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SOLICITATION FY 2014 U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services.

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1 SOLICITATION FY 2014 U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services

2 Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Is a “charge account” arrangement, using a purchase order form, between a buyer and a seller for recurring purchased of supplies or services. BPA’s must be utilized for treatment services expected to exceed $25,000 for a fiscal year. However, they may be utilized for treatment services not exceeding $25,000. BPA’s are valid for the 12 month fiscal year, with two 12-month option periods. Awards will be made to vendors who are determined as technically acceptable and offering the lowest price, using the Evaluation Criteria established in Section M of the Request for Proposal (RFP).

3 Request for Proposal (RFP) Urine Collection and Drug Testing Substance Abuse Treatment Mental Health Treatment Sex Offender Treatment and Polygraph

4 RFP Information Blanket Purchase Agreements will be awarded. They are for one year with a two-year option to renew. Section A – Solicitation/offer/acceptance Section B – Indentifies catchment areas and solicited services Section C – Statement of work, read carefully

5 RFP Information continued Vendor Subcontracting– If a provider does not provide a specific solicited service listed in the RFP, that vendor can subcontract with another vendor to provide that service. See Section I. Paragraph # I.2, Page 1-2 and Section L, Page 1-2. Section J – Make sure Attachment J.1 is completed in its entirety. Section K – Note that this section is completed. Section L requires full completion. Cannot use U.S. Probation Officers as references and please provide current telephone numbers for references so they can be contacted. TAX ID number

6 Estimated Monthly Quantities (EMQ) EMQ’s represent the total estimated monthly quantities to be ordered per service item (quantities are 30 minute units, not the number of clients) Each vendor on the same blanket purchase agreement shares the total number of EMQ’s. Each vendor documents on Section B (Page 2 of 2) the unit price EMQ’s are estimates only and do not bind the government to these estimates

7 EMQs (Section B; page 2 of 2) Only those services marked by an X under the required services column are being solicited. Vendors failing to provide offers on all required services marked, will be considered technically unacceptable.




11 Staff Qualifications (Attachment C;L-12)

12 Evaluation Factors for Award BPA awards will be based on technical acceptability and the lowest price to the Government. An offeror shall be determined technically acceptable if they can meet all the mandatory requirements in Sections B,C, E, F, and G of the RFP.

13 SUBCONTRACTING (Section I; page 1 of 23) The vendor may subcontract the provision of treatment services to other service providers. Usually Urine collection or psychiatric services The prime contractor is responsible for the overall performance of subcontractor performance and files After an award, any proposed subcontracting arrangements or changes to the existing arrangement shall be submitted in writing to the Contracting Officer. The contracting officer will then provide a written response to the vendor.

14 Substance Abuse Treatment 1010: Urine Collection and Reporting 2001: Short-term Residential Treatment (30 days) 2010: Individual Counseling 2020: Group Counseling 1501: Administrative Fee

15 DISTRICT’S LOCAL NEEDS REGARDING SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT (Residential) The treatment agency must maintain and provide proof of State (BADAP) accreditation, CARF certification, and/or JACHO accreditation throughout the term of the Blanket Purchase Agreement. The treatment agency must provide a curriculum for residential treatment which outlines a daily treatment schedule in compliance with the State's requirements for group and individual sessions. The treatment agency must conduct urine collections in conjunction with the U.S. Probation Office's random notification method, such as code-a-phone. Additionally, the selected treatment agency shall provide treatment services to both male and female clients.

16 Urine Collection Supplies The Probation Office provides all urine collection supplies. These supplies must be maintained in a secure area with access limited to only collectors and/or other authorized vendor personnel. 1.A PROB 45 authorizing collection and a signed release of information (PROB 11B) 2.Urine bottle with lid and security bag; gloves 3.Chain-of-Custody Forms (Pretrial and Supervision) 4.Urinalysis Testing Logs and Daily Treatment Logs 5.Mailer 6.Notification of Federal Client Program Noncompliance Forms

17 DISTRICT’S LOCAL NEEDS REGARDING SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT (Urine Collection) All urine collections must be observed according to the Statement of Work except in extreme emergencies. The agency must be willing to conduct urine collections in conjunction with the U.S. Probation Office's random notification method, such as code-a-phone. The per unit fee for the collection of specimens returned "NO TEST" from the laboratory, as a result of improper paperwork procedures by the vendor, will be deducted from the vendor's bill.

18 Demonstration of Urine Collection Per the Statement of Work

19 5011: Mental Health Intake Assessment and Report 5030: Psychiatric Evaluation and Report Mental Health Treatment

20 6010: Individual Counseling 6020: Group Counseling 6021: Education Group 6030: Family Counseling 6051: Medication Monitoring 1501: Administrative Fee Mental Health Treatment

21 District’s Local Needs (MH) For individual, group, family, and educational sessions the vendor will be able to provide, if needed, the service as follows; The vendor will provide mental health services to the defendant/offender and address domestic violence and/or anger management issues when the issues are tied to a mental health diagnosis.

22 5012 : Sex Offense Specific Evaluation & Report 6012: Individual Counseling 6022: Group Counseling 6032: Family Counseling 7013: Specialized Treatment for Pretrial Defendants (Individual Counseling) 7023: Specialized Treatment for Pretrial Defendants (Group Counseling) Sex Offender Treatment

23 DISTRICT’S LOCAL NEEDS FOR SEX OFFENDER TREATMENT (Group and Individual) A written comprehensive treatment plan based on the needs and risk identified in current and past assessments/evaluations of the offender. The vendor is already required to take into consideration "current and past assessments"....the local need simply enhances this requirement by stating: The practitioner shall incorporate a validated dynamic risk assessment into their periodic evaluation and ongoing treatment planning of the offender. The assessment shall be researched and shown to be statistically significant in the evaluation of treatment progress on a population most similar to the offender being treated. Examples of assessments include: Stable 2000/2007, Sex Offender Treatment Intervention Progress Scales (SOTIPS), Structured Risk Assessment - Forensic Version (SRA-FV), Violence Risk Scale-Sexual Offender version (VRS-SO).

24 Polygraph and Reports 5022: Clinical Polygraph Examination and Report 5023: Maintenance Polygraph 1501: Administrative Fee

25 The Referral Process Initial Referral Packet Treatment Referral Form – a brief description of the defendant, offense, criminal history, past substance abuse history and reason for treatment PROB 11B (drug treatment) or PROB 11I (mental health) - Authorization to Release Information PROB 45 – Contract Services Program Plan – this document authorizes the amount and frequency of treatment and identifies the treatment goals. Only the services identified on the PROB 45 are authorized for reimbursement.

26 Treatment Referral Form

27 Form 11BForm 11I

28 Form Prob45

29 Additional Forms - Discharge Summary

30 Let’s Take a Break

31 Billing Procedures What Forms are required to complete the billing packet? Daily Treatment Log – this form is to be completed for all services provided, including counseling and drug tests. The form is to be signed by the client and the counselor at the time services are provided. The actual times for counseling services must be documented on the form. This form is to be submitted with billing.

32 Daily Treatment Log

33 Urinalysis Testing Log A running list of client collections within the month This form is to be submitted with billing.

34 Urinalysis Testing Log

35 PROB 46 Monthly Treatment Report This form has two functions 1 – to summarize all services rendered 2 - to report the monthly progress of the client All sections of this form must be completed. In addition to services rendered, “NO SHOWS” should be reflected. This form is to be submitted with billing and a copy is to be retained in the client’s file.

36 Monthly Treatment Report (Prob46)

37 Billing Invoice – PART A and PART B This is the monthly billing form due by the 10 th of each month. Part A is a cumulative total of each service. Part B is broken down by client and should list each service separately. All clients should be listed on Part B. You may use extra pages if necessary and multiple clients may be listed on same page. The total of services reflected in Part B should equal that reflected in Part A. Where both pretrial and supervision clients are seen, they can be billed on the same invoice by identifying the clients under the appropriate heading, “Pretrial” or “Supervision”.

38 Billing Invoice – Part A

39 Billing Invoice – Part B

40 Total Billing Packet Daily Treatment Log Urinalysis Testing Log (if urinalysis tests were conducted) PROB 46 – Monthly Treatment Report (not required when only conducting urinalysis testing) Invoice (Parts A and B) NOTE: For Mental Health cases, a copy of the initial mental health assessment must be attached with the bill and a copy of the assessment shall be submitted to probation within 10 days from the date service was provided.

41 ELECTRONIC BILLING AND FILING If the vendor maintains electronic files, the vendor shall keep a separate file folder for both pretrial and post- conviction cases. The vendor shall keep federal client file folders separate from other clients. The vendor shall keep federal client files restricted only to personnel who provide services to federal clients.

42 ADMINISTRATIVE FEE (CODE 1501) & CO-PAYS (Section C; page 12 of 23) Collect any co-payment authorized on the program plan (PROBATION FORM 45) Billing/invoices (deduct co-pay prior to submitting invoices/billing) Attach record of co-pay collection for each client so it can reviewed by financial administrator Document the receipt of co-pay OR failure to pay on the monthly treatment report and sign-in sheets

43 CONTACT INFORMATION REGARDING BILLING AND INVOICES Hallie Yates; Operations Manager Forward invoices and billing to:

44 Other Forms Noncompliance Form This form is to be completed and faxed to the supervising officer within 48 hours in cases where the client misses a scheduled appointment, drug test or counseling session. It should also be sent if the client exhibits any form of unacceptable behavior, i.e. under the influence of alcohol, verbal abuse, etc. A copy of this form is to be maintained in the vendor client file.

45 Noncompliance Form (this form is not included in the RFP)

46 Treatment Staffings with Officer Face-to-face or telephone staffings between the officer and the counselor shall take place every 30 days. Staffings should reflect client progress and future counseling goals. Please document the staffing in the treatment file. Clients may be present for the staffing. If changes in treatment are recommended, either increasing, decreasing, changing, or termination, an amended or termination PROB 45 must be completed. The vendor must have the revised PROB 45 prior to services being provided in order to receive reimbursement. If there are no changes recommended, the current PROB 45 will remain in effect. The treatment staffing is not a billable service, but the price of case staffing can be incorporated in the price section.

47 Monitoring Process Contract monitoring will be conducted within 120 days of the award and approximately six months thereafter. All federal client files (both opened and closed files) must be available for review. An exit interview will generally be held following the review of the files. A monitoring report will be forwarded reflecting the findings and any deficiencies to be addressed.

48 Changes From the Previous Statement of Work (SOW) 2010. Section B - The FY's were updated, sex offender treatment was added to the description and geographic areas were added to the NCPO and CPO. Section C - Government was changed to Judiciary throughout the document. Language was added to require approval for the collection of unobserved urine specimens. Sections E and I - Dates for several clauses changed. Section L - Language changed related to the Background Statement requiring the use of labeled tabs. Language was changed pertaining to the requirement to submit monitoring reports. Attachment C must list staff by project code to be provided. A new certification was added to Attachment B.

49 NON-COMPETITIVE PURCHASE ORDERS (NCPO) An NCPO order may be utilized if the estimated cost of the service is $5,000 or less within the fiscal year. (Commonly used in areas where the number of clients is low) Renewed every 12 months Award considered if technically acceptable

50 REMINDERS The deadline for questions regarding RFP’s is August 5, 2013. Questions and answers will be posted at our web address The deadline for RFP submission is Friday, August 9, 2013 by 4:00 p.m.


52 Thank you

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