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Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA or Transparency Act) Dennis J Paffrath Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs Administration.

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1 Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA or Transparency Act) Dennis J Paffrath Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs Administration

2 What is it? The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA or Transparency Act - P.L.109-282, as amended by section 6202(a) of P.L. 110-252) requires the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to maintain a single, searchable website that contains information on all Federal spending awards.

3 Why? The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (Transparency Act) requires OMB to "ensure the existence and operation of a single searchable website" for Federal awards. The Transparency Act's definition of "Federal awards" included not only prime awards for grants, cooperative agreements, loans, and contracts, but also included sub- grants and sub-contracts.

4 What Information needs to be entered? #Information about prime award/ee Pre-populated by feds if available 1Federal Award ID No. “FAIN”9Principal place of performance address 2Fed Agency Name10CFDA program number and program title 3Prime Awardee DUNS# (must match CCR)11Project Description 4DUNS plus 4 (if more than one EFT account for one location) 12Total Federal Funding Amount 5Awardee Name (must match CCR)13Obligation/Action date of prime award (date award signed) 6Awardee “Doing-Business-As” Name (must match CCR) 14Sub-award Date 7Awardee Address (must match CCR)15Top 5 highly compensated officials (names and compensation) 8Awardee PARENT DUNS No. (must match CCR) 16Date of Report Submission (auto-completed by system)

5 What Information needs to be entered? #Information about sub-award/ee Pre-populated by feds if available 1Subawardee DUNS number8Subaward Obligation/Action Date 2Subawardee DUNS number +4 (if more than one EFT account for one location) 9CFDA Program Number and Program Title 3Subawardee Name (must match CCR)10Federal Agency Name 4Subawardee “Doing-Business-As” DBA Name (must match CCR) 11Subawardee Principal Place of Performance (Zip + Cong. Dist.) 5Subawardee Address (must match CCR) 12Subaward Number assigned by Prime Awardee 6Subawardee Parent DUNS Number (must match CCR) 13Names and Compensation of 5 Highly Compensated Officers 7Amount of Subaward14Subaward Project Description (Award Title and description 4000 characters)

6 What information needs to be entered? Contract Reporting Elements-prime award 1ID # from FSRS used when resubmitting/modifying and existing report record 11Contracting Agency ID and Name 2Contract #12Contracting Officer ID and Name 3IDV Reference13Funding Agency ID and Name 4Subcontract Award Month and Year14Treasury Symbol 5Prime Contractor DUNS #15NAICS Code 6Company Name16Date Signed (Prime Contract) 7Company Address (zip +4)17Program Title 8Prime Contractor Place of Performance Address (zip+4) 18Top 10 Compensated Questions for Prime Contractor 9Parent DUNS #19Subcontractor or Vendor DUNS # and name 10Parent Company Name20Subcontractor PARENT DUNS#

7 More information #Contract Reporting Elements 21Subcontractor place of performance address zip+4 25Subcontract Funding Agency ID 22Subcontract Amount26Subcontractor Funding Agency ID and Name 23Subcontract Date27Subcontract overall description (4000 characters) 24Subcontractor NAICS Code28Subcontractor Top Five Compensated -2 questions

8 What Federal awards are subject to the FFATA subaward reporting requirements? New contracts over $20 million, effective immediately; new contracts with a prime contract value greater than $550,000, and new contracts with prime contract value of $25,000 or over; and New grants $25,000 and over. The grants subaward reporting functionality is now available via Reporting of Sub-contracts of Federal contracts and sub-grants of Federal grants where these sub-contracts and sub-grants are $25,000 and over.

9 DUNS number, needed? Yes. In accordance with FFATA all subrecipients domestic or foreign will be required to have a DUNS number before the Prime Recipient can execute a subaward or subcontract. Details on how to register and acquire a DUNS number is available at While not mandated by FFATA, the University of Maryland, Baltimore is recommending to all subrecipients that it might be to their benefit to also register with the Central Contractor Registry (CCR). Details on how to register are available at

10 How will it be collected? FFATA Sub-award Reporting System (FSRS) July 2010, was launched as the resource for prime awardees to report FFATA-required contract sub-award activity and executive compensation. October 2010, expanded to incorporate FFATA-required grant sub-award and executive compensation reporting

11 What is FSRS?

12 Only prime award recipients submit FFATA reports in this system. Reports can be submitted individually or through a Batch Upload. To ensure consistency between and other government systems, the system is designed to pull in data from other feed systems.

13 Other Feed Systems The primary source of data for grants is FAADS+ - This is the Federal Assistance Award Data System maintained by the US Bureau of Census The primary source of data for contracts is FPDS-NG – This is the Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation and is maintained by

14 Worklists within The main navigation that allows prime awardees to organize their awards for which they have reporting responsibility. The user can search for and add awards (both contracts and grants awarded to their registered DUNS number). Three sections: My Worklist, Contracts Not Added and Grant Awards Not Added

15 Worklists

16 Under “My Worklists” you will create your individual reports and then have the ability to review these reports when they are draft and submitted status.

17 FFATA reports Each report will have a workflow consisting of: – Instructions – Enter Contract/Grant # – Contract/Grant Details – Prime Award Details – Sub-awardee Data – Review – Submit report

18 Sanctions for not complying! All of the same sanctions as you might receive for any other non-compliance with award requirements and/or guidelines. So….Audit Findings??? Disallowances of Expenditures for subs not reported on? Breach of contract claims? Loss or Revocation of award? Significant Non-compliance requiring some sort of oversight plan by the sponsoring agency?

19 UMB Process Coeus PeopleSoft Individual Reports (short term) XML (future processes)

20 UMB Process-Coeus

21 Coeus Organization Table

22 UMB Process-PeopleSoft (eUMB) Pulls in all data from all electronic systems on campus – Coeus (subcontact module) – eUMB (financials) Creates an XML for uploading Previously used to create all ARRA reports and submitted successfully to the State of Maryland Governor’s office.

23 UMB Process – Individual Reports – One FTE within SPA/ORD will pull the report from Coeus – Review the data in the report to make sure all of the data is captured and accurate – Upload the data manually into each report that is required – Provide report completion a monthly basis to AVP,SPA and VP, Researdch and Development

24 UMB Process – Batch Process

25 Questions to ask? Will you handle the reporting out of central administration or require Pis and/or their staff to do the reporting? Are you getting additional staff resources to accomplish the reporting, or are you absorbing the workload with available staff? Is your volume small enough that the manual reporting mechanism will work for you or will you have to build a centralized data repositories and batch-feed mechanisms to allow for the high volume reporting on a monthly basis? Are you collecting information about your sub-recipients necessary to complete the reports?

26 Additional Questions? How will each of our individual solutions affect each other as we collaborate with each other? Do you already separately identify Grants from FAR contracts in your system? Are you prepared to report Vendor data elements on your FAR contracts? Are your vendors and sub-recipients registered in CCR? Do they have DUNS #s? What happens when OMB turns on 2 nd and 3 rd tier sub reporting requirements?

27 Happy News! Volume is light now but will increase over time. It seems OMB and GSA are willing to listen and respond Auto-fill is a “miracle” Very few will have to report “top five compensated” Opportunity to team with other institutionals offices (IT) Job Security, Job Security, Job Security

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