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Presentation... Few months ago we learned through our Communicants that important changes were about to happen. They told us that due to the success in.

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2 Presentation... Few months ago we learned through our Communicants that important changes were about to happen. They told us that due to the success in spreading TCI, a new work front would be necessary in order to expand the efforts in a more efficient way, thus moving Station’s head-office to another Latin American country.. The leaders should move in advance. We still don’t know the location of the new station. What we know is that this is happening thanks to the evolution they have achieved and too much will be add to these pioneers’ curriculums, as of Mr. German’s. He came from Europe in order to implement the station head-office in Brazil. Now, he will pursue to create a new and powerful station. No doubt we felt insecure for a moment but decided to leave this feeling aside and are cheering so that other countries add up to this effort. I remain affectionately, yours! Sonia Rinaldi TCI in Latin America... The couples: Amalia & Nestor and Noelia & Luiz Mariani during a recording session. This bulletin covers news about our colleagues from Argentina and the expansion to Chile. TCI was introduced in Argentina by the French couple Maryvonne and Yvon Dray – during an event in which we also took part. Since then, the idea was established and the couple Amália and Nestor worked hard to develop what it ended being the Association that they do coordinate up to this date. Their daughter, Mariana, is the main reason and what gives them strength to go on with this mission. Mariana, who left them on the height of her youth collaborates with her parents’ effort more than ever. Follow us! Bulletin 17

3 UNITE TO EXPAND... Nestor and some Argentinean friends took TCI to Chile by late 2007 and I felt extremely honored to be invited to open the event. Following the speech recognizing the value of the Nation’s union: About 20 years ago, we started the first recordings in Brazil – trying to open the way towards “The Other Side of Life”. We learned a lot during these years, made lot of friends at this and at the Other Side. We learned that Transcommunication obeys to superior levels – for instance, it is far from simply being a consolation tool to those who lost a beloved person. Transcommunication represents much more than that. More than bringing peace and hope for those who are in pain, it also brings a powerful scientific tool to prove that Man indeed lives after this terrestrial experience... and thus, give a new vision about Life’s sense. Transcommunication linked to Science may give a new view about Life and Death to the world. We strongly believe that Humanity will face a new reality in the very near future: a reality brought from the proof that there is life after death – a revolutionary change. Faith did not prove there is Life after Death in thousand years, but it is urgent that Science proves that death does not exist. This will possibly be the moment in which the human being will climb a new grade of progress. In order to turn this plan of planetary reach into a reality, our Friends from the Other Side need the cooperation of all the people that are ready to incorporate this truth! Some are ready. Others are beginners and do believe in dogmas without any basis. That is when Transcommunication forms an alliance with science to demystify religions that delay the progress of Humanity – as they create paradises that do not exist – deny the possibility of talking to death people, etc. And I was absolutely delighted to learn about this meeting in Santiago by my friend Nestor from the Argentinean Group “Viaje Infinito Hacia La Luz”. Besides joining Argentina and Chile, he also invited Brazil to take part in this alliance, through my participation. I hope this attitude will serve as an example and our Leaders, through this gesture, may notice our will in cooperating. The union of people in Earth around the interchange with the other Side will be a decisive factor to bring us support, knowledge and comfort. Thus, my dear Argentinean and Chilean friends, please accept a big hug from your Brazilian friends – and be sure we are at your entire disposal to exchange information which will for sure enrich us as a whole. (October/2007).

4 AUDIOS: Paranormal Voice: -”Mother!” Paranormal Voice: -”Amália I love you!” UNUSUAL PICTURES Couple of pictures sent by Nestor with amazing anomalies. The picture below was taken in Bariloche, and suggests there is a strange energy. Both pictures are being analyzed by Dr. Claudio Brasil Paranormal Voice – “Laura Voz paranormal: -”Laura! Now in peace!” Paranormal Voice: -”I want you”

5 Nestor e Amalia TALKING WITH NESTOR... 1 - Nestor, how is TCI’s acceptance in Argentina once the majority of the religions in Latin America do not accept life after death? A- The Catholic Church is the Official and predominant church in Argentina and, in general, Reverents avoid talking on this subject. However, since when we got familiar and started practicing the TCI, we started talking about this phenomenon in all circuits of the society and found out that there are lots of people who are interested in the subject. We still do not have massive information that allows a wide diffusion than the one we are practicing, but we can foresee an intense opening and spiritual development. This is why we are in a position to say that in a short period of time TCI will become a more popular phenomenon, even within different religions’ cultists. 2- Why did you get interested on TCI? A­ Even before getting through the most difficult moment of our life – the death of our child – we use to think that it would not be possible that everything would end with the death of the body. While we were desperately looking for a reason to keep living after the unexpected departure of our daughter and in the hope of finding the ratification of our thoughts, we got to know our friends Yvon and Maryonne Dray that helped us and gave us an unconditional support to get started in this new path.

6 3 - Debido a algunos estudios sobre la percepción extrasensorial (que muestra el inconsciente como un posible agente capaz de crear voces (?)¿ Ustedes tratan de usar algún método para garantizar un control más difícil, más rígido? Todo eso porqué, a pesar que existan evidencias sobre la vida después de la muerte, siempre existirán críticas de los que no creen em eso. R-Ante esta situación, leemos y nos informamos muchísimo, inclusive hemos participado de cursos y charlas sobre parapsicología y percepción extrasensorial. Nada de esto ha logrado cambiar nuestro pensamiento acerca de la TCI, por el contrario, los débiles argumentos con los que algunas personas intentan atacar este fenómeno, fortalecen nuestra convicción. Sin embargo, evitamos y así lo aconsejamos, interpretar como voces del mas allá o respuestas de nuestro Seres de Luz, todo ruido o señal que no reconozcamos. Cuando en mensaje es real y de ELLOS, se siente además con el corazón y enriquece nuestros sentimientos, imposible de confundir. 4 - Sabemos que todas las experiencias a de la respecto de TCI son sobresalientes, marcantes; pero, ¿ usted ya fue sorprendido con alguna experiencia personal que le dio la seguridad autenticidad de TCI? R-Todas las experiencias han sido sorprendentes aún cuándo en una sesión de TCI no se encuentra la respuesta esperada, el sólo hecho de la práctica predispone a una especial armonía de cuerpo y alma. Tal vez el mensaje obtenido la primera vez sea el mas conmovedor, nosotros recordamos con mucha emoción, cuando Mariana nos respondió como afirmado un sentimiento… “ME QUIEREN”…..Fue el 8 de Diciembre de 1998. Nuestros Seres de Luz nos envían muchísimas señales que nos sorprenden, no solo a través de la TCI, sino además a través de otros fenómenos de presencia como luces, fotografías, soluciones repentinas a conflictos recurrentes, escritura automática, etc. 5 – ¿ Usted cree que pueda existir alguna barrera, algo que dificulte la comunicación entre nosotros y los espíritus? R-En nuestro convencimiento y experiencia la respuesta es afirmativa. Mientras formamos parte de la vida terrenal tenemos debilidades y sentimientos encontrados, ansiedad, envidia y egoísmo. Si intentamos la comunicación sin despojarnos de esos sentimientos y sin fortalecer nuestra espiritualidad permanentemente, dicha comunicación será dificultosa. La TCI debe ser practicada con humildad, fe, amor y esperanza. 3 - Based on some learnings about extra-sensorial perception (that shows the unconscious as an agent capable of creating voices (?) do you use a specific methodology to guarantee a precise control? As you know, although we already have enough evidences about life after death, one will always be criticized by those who do not believe. A- We did read and studied a lot. We also attended courses and meetings on parapsychology and extra-sensorial perception. None of this have changed our opinion about TCI, on the contrary, the weak arguments that some people use to impugn this phenomenon, do strengthen our belief. However, we do avoid and do give our advice to others to avoid translating noises or signals we do not recognize, as “the voices from beyond” or “answers from our beloved”. When a message is real and sent by THEM, we do feel it, mostly from the deep of our heart and enrich our feelings. It is impossible to be confused. 4 - We know all experiences with TCI are remarkable. Have you ever been surprised by a personal experience that gave you the certainty about TCI’s authenticity? A- All and each experience have been amazing, even when we do not get the expected answer, the practice of TCI make us feel a special harmony within our body and soul. Maybe the first message is the most touching one. We remember how deeply affected we were when Mariana answered us saying... “YOU DO LOVE ME...” It was December 8, 1998. Our shining creatures send us a number of signs, not only through TCI, but also through other phenomenon as lights, pictures, by solving frequent conflicts, issues, automatic writings (Nelson: I think he refers to psychograph), etc, surprising us all the time. 5. Do you believe that barriers exist that may raise difficulties between the communication of human being and spirits? R- Yes, according to our beliefs and experiences, they do exist. While we are in this life, we have several weaknesses and negative feelings such as anxiety, envy, and selfishness. When we try the communication without leaving these feelings aside and without strengthening our spirituality in a permanent way, the communication may find troubles. TCI should be practiced with humbleness, faith, love and hope.

7 Mariana Sanzon 6 - We know that spirit’s survival is a reality. What would you say to those who criticize the transcommunicators work and do not accept its authenticity? A- Criticism does not actually count. We are convinced but we do not try to convince anyone, but do work towards taking the information with faith and hope. Transcommunicators do not have any special or superior capacity. They are only a little bit ahead in the path where others will go through one day. 7 - Nestor, have you ever suspected about the authenticity of TCI’s phenomenon? A- Yes, when we were first invited in November 1998, we attended the meeting with lot of discredit and incredulity, however we did have the hope of finding what we were looking for. Fortunately, we did understand the transcendental piece of this phenomenon and understood we had found what we were looking for. 8 – Do you follow the “Spirits” belief? A- No, we do not practice the spirits’ doctrine however do respect those who follow it with conviction and faith. 9 – Do you believe TCI will become a popular means of communication between living and dead creatures? A – TCI today is a means of communication between those who live in different dimensions or levels of energy and vibration. I am sure that in the near future it will be a popular phenomenon.

8 10 – Have you ever thought in studying Ufology? A- Not yet. Unfortunately, we do not have too many studies available that bring us a trustful relation between Ufology and TCI. We have been reading and observing some phenomenons related to the reality of the existence of Life after Life, that some people tend to explain through the Ufology. 11 – Is there anyone special who do you use to address when making the contacts? A- Yes, we exclusively address the Shining Creatures who have temporarily been sharing life in Earth with us and also to those with whom we have strong affection links, mainly our children, parents, and spouse. We, particularly, connect with our daughter Mariana. 12 – Do you also help people who lost their loved ones to communicate? A– We have created the Argentinean Transcommunication Group nine years ago. The objective is to spread the news about it and help those who called for us. Since the creation of the Group in 1999, we have constant meetings every first Saturday of the month. Over one thousand people looked for us during this period, by themselves and inviting new participants. We all know that the meetings are not cancelled nor transferred by no means. We do not practice the TCI for third persons and rarely the meetings happen in groups. We share experiences and testimonies, listen to the messages that one take recorded in their own machines and explain how to practice the technique in an individual way for the beginners without aiming earnings and without any kind of discrimination. 13 - Which was the most convincing phenomenon you’ve experienced? Tell us the story. A- The first experience usually is the most convincing and touching one. From this day on, everything changes. However, there was a specific opportunity when we were extremely surprised through an automatic writing (I – Oscar – think he was referring to a psychograph) made by a friend and a component of the group. In this message, Mariana described some details of our familiar life that were only known by us and she also anticipated a simple fact that we did not expect nor understand which become true right after. Thus, we again felt her incontestable presence.

9 Noelia e Luis 17 – Have you noticed any change in the life of people that made contacts and were convinced about the TCI reality after this experience? A- Yes, we know lot of people that modified their attitude towards life since when they found out that death does not exist, after they started practicing the TCI. The same happened to us. One feels the contact within his soul and gets changed. Life goes on with happy and tough moments, but we sharpen our senses and live our positive emotions in a more intense way. 14- Do you think that religious prejudice can harm the researches? A- Prejudices are not derived from the religions but from people that represent and talk in the name of the religions. There is a time for each situation and we are protagonists of the time that may be the major one in terms of spiritual development of the humanity. 15. With regard to extraterrestrials, do you also communicate with them? A- Not yet, or maybe we are not sensitive enough to identify them. 16 - What advice would you give to the new TCI searchers? A- TCI started due to the need of giving answers to unknown questions regarding the reality of the existence of Life after Life, to those who were not able to be convinced through other signals. Young searches should understand their task as a mission dedicated to help humanity to develop. The researches and practisers should share their knowledge and experience without selfishness nor competition.

10 18- Which reaction people who are not familiar to TCI have when they listen about this subject? A- There are lots of people who simply do not care. However, most of the people that are insensible when listening to our experiences come to see us when sad events happen to them. On the other hand, there are other people who take part in our meetings even without having gone through a drama, encouraging and helping us in this special mission. It is important to note though that the occidental culture in general, doesn’t prepare people to accept this reality and it will take some time until this scenario changes, which without any doubt has already started to happen. 19- When your Association was founded in Argentina? A- The Argentinean TCI Group started its activities in 1999 as an initiative of Noelia and Luis Mariani and Amália and Néstor Sanzón with the important help of the Dray couple. We have the mission of coordinating the work since then. In March of the same year, we organized the First TCI Congress in Argentina with the precious presence and testimonies of Sonia Rinaldi and Maryyonne and Yvon Dray. Since then we are hardly working close to several people who made huge efforts, side by side with us, throughout all the country. 20- Are you spreading the news about TCI in the media - TV and magazines? A– We have been invited by a number of TV shows in our country but are only accepting to take part in few of them. We think that the Argentinean TV is not fully prepared to treat the subject in a formal and respectful way. The same happens with printed media. This is why we are extremely careful every time we grant an interview. 21- We learned about the important meeting you had in Chile with people who are interested in the subject. In which way we could jointly work to develop TCI in Latin America? A- The Chilean group is being established and we are sharing our experiences with them. We are constantly keeping in touch with them and they are already developing their Website. We took part in their very reach testimonies and hope that in a short time they will be recognized in the balance of America and who knows, worldwide. We believe that it is important to closely work with them exchanging our experiences aiming to organize a regional meeting in the near future.

11 Luiz Mariani 25- Do you think that if Brazil, Argentina and Chile keep working together they will be in a position to help other Latin American countries? A- For sure, this will happen if those who practice TCI aim to meet the Shining Creatures and to contribute to the development of the humanity. We are convinced to be following the right path. 22- Tell us how interested the Chileans were in the meeting? A– Those that are beginning in the Chilean Group were very enthusiastic and feel confident about TCI. The gathering was extremely interesting and we had absolutely real testimonies. We are sure they will have success in spreading the news about TCI in the very near future. 23- Do you think that besides personal interest from those who lost their children there is also a scientific interest about Life after death or this subject does not interest the Argentineans in a general way? A- We don’t see a scientific interest in Argentina but we know a number of professionals – psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors that do trust in our activity and accept the existence of Life after Life. 24- How do you personally perceive death, after your daughter has gone and after knowing she still lives? A– The fear of death, so present in our occidental culture, started to decrease since when one comprehends that life after life exists. This means that we should continue going on with our life in earth, facing all the events with optimism and hope. Leaving this life is just a change in our condition, a transition, and in a certain point of time, when our God decides so, we will again meet our loved ones. Web site:

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