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Defense Logistics Agency Warfighter Stewardship Business Process Workforce Support Improvements Refinements Development Warfighter Stewardship Business.

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1 Defense Logistics Agency Warfighter Stewardship Business Process Workforce Support Improvements Refinements Development Warfighter Stewardship Business Process Workforce Support Improvements Refinements Development Subcontracting Opportunities & DoD Mentor Protégé Program September 2009

2 Subcontracting Program Subcontracting Snapshot Goals Reports Performance Toolbox DoD Mentor Protégé Program Other Mentoring Programs Procurement Technical Assistance Centers Indian Incentive Program

3 What is a Subcontract? Any agreement (other than one involving an employer-employee relationship) entered into by a Government prime contractor or subcontractor calling for supplies and/or services required for performance of the contract, contract modification or subcontract. (FAR 19.701)

4 DoD Subcontracting Program Contracts greater than the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (applies to SB and OTSB) –“Maximum practicable opportunity” to participate consistent with efficient contract performance –Clause at FAR 52.219-8 –N/A when— Personal Services Performance Entirely Outside the U.S…. (FAR 19.708)

5 DoD Subcontracting Program Subcontracting Plan Requirements Clause at FAR 52.219-9 (applies to OTSB) Acquisition greater than $550K ($1M for construction) –With Subcontracting Possibilities –Submit Acceptable Plan or Ineligible for Award Multi-Year Contracts / Contract With Options –Cumulative Value of Basic Contract + All Options considered in determining if a plan is necessary –If Individual Plan : Separate Goals for Basic + Each Option

6 DoD Subcontracting Program Subcontracting Plan NOT required? From SB For personal services contracts For contracts/mods to be performed entirely outside the US & outlying areas For mods within the general scope that do not contain 52.219-8 “Utilization of Small Business Concerns” clause (or prior clauses for contracts awarded before PL 95-507)

7 Types of Plans Individual – 1 contract, 1 plan – Covers the entire contract period (incl. options) – Goals support the contract – Indirect costs allocated on a pro-rated basis Master Plan – Boiler plate info – individual plan minus goals – Continue to do contract by contract “goals” – Effective for 3 Years – Plant/Division Basis – Needs pre approval by the Contracting Officer

8 Types of Plans Commercial Plan – Preferred for commercial items – Based on Contractor’s FY – Applies to the entire production of commercial items – Plant/Division Basis – Annual Plan Applies to all government contracts in effect during that period – Who approves? 1 st CO awarding a contract during contractor’s FY; or For on-going contracts with commercial plans to CO w/contract w/latest completion date 30 days prior to end of FY –Contractor responsible to provide name of CO who negotiated the plan and provide a copy of the plan to each CO with open contracts.

9 Types of Plans DoD Test (Comp. Test or CSP) “Test Program for Negotiation of Comprehensive SB Subcontracting Plans” – NOT a type of Plan, per se – Very similar to a commercial plan – Plant/Division/Corporate basis – Annual Plan Applies to all DoD contracts in effect during the period – DCMA delegated Plan negotiation and review functions

10 Subcontracting Plan Goals Small Business SDB WOSB HUBZone SB VOSB SDVOSB 11 Mandatory Elements Based On: Total $ To Be Subcontracted Total $ To Be Subcontracted $ and % of Subcontract Dollars To Each SB Category

11 Subcontracting Plan Reporting Type of Plan Individual Master Commercial DoD Comp Test Type / Frequency of Report ISR / SF 294 – semiannual * SSR / SF 295 – semiannual ISR / SF 294 – semiannual SSR / SF 295 – semiannual SSR / SF295 – annual SSR / SF 295 - semiannual ** * ISR = Individual Subcontract Report SSR = Summary Subcontract Report ** DCMA is getting quarterly data in some cases

12 Subcontracting Performance Things to Consider How do you develop your goals? – Market Research – Defined Process Are you meeting your goals? How to Improve Performance? – Strategy – Initiatives

13 Subcontracting Program Toolbox The Toolbox : What is it? Special Programs Contracting Mechanisms Practices / Processes/ Policies All with the objective of assisting you with finding subcontractors and improving your potential subcontract performance Following are a few samples

14 Toolbox DoD Mentor-Protégé Program

15 DoD MPP - Background Established on November 5, 1990 (Public Law 101-510) Concerns raised by DoD prime contractors, that many SDBs did not possess the technical capabilities to perform DoD subcontract requirements. Extended through 2010 for new agreements.

16 DoD MPP - Background DoD MPP seeks to encourage major DoD prime contractors (mentors) to develop the technical and business capabilities of eligible protégés Goal: Assist protégés to compete successfully for prime contract and subcontract awards Successful Mentor-Protégé agreements provide a winning relationship for the Mentor, Protégé, and DoD Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), Appendix I, provides regulatory guidance for the DoD Mentor-Protégé Program.

17 Types of Agreements Reimbursable Agreements Provides monetary reimbursement for the cost of developmental assistance incurred by the mentor firm provided to a protégé firm in accordance with the approved agreement Credit Agreements Allows a mentor to receive credit toward subcontracting goals for costs incurred, see DFARS Appendix I-110

18 Eligibility as a Mentor At least one active approved subcontracting plan (FAR 19.702) Be eligible for the award of Federal contracts Demonstrate the capability to assist in the development of protégé firms Approved to participate as a mentor in accordance with DFARS Appendix I-105 Graduated 8(a) firm that provides documentation of its ability to serve as mentor A Mentor May Have More Than 1 Protégé !

19 Eligibility as a Protégé SDB Business entities owned/controlled by an Indian Tribe, Native Hawaiian or Native Alaskan WOSB HUBZone SB SDVOSB Qualified organization employing the severely disabled Be eligible for award of federal contracts A Protégé may have only 1 Approved Active DoD MPP Agreement

20 Why Be A Mentor? Develop long-term business relationships with eligible small businesses Develop a subcontracting base Direct cost reimbursement and/or credit toward subcontracting goals Teaming Opportunities to win new contracts and/or subcontracts Marketing Tool Networking Opportunities Meet/Exceed Goals ! Improve Subcontracting Performance

21 Why Be A Protégé ? Relevant Technical Assistance Develop long-standing business relationships Teaming opportunities with mentor to win new contracts and/or subcontracts Enhance Capabilities Marketing Tool Open Doors WIN – WIN !

22 DoD MPP Information DoD MPP Home Page: –Program Information Packet –Templates for New Mentor Application and Mentor-Protégé Agreement Application MPP Hotline at (800) 540-8857 or DoD Home Page:

23 DoD MPP Information DoD: Mr. Paul Simpkins DoD MPP Program Manager ( 800) 540-8857 (703) 604-0157 DLA: Ms. Peggy Glasheen (703)-767-1657 DESC: Ms. Lula Manley (703)-767-9465 Ms. Veronica Smith (703) 767-9704

24 Federal Agency Programs Small Business Administration (SBA)  Allows Joint venture between Mentor and Protégé. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  Mentors are permitted to award non-competitive contracts up to $1,000,000 to protégé firms. Department of Energy (DoE)  MPP also applies to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other minority institutions of higher learning. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)  Mentors can earn award fees for their performance on contracts with award fee incentives

25 Federal Agency Programs Department of Treasury (Treasury)  MPP is implemented in 3 phases.  8(a) firms as protégés on Treasury contracts, prime contractors as mentors to small businesses, and HUBZone and Service Disabled Veterans.  Mentor may receive a non-monetary award for providing exceptional developmental assistance to protégé. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  Mentors may receive additional evaluation points and credit toward subcontracting goals and procurements may be set-aside for MPP. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  Mentors will be eligible for an annual award presented to the mentor firm providing the most effective developmental support to a protégé.


27 PTAP Purpose To generate employment and to improve the general economy of a locality by assisting business firms in obtaining and performing under Federal, state and local government contracts.

28 Program Focus Assist all businesses in government contracting Concerted effort to provide outreach to: SB SDB WOSB HUBZones SB VOSB / SDVOSB Services are NOT limited to SB

29 Services Include, but are not limited to: –Identifying marketing opportunities –Matchmaking (e.g. marry mentors & protégés) –Assisting and advising clients about post award functions –Bid matching services –Helping clients understand Government contracting procedures and requirements

30 Training PTACs train clients in areas such as: Federal contracting regulations Subcontracting opportunities Required registrations, such as CCR Accounting procedures Other assistance programs

31 PTAP Program Year 2008 Facts 90 Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACS) –48 statewide programs Includes 2 Native American Program –42 regional programs Locate the PTAC near you at: Or Call: 703-767-1654, 3297, 6179, 1656

32 Toolbox Indian Incentive Program

33 Indian Incentive Program A congressionally sponsored program Purpose: Economic multiplier for Native American Communities The Program: –5 percent rebate –On the total amount subcontracted to an Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise or Indian Organization –Back to the prime contractor DFARS Clause 252.226-7001 DoD prime contractors, regardless of size of contract, that contain the above referenced clause(s) are eligible for incentive payments

34 Indian Incentive Program For More Information: Or Call: Ms. Johnson (703) 604-0157, Ext. 143

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