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Faculty of Arts HDR Induction 2015 Order of Proceedings Prof. Jennie Shaw, Dean of the Faculty of Arts Assoc. Prof Jenny McMahon: Director Grad Studies.

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1 Faculty of Arts HDR Induction 2015 Order of Proceedings Prof. Jennie Shaw, Dean of the Faculty of Arts Assoc. Prof Jenny McMahon: Director Grad Studies Mark Dean, Post-grad Rep, HDR Committee Dr. Susan Hemer : Post-graduate Coordinator Post-graduate Research Students: Jose Lezama, Mark Dean, Madeleine Seys Dr. Gareth Pritchard: Post-graduate supervisor Your turn University of Adelaide1

2 Milestones (F/T equivalent) Six months: Satisfactory completion of the Core Component of the Structured Program (CCSP) (including the Research Proposal) gives you probationary enrolment Twelve months: Satisfactory completion of the Major Review after twelve months enrolment confirms your enrolment Annual Review maintains your status within the program if completed satisfactorily Pre-submission Review (approx. 36 months): satisfactory completion confirms your work is up to the appropriate standard for submission University of Adelaide2

3 Most information is online: Refer to: – Research Student Handbook – Program Rules on the Adelaide Graduate Centre website: Or use the Faculty HDR link: University of Adelaide3

4 Core Component of the Structured Program Includes CCSP form + Faculty Specific Research Proposal Template ( milestones/core-component-structured-program/) milestones/core-component-structured-program/ To be completed within 6 months (full-time) 12 months (half-time) University of Adelaide4

5 CCSP: Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research Online training in aspects of the Code is a requirement of probationary enrolment Three Worksheets – Management of Research Data and Primary materials – Publication and Dissemination of Research Findings – Authorship Include your certificates in the CCSP submission University of Adelaide5

6 Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research Ethical Considerations in Research Responsible Practice in Research Ethics Approval: Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) includes a “Low Risk” sub-committee Data management, secure storage and retention of materials: out Authorship policy University of Adelaide6

7 Ethics Clearance: human subjects research interviews or similar, requires low risk clearance in advance ability to publish may be affected if clearance doesn't occur the process is quite quick now (considered on a rolling basis) University of Adelaide7

8 Careers and Research Training Skills (CaRTS) In consultation with your supervisor, develop a schedule of Career Development and Research Training as part of your CCSP For example: Discipline seminars Conferences Publishing papers Courses offered by our CaRTS officers: see myuni and RED See also career advice offered by discipline specific professional organisations University of Adelaide8

9 Academic Writing for HDR students Myuni: Academic Writing and Referencing Style Guides Academic Skills Resources -> Researcher Education & Development (RED) for Postgraduate Students e.g. Writing a research proposal University of Adelaide9

10 Professional Development Identify activities and/or training to assist with your project e.g. Researcher Education and Development (RED) Workshops Teaching Workshops Software Training/ Statistics Online Modules from RED University of Adelaide10

11 Teaching Opportunities (limited) “Sessional Teaching Module” See Quick Links -> Teaching Support “Teaching at Uni” (small fee) designed for contract and commencing permanent staff offers a certificate and is also the first module of the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education - No sessions planned yet, but for more information or to register your interest, contact: University of Adelaide11

12 Professional Development Seek Funding Opportunities (limited) Conferences, research trips, travel grants and bursaries, top-up scholarships and fellowships. Join relevant professional organisations in your field. Seek Publication Opportunities (unlimited – seek advise from supervisors and other staff in your discipline regarding appropriate journals) University of Adelaide12

13 FACILITIES and RESOURCES Faculty/ School/ Discipline levels The CCSP documents include a check-list of minimum resources Availability of resources and additional research support funding for HDRs is variable across Disciplines, Schools and Faculties University of Adelaide13

14 MAJOR REVIEW OF PROGRESS See forms and information at estones/ estones/ TO BE COMPLETED AT 12 months full time 24 Months part time Confirmation of Candidature OR Extended Major Review of Progress University of Adelaide14

15 ANNUAL REVIEW See: ms/milestones/annual-review/ ms/milestones/annual-review/ ALL CONTINUING STUDENTS TO BE COMPLETED BY 31 OCTOBER EACH YEAR University of Adelaide15

16 Pre-submission Review The annual review that occurs after 36 months F/T equivalent, is expected to be the pre-submission review This may require additional work depending on what your discipline usually expects of its PG students at annual review, but the minimum for pre-submission review is: A summary of thesis (including summary of chapters), in total approx. 2,000 words, for consideration by your review panel (sometimes involving presentation) Evidence that you have communicated your research to the broader discipline in some format. E.g. seminar presentation, colloquium, conference, publication, etc. University of Adelaide16

17 Other forms for changing your candidature University of Adelaide17 Leave of Absence/Return from (365 days maximum; not available in final 12 months) Changing Supervisor Changing Enrolment Status e.g. Full-time to Part-time e.g. Upgrade from MPhil to PhD e.g. Local to Remote candidature

18 The Final Phase Thesis Submission Forms : Intention to submit a thesis: (three months in advance) Do you need to embargo the thesis? Apply for this in advance of submission ‘Exit Survey’ requirements ‘Final Clearance’: ‘Certification of Thesis for Examination’ University of Adelaide18

19 After Examination and Before Graduation Final digital (pdf) copy must be submitted Be prepared: -- IP and copyright matters -- Creation of pdf format for complex multi-media submissions Lodgment of primary research materials University of Adelaide19

20 Successful management of candidature:  Take responsibility & be accountable  Keep a paper trail  Chase that signature  Plan your professional development  Keep your thesis submission date in sight University of Adelaide20

21 Managing your candidature IT access: check ‘Faculty Information 2015’ Check your details on Access Adelaide Check your University email account Meet your Research Librarian University of Adelaide21

22 8 WAYS TO SUCCEED: Enjoy the thrill of the chase Keep track of your intellectual development Celebrate your own achievements Be involved Share ideas with others Imagine further projects and other audiences Network and prosper Write (a lot) University of Adelaide22

23 University of Adelaide23

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