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By Morgan J. Burris Lexington Middle School US History.

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2 By Morgan J. Burris Lexington Middle School US History

3 Map of Europe after World War I

4 Fascism in Italy Nazism in Germany Major Cause: Increased Nationalism

5 Map of the Pacific Theatre

6 U.S. Prepares for War -”Cash and Carry “ policy begins -Axis Powers formed -Selective Service begins draft process -Roosevelt seeks third term -Lend-Lease policy begun to help supply allies-Arsenal of Democracy -Atlantic Charter signed between U.S. and Britain resembles 14 points of Wilson


8 -Battle of Britain has stalled -June 1941 Germany attacks Russia -early success but then stalemate -Russian winter sets in and halts advance -Now war is on two fronts Hitler’s Mistake

9 U.S. enters the War -U.S. has embargo on Japan for actions in the Pacific -U.S. had warning of a possible Japanese attack somewhere -Dec. 7 th, 1941 Pearl Harbor, Hawaii is attacked “day that will live in infamy” -U.S. declares war on Japan and then Germany, Italy declare war on U.S.


11 Pearl Harbor

12 Pearl Harbor from the Cockpit of a Japanese Plane

13 A date which will live in infamy! Pearl Harbor – Dec. 7, 1941

14 FDR Signs the War Declaration

15 USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor

16 2,887 Americans Dead! Pearl Harbor Memorial

17 Pacific Theater of Operations

18 Americans in the Service -millions volunteered and millions more were drafted -GI’s “Government Issue” went to basic training for 8 weeks -Women’s Auxiliary Corps (WACS) and WAVES (navy) thousands volunteered as clerks, typists, mechanics, drivers, nurses -Minorities served in segregated units Tuskegee Airmen= first African American flying unit 300,000 Mexican Am. Served Navajo “code talkers” key to victory

19 Life on the Home Front -War Production Board industries were retooled to make war materials instead of consumer goods- also controlled prices, wages -Scientists are mobilized radar, sonar, penicillin, atomic bomb (Manhattan Project) -women stepped into many war materials jobs “Rosie the Riveter” Famous war symbol that encourage women to work in factories -Entertainment propaganda -newsreels

20 Office of Price Administration Office of Price Administration Froze prices, created rationing programs, and gave income tax revisions War Production Board (WPB) was in charge of recycling and management of war industries

21 Rosie the Riveter Women worked in the factories Economic power increased for women Divorce rate increased



24 Life on the Home Front: Famous “Four Freedoms” Speech



27 Government Control -Inflation controlled by price freezes (Office of Price Administration) -many products rationed to conserve resources (only specific amounts could be distributed for certain products like sugar, tin, rubber, etc.) -income taxes increased - Victory gardens grew -War Bonds sold


29 Paying for the War



32 Government Control -Japanese Internment -Fed. 1942 FDR ordered anyone of Japanese ancestry into confinement camps in remote areas -Relocation occurred so fast many lost their businesses, property, homes



35 Korematsu v. United States he was a defense worker who was arrested for not reporting to a camp- he sued and his case reached Supreme Court: Verdict was in favor of the US even though dissenting opinion said it was clearly racial discrimination

36 By Morgan J. Burris Lexington Middle School The End

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