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3 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT RESPONSIBILITIES Processing/Approving –Proposals –No Cost/Cost Extensions –Budget Revisions –Awarding Agency Coordination Monitoring –Deliverables –Close Out Subcontracts –Consultant Contract –Subcontract

4 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT RESPONSIBILITIES Managing Research Centers –Overseeing Budgets –Budget Revisions –Coordination of Time and Effort –Deliverables on the different Awards Desk Audits –Internal Coordination –Preparation of requested information Reporting –Special Federal Reports such as ARRA –Coordination with PI for Technical Reports

5 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT RESPONSIBILITIES Courtesy Appointments Requests –Reviewing for Approval –Coordination with Homeland Security –Processing Unrestricted Funds (Gifts) –Internal Coordination with University Advancement –Reviewing and Setting up Preparation of Internal Reports (Research Validation) –Promotion and Tenure –Distinguish Professors –Department Requests

6 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT RESPONSIBILITIES Pre-Award –Reviewing for Approval –Seeking approval from Upper Management –Processing Government Relations –Contracts/ renewals –Payment to Firms –Yearly reporting Research and Integrity –Yearly Reporting

7 ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT RESPONSIBILITIES Policies and procedures –Establishing policies an procedures –Seeking approval from Upper Management Updating Institutional Information –Registering different federal and state web sites

8 TYPE OF AWARDS (list) Testing Agreements Material Transfer Agreements Sponsored Research Grants Contracts Cooperative Agreements MOA or MOU Facility Use Non Disclosure Subcontract

9 DIFFERENCE IN AWARDS Contracts –Firm Fixed Price –Cost Reimbursement Grants –State –Federal –Private Gifts (University Advancement)

10 DELIVERABLES What are they? –Reports (Monthly/Quarterly/Final) –Test Reports –Demonstrations –Working Models –Prototypes

11 FINANCIAL Spending of Funds –Appropriately –As budgeted – Within the time period Personnel –Faculty AY & Summer –Post Docs –Students & Tuition –Fringe Benefit rate changes

12 FINANCIAL (cont’d) EXPENDITURES Supplies –Timeliness Equipment –Timeliness Travel Guidelines Travel/Conferences Related to the Project –Air Travel –Reimbursement ML

13 Proposals and Awards

14 Frank Moss Assistant Director, Pre Award 1- Primarily Responsible for the Pre-Award Process Budget Development, Scope of Work, Compliance with RFPs, Letters of Intent, Representations and Certifications, Resource for PIs, Proposal Formats, Timely Submissions Facilitate Award Set Up, Contract Execution and Processing 2- Agency Liaison for Pending Proposals, Grants and Contracts Preliminary Proposals, Re-submissions, Budget Revisions, Institutional Award Transfers, PI Changes, Registrations Initiate Sub-Awards, Updates, Additional Funding of Awards, Interface - Point of Contact with Agency Program Staff 3- Secondary Support to Director and Post-Award Administration SRA

15 Mike Liska Assistant Director Post Award 1- Post Award Deliverables Budget Revisions & No Cost Extensions Close Out 2- Operational Duties Duties of the Director in her absence Maintain templates, manual, info sheets, Website Special Projects – i.e. Picatinny 3- Other Duties SRA files and equipment Document review & signature application Train & provide guidance to all SRA personnel SRA

16 Lynn Failla Project Manager 1- NJ-Health Information Technology Center (NJ-HITEC) Financial & Administrative Activities for program at Newark and satellite offices Subcontracts, Consulting, Field Agent, and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Agreements Sustainability Income 2- Special Projects – e.g., Picatinny Arsenal Proposal preparation Award management Final reports to close project 3- Engineering Research Center (ERC) Financial Activities for program Proposal preparation Reports to National Science Foundation and to Rutgers SRA

17 Felicia Margolies Project Manager 1- Van Allen Probes – RBSPICE (Lanzerotti, $13.6M) Programmatic, Contractual, Financial Activities Proposals, Budget Revisions, Subcontracts Reports – EVM, 533M, 533Q, Small Business 2- Center for Solar Terrestrial Research, BBSO ($22.3M) Proposals, Budgets, Subcontracts, Consultants Financial Management, Labor Distributions Reports – Match, Indirect Costs, ARRA 3- Physics and Other Special Projects (Picatinny) Proposal Preparation, Budget Revisions Monitoring and Forecasting Expenses Reports – Reviewing Monthly and Final SRA

18 Mukesh Gadhia Project Manager 1- CEE Dept./NRDP Center/CBK- School of Architecture Proposal preparation Financial Review and Projections, PAF review NJDOT coordination 2- Subcontracts / Consulting Agreements Issue agreements in conjunction with PI needs Seek help in legal matters Conformity with prime sponsor guidelines 3- Awards Management Verify award documents against proposals Work with Grants & Contracts set up indexes Budget revision / Time extensions SRA

19 Sonia V. Henderson Administrative Assistant 1- Self Service Banner Budget Queries Requisitions Approve Invoices for Vendor Payments 2- Record Keeping Personnel Action Forms Time & Effort Certification Government Agency Invoices, Kaufman Zita Group 3- Files Proposal & Grant Folders Office Files, Consultant, Subcontracts, Lab Invoices Courtesy Appointments SRA


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