Our solution, used in 137 offices and committees, produced 100% voluntary user adoption. We implemented the Antivirus Managed System, which consists of multiple components all integrated seamlessly and providing enhanced security to servers, desktops, and mobile devices. We also implemented Symantec Client Security (SCS) on all desktops, workstations, and mobile devices running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. It further supports antivirus, firewall and IPS on Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista workstations and servers, and Apple Macintosh systems. Impact / Benefit The managed antivirus (AV) system, designed and operated by VariQ, has been credited with enhancing the overall security year-over-year, as demonstrated by written testimony to a Committee of the US Congress for FY The CIO repeatedly demonstrated our project in his quarterly CIO reports to all offices and our well-maintained trending and statistical information has been used since 2004 in written testimony to the Appropriations Committee. Key Words: Symantec Antivirus, Client Security, Symantec SIM, Cyber Security, Endpoint Security © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

5 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience FBI – Network Architect Services to Present Summary Under subcontract with Lockheed Martin, provide critical network architect and design of 300,000+ node network for the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Program in West Virginia. What We Did VariQ staff on project are tasked with supporting the transition of multiple networks in the CJIS enterprise into a Shared Enterprise Network (SEN) environment. This revamping of the entire CJIS/FBI network utilizes numerous technologies and standards that once finished will seamlessly integrate these multiple networks into a single logical entity with shared resources and will allows the continued operation of the CJIS mission. VariQ engineers are responsible with redesigning each individual network inside CJIS that will move over to the individual SEN communities. This includes extensive documentation complete with detailed network drawings, system design plans, transitions plans, etc. All proposed network transitions are made into a virtual network modeler called OPNET - IT Guru, which virtually models the network then simulates traffic across all nodes and endpoints. This ensures that every change designed gets tested across the virtual network to find any irregularities or issues with the design. Impact / Benefits Provide network architect support to consolidate CJIS FBI network. Performed design, review, implementation tasks for network conversion program from an IPv4 to an IPv6 network. VariQ’s Lead Network Architect led the transition from IP4 to IP6 selecting and implementing appropriate standards for network layers, defining transition approaches/processes/etc, defining network architecture, allocating functions to devices, specifying devices, etc. Keywords: Network Architect, Cisco, TCP/IP,  SEN, IPv4, IPv6, OPNET, Testing, Modeling © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

6 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience NASA – IT Support Services to Present Summary Provide ongoing systems engineering support and staff augmentation services at multiple locations. Specifically completed NCAD project and supported HSPD-12 integration. What We Did VariQ provided technical leadership, engineering, project planning, and execution of NCAD (NASA Consolidation of Active Directory) which collapses all NASA Active Directory Forests and Domains into a single Domain within a single Forest which ultimately supports HSPD-12 Desktop Integration (HDI) related to smart card authentication.  This initiative is directly related to providing middleware solutions for desktop integration of Smart Cards on an enterprise level. VariQ provided the engineering solution necessary to complete this requirement. Impact/Benefits VariQ has implemented ActivClient 6.1 on approximately 1700 desktop systems which will allow for a common identification standard for federal employees and contractors.  The implementation included the initial creation of scripting tools that were ultimately used at others centers throughout the NASA agency to provide for seemingly silent and least intrusive installation efforts which resulted in the least amount of down-time for customers. VariQ was included as a 2009 NASA Honors Award Recipient for the Civil Service/Contractor Team Award Keywords: Active Directory, Systems Engineering, HSPD, Smart Cards, NetIQ Domain, ActivClient 6.1 © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

7 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience House of Representatives – IT Support to Present Summary Provide ongoing IT engineering support and staff augmentation services. its Library of Congress—Certification & Accreditation Provide certification & accreditation services for critical IT systems. (Subcontract) US Capitol Police – Enterprise Architecture / Endpoint Security to Present Conducting independent assessment to provide client with solutions for oversight compliance. (Subcontract) Design & implementation of Symantec client security solution. (Prime) Keywords: IT Support, Certification & Accreditation, Enterprise Architecture, Symantec, Endpoint © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

8 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience NSA – Microsoft Premier Support to Present Summary Provide SME support for SharePoint, Active Directory, SQL Server & SCCM, with Microsoft as subcontractor. What We Did - Ongoing Premier support, provides high level technical assistance on a renewable hours basis, via phone or on-site, as needed. Keywords: Microsoft, MOSS, SQL, SCCM, Technical Support House of Congress – Senate Office Personnel System to Present Summary Developing detailed requirements for an enterprise-wide human resources system (Subcontract ) What We Did - PeopleSoft SME has provided business analysis and development of detailed requirements for an enterprise-wide human resources system to replace legacy system. Impact / Benefits Project is ongoing; document business, technical, and support requirements for the proposed new system in order to identify, assess, and evaluate custom build approach vs. COTS products for possible implementation. Keywords: Business Analysis, Requirements, COTS, PeopleSoft, HR © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

9 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience DC Government – Staff Augmentation Services to Present Summary Our personnel perform in various roles throughout the district where we currently support multiple projects. What We Did HIPPA Security Assessments – Conduct third party assessments and provide recommendations for compliance district - wide, to develop and amend HIPAA associated Policies, Plans, and Procedures. Tier 1 Help Desk Support –Provide customer or technical support by phone, supports DCPS and other agencies. PeopleSoft HCM Support –Business analysis, functional & technical implementation, training users of new HCM system. Network/Wireless Engineering – Provide 2nd and 3rd tier support to the Network Operations Center (NOC) Web Support – Provided support for development of Web Single Sign On framework for various applications. Configuration Management – Dimensions Architect responsible for planning, managing, implementation of viable custom CM solutions across multiple agencies. Impact/Benefits Our projects for DC Government are ongoing, and include all levels of support. We have supported successful implementations district wide, such as PeopleSoft HCM, and we continue to support the District’s high level IT directives and goals. Key Words: HIPAA, Information Security, Business Analysis, Configuration Management, PeopleSoft, Network, Dimensions © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

10 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience Veterans Affairs – CRM Training to Present Summary Provide trainers on custom CRM platform What We Did Through a subcontract with NetStar-1, we provide end-user training on a custom CRM platform. Short term project requiring IT consultants to be trained on a custom application, in order to train end users. Ability to train non-technical personnel while providing excellent customer service, and under specific time constraints. Impact/Benefits Project is ongoing, will enable implementation of new CRM platform with fully trained user community. Keywords: CRM, Training, Staff Augmentation © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

11 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Experience DOT – Cyber Security / Forensics to 2009 Summary Provide endpoint security, malware, vulnerability analysis, and forensics support to the Common Operating Environment (COE). (Subcontract) What We Did VariQ provided support to the Department of Transportation and led the design, implementation and management of the DOT end client security system and network monitoring spanning over 15,000 nodes. Our staff interfaced with multiple DOT Modes and dozens of domestic offices within the DOT environment. Our services include designing and managing the WhatsUp® Gold application to allow the NOSC to actively monitor, audit and discover new and existing network devices on the DOT network. VariQ led the endpoint security effort utilizing Endpoint Protection 11.0 where we manage and respond to malware/security events which occur throughout the network. The system provides AV, adware, spyware, firewall, IPS, privacy controls, and ad blocking protection to DOT laptops, servers, and desktops. Impact / Benefits VariQ performed an assessment of the Bowhead program for the Department of Transportation (DOT).  The program reviewed existing support provided by Bowhead’s 50 + person team against a proposed “future state” program for both the Common Operating Environment (COE) and the Common Operating Environment, Infrastructure Services environments. The program review identified strengths and weaknesses of the program support and areas to be covered in a future support contract. The program review included a document analysis and review, survey of program managers and key stakeholders, and delivery of findings. Keywords: Cybersecurity, Symantec, Antivirus, IPS, Firewall, Security Assessment © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

12 IRS/Treasury Partners
VariQ has primed the TIPSS-4 SB contract in both the Cybersecurity and MBOSS competition area. We are also teamed on TIPSS-4 ITS. Our incumbent team and new partners are: TIPSS-3 IRS MITS CIO Award, 2008 TIPSS-3 IRS Government’s Computing News’s Promising Practices Award, 2005 CIO Recognition, 2007 MCR is the premier provider of Integrated Program Management solutions and is our Mentor within the Treasury Mentor Protégé program. Since 1977, MCR has delivered strategic planning, cost & schedule analysis, acquisition management, and program assessment solutions to hundreds of government and commercial clients. © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

13 HUBZone Priority Ruling
Ability to sole source up to $3.5 Million Court of Federal Claims Decision (Mission Critical Solutions) Confirming HUBZone Priority (March 2010). The court's decision, which was unsealed on March 2, stated that agencies now must consider whether companies in a Historically Underutilized Business Zone can compete for a contract before awarding it under another small business program or on a sole-source basis. The case boiled down to whether the HUBZone program took precedence over the 8(a) program -- in which businesses are owned by socially or economically disadvantaged individuals. While the service-disabled veteran-owned small business program was not at issue, the court ruled it should be treated the same as the 8(a) program. All three categories are eligible for set-aside small business contracts. United States Court of Federal Claims, File no C. Mission Critical Solutions vs. The United States

14 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only
Why VariQ? We are a proven partner with experienced management and expert personnel, and we have demonstrated success in delivering complex solutions. Most of our staff are seasoned engineers with government clearances and multiple certifications. We are committed 100% to delivering value and performance to our customers and clients while performing all engagements in a professional and ethical manner. © VariQ Corporation 2010 VariQ Confidential – For IRS Internal use only

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